What Astrology Says About Obama’s Second Term

Four years ago, when President Barack Obama flubbed the oath of office at his first inauguration, astrologers weren’t surprised. Obama was coming into office under a planetary picture called Mercury retrograde, where the orb thought to govern communications appeared to be moving backward from the Earth’s point of view.

When Mercury is retrograde, an event that happens three times a year, astrologers believe that there are sure to be misunderstandings, crossed signals and checks lost in the mail. In any event, the burden of Merc retro was seen as a significant obstacle to the President’s ability to get his message across during his first term (perhaps no more so than during his first debate with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney).

 The second term of President Obama poses a challenge to astrologers because there are two horoscopes for the event — one for the private oath of office he took on Sunday, Jan. 20 and the other for the public swearing in that took place Monday, Jan. 21 at noon. The necessity of two ceremonies was caused by the fact that the inauguration date mandated by law fell on a Sunday, which it also did for Presidents James Monroe and Ronald Reagan.

 Jude Cowell, who blogs about astrology and politics at www.starsoverwashington.com, notes that in the horoscope for the private oath of office, the Sun in Aquarius at the Midheaven of the chart is at odds with the will of the people, represented by a Taurus Moon rising on the Ascendant of the chart.

According to Cowell, Americans will be stubbornly focused on their own personal financial security during the second Obama Administration and will not respond favorably to the President’s emphasis on what is good for the nation as a whole.

Cowell points out the Jan. 20 horoscope is burdened by the South Node of the Moon rising, which is considered a negative. Cowell, who is based in Georgia, notes that the South Node rising indicates “separation, restriction and loss,” though she also points out that this portent may apply to members of the administration who are losing their jobs or leaving in Obama’s second term.

With the disruptive planet of Uranus transiting the sign of Aries in the 12th house of hidden enemies of the Jan. 20 swearing-in chart, Cowell sees “secret plans” being hatched to disrupt the President’s agenda. Uranus is in a challenging position to Pluto (still widely followed by astrologers despite its demotion by astronomers) in the chart. Pluto rules secrets and the ones revealed during Obama’s second term could be explosive.

The message of this aspect: Don’t expect the birthers to go away anytime soon, even though Obama is starting his second term, and be prepared for more allegations about the President’s personal life and family.

Indeed, Cowell sees the potential for sudden disruptions and explosions during the next four years, both based on the inaugural charts and the various horoscopes for the birth of the US (not everyone believes the nation was born on the Fourth of July).

The good news for Obama and Americans in general is that the Jan. 20 inauguration chart has prosperous Jupiter rising in the first house, albeit diminished by a retrograde position in Gemini. Cowell sees the economy picking up momentum during Obama’s second term.

The horoscope for the public Jan. 21 inauguration gives more support to economic expansion since the Moon, which changes sign every two and a half days, moved into Gemini, where it sits along with prosperous Jupiter. Cowell sees Americans in a cheerful mood during Obama’s second term, most likely due to the recovery in housing prices.

Indeed, the stars are predicting better financial days for Americans but ones that could be rocked by explosive events and shocking disruptions, a la Superstorm Sandy and the Newtown, Conn., massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

As I recently noted, an asteroid named Sandy is currently hovering close to Pluto in the sign of Capricorn and opposing the Sun in Cancer in the U.S. July 4 birth chart. So keep an eye out for surprising current events and people in the news named Sandra or Sandy.


The July 1, 2011 Eclipse and Hurricane Irene

Does anybody remember at UAC in Denver when astrologer Shelley Ackerman analyzed the July 1, 2011 eclipse chart and compared it to New York City’s chart and predicted “mass migrations” because of weather? I do.

Of course, I thought her prediction would manifest immediately so I stayed out of New York City in the days that followed that eclipse, including the July 4 weekend. As I drove to work today and watched millions of New Yorkers heading out of the city because of storm-related evacuations, I made a note to self: Eclipses are usually active for up to six months after they occur. Anyway, bravo Shelley!

Donald Trump’s Real Birth Time

Several astrology blogs, including AstroDataBank, list 9:51 a.m. as the time that New York real estate billionaire Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946. However, when Trump released his birth certificate in a nod to the “birthers” who believe that President Obama was not born in the US, it revealed a 10:36 or 10:56 a.m. time of birth. The handwriting is too small for me to make out in this image. Maybe one of Astrology Mundo’s eagle-eyed readers will let me know which one it is.

Assuming that 10:56 is the time of birth, Trump has a 0 degree Virgo rising. Given his prominent hair, now dyed brightly red, I would have chosen a Leo rising for Trump. But the new chart has Mars in Leo quite close to the Ascendant, so that works for me. Loaded Second House of Wealth also seems to confirm the new birthtime. Any thoughts, astrologers?

Cardinal Climax Flummoxes Sun Sign Astrologers

I’ve just finished perusing some of the monthly Sun sign horoscopes and I have to say I’m totally confused. I’m a Libra rising and a Capricorn Sun so I read both of those signs and was left feeling as if anything — or nothing — could happen as a result of the lineup of planets in the early degrees of the cardinal signs. Maybe it’s transiting Sun squaring my natal Neptune.

Venus Direct: Is the Rally Over?

I don’t know how often Monica’s Admirer checks in at Astrology Mundo, but I wasn’t surprised to see today’s 289-point drop in the stock market.

Why? Well, Venus turned direct on Apr. 17 and during its retrograde, stocks staged a rally. So it’s a good possibility now that Venus is moving forward from the perspective of earthlings that the rally will run out of steam.

I’m not the only one subscribing to this school of thought. Check out Ray Merriman’s post for this week.

Another reason why stocks may be resuming their descent is that the Sun has moved into Taurus, which is the sign of the New York Stock Exchange incorporation chart. That in and of itself is not a bearish indicator. It’s just that the Sun is moving toward a square with Neptune and Jupiter in Aquarius in the sky.

As Merriman points out, the combination of Neptune and Jupiter can be quite inflationary, but I think the challenging aspect from the Sun will make this a negative influence on stocks. Stay tuned.

As I’ve often pointed out, I’m not a registered investment adviser and this blog is for entertainment purposes only. I also bought my house at the top of the market in August 2005, so my financial acumen is clearly limited.

Catching Up on the Astrodienst-AstroDataBank Merger

I’m late on this. Out the Comet’s Ass tipped me off to it, though I had been noticing a new birthdays feature on Astrodienst. Anyway, in case you haven’t heard, all of the AstroDataBank charts that have been lovingly compiled over the years by the late Lois Rodden and her followers are now available FREE (I use caps sparingly) at Astrodienst.

Here’s a story from Astrodienst’s Web site explaining how it’s going to work. I wish I could come up with a great metaphor to describe what this means for the astrological community, but being a Sag-y type, I’ll go with the old saw, “It’s the greatest thing since night baseball.”

I don’t know what this means for the folks who were working at AstroDataBank. Does anybody know?

Happy Birthday, Astrology Mundo!

It was one year ago today that I decided to join the blogosphere by launching Astrology Mundo. Now, 422 posts, 1,353 (approved) comments, and 136,901 hits later, Astrology Mundo is celebrating its first birthday.

My output has varied since I fired up the blog for the first time, courtesy of WordPress, on Mar. 17, 2008, but my love of the astrological and blogging community hasn’t.

There have been two contributors who have kept this blog afloat over the past year when my energy flagged — Regina at Gastriques and Gian Paul, who has given us The View from Brazil. Thanks to both of you!

Also, thanks to the astrobloggers who have taken the time to comment on my posts and to link to them. I can’t name them all, but I’m thinking of Jude Cowell at Stars Over Washington and Jude’s Threshold, Comet at Out the Comet’s Ass, Julie Demboski, Beth Turnage at Astrology Explored, and ElsaElsa of blog aggregator AstroDispatch, to name a few. I couldn’t have done it without you. (More links later!)

Away from the cosmos, SFMike of Civic Center and Susan DeMark of Mindful Walker have helped keep my feet firmly on the ground while I’m looking up at the stars.

Last but not least, a big shout-out to Pamela Cucinell, my roommate at last year’s United Astrology Conference and the host of AstroChatter Radio, where I put my two astro cents in on a (mostly) regular basis.

Thanks everybody! I love all of you, especially my readers!

AstroChatter: MLK Day Edition

Pamela Cucinell and I will be doing our weekly AstroChatter Radio broadcast at BlogTalkRadio on Monday, Jan. 19 at noon EST. We normally burn up the airwaves on Tuesdays at noon, but since the Inauguration is taking place then, we’ll be talking astrology on Martin Luther King Day instead. Give us a call at 646-200-4065 if you’ve got something to say.

What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

On the last day of the year the transiting Sun hits my natal Saturn, which sits at the nadir of my chart. As a result, I’m not one for going out and raising hell on New Year’s Eve.

In my younger days, I used to attend reunions of my college newspaper crowd over New Year’s Weekend, and inevitably I’d spend the whole time in bed with a flu or bad cold.

I got the message: I’m supposed to have a contemplative New Year’s Eve, and I generally do, now that I’m older and wiser.

I like the Japanese custom of cleaning house on New Year’s Eve so you can start the New Year with a fresh slate.

This year, it’s not just me who’ll be feeling Saturn’s influence on New Year’s Eve; the whole world will, as Saturn will be making a station at 21 degrees 45 minutes of Virgo before going retrograde.

However, it’s still opposing Uranus in Pisces. So don’t be surprised if an unexpected (Uranus) event puts the kibosh on festive New Year’s Eve plans.

BTW, what are you doing New Year’s Eve? Take the Astrology Mundo poll.