I was born Jan. 12, 1960 at 11:47 p.m. in West Berlin, Germany. I discovered astrology in 1973, when I read Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs. Even then, I knew that sun sign astrology was too cookie-cutter for me. I graduated to Michael Lutin’s Saturn Signs, and struggled to comprehend Dane Rudhyar’sThe Astrology of Personality.

However, astrology fell by the wayside when I entered the working world. It wasn’t until my Saturn return that I again grew interested in what the stars had to say. 

For several years in the late 1980s and early 1990s, as Uranus was moving toward a conjunction with Neptune in Capricorn, I was part of a group of mostly women that studied astrology on Thursday nights with Eileen McCabe in New York City.

When I impulsively started this blog in March 2008 I didn’t realize that I was joining a community of supportive bloggers. Little did I know that I was initiating a dialogue with readers who know more about astrology than I do and who share their wisdom. You are all my teachers now, and I thank you!

Here’s my boilerplate to satisfy the Securities & Exchange Commission: Any observations about stocks and other investments are solely for entertainment purposes. For financial advice, please talk to a registered investment adviser.

Feel free to comment on anything you read on this blog. I’m a Libra rising so I love debate and interaction. However, I will note that comments are approved at my discretion. If you’d like to get in touch with me, I’m at astrologymundo@gmail.com. Thanks for stopping by! — Monica Starr

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. — Oscar Wilde


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  1. Trines and Sextiles Monica !
    Congratulations, I love your blog. Wishing you much fame and positive notoriety. With Pluto in your sign, don’t expect less!

  2. In Western astrology, the queen of Moon signs is an astrologer named Donna Cunningham. She has written a book called “Moon Signs” and I believe she has her own blog. You should Google her. But I’m not familiar with Vedic or Indian astrology. Good luck!

  3. Monica– There are some shifty aspects with their relationship chart. Wright’s Neptune sits on Barak’s Apollon very close to his Mars. Nep/App is deception, usually on a massive scale, as well as conspiracy theories regarding medical science (Rev. Wright and his AIDS myth). And the Neptune/Mars conjunction places Barak under Wright’s spell. I expect some intensification when Pluto backs up to square Wright’s Sun and Barak’s Mars. Is it just a matter of time until the next you-tube sermon from Wright equating Barak to the Prodigal Son? Perhaps they’ll be a firecracker exploding soon relating to the Obama’s and marriage counseling or tax deductable donations made by Obama to Wright’s congregation.
    Or maybe Barbara Walter’s will finally admit she slept with Wright too.

  4. Chris — Thanks for writing! I don’t know how this comment ended up in the “About” section and not with the Reverend Wright post, but I guess it doesn’t matter. Your input is most appreciated. Check out my Laura Bush post. I need to do astrocartography and figure out why Myanmar pushes her buttons.– Monica

  5. Hi Monica!

    I discover your blog with a real pleasure! I started mine few days ago but it’s not about astrology…just a personal blog!

    I’ve studied astrology by my own since I am 11/12 years old…and I am always discovering new things!
    I wanted to know if you will be available to answer a personal question I have…

    I wish you all the best

  6. Monica-
    I’m wondering about Saturn squaring Oprah’s moon in her 11th house… doesn’t seem the most auspicious for her “hopes and wishes”…
    wonderful seeing you at UAC! missing the first shuttle allowed me to chat with Matt a bit more so all is well… (; Pam

  7. Monica —

    Anywhere I can get more information on the “Dollar is toast” presentations?

    Any thing available on the web?


  8. Hi Monica,
    Please consider this request for information. I am experimenting with predicting out-come of professional sports contests. NFL season is upon us, and pro football has my attention. Here’s the question: Where can I obtain natal info for each of the 32 NFL teams? Date and time of opening kick-off is what I am requesting. Where locate?
    Thank you for any assistance you can provide. Bo

  9. Bo — I get most of my information from the Wiki. I’ve never used incorporation dates for teams. I usually look at birth times for the coaches, with varying results. For instance, I thought Jupiter would help Joe Torre more than it did. If I find out anything more, I’ll shoot you an e-mail.
    With the Election ahead, I feel my blog sometimes gets too “narrowminded.” So I welcome sports talk. When it gets closer to the Super Bowl, I’ll focus on football. It’s hard with so many teams competing. Thanks for stopping by!– Monica

  10. Hi Monica….this is the first time for me to write on a blog and I had to because after reading this post and others you have written , I am very interested in what you have to say. I also am a Capricorn, Leo RisingI As a Capricorn I have always wished I had been born under another sign, but you make me feel so much better about that. I have been dabbling in astrology for years(reading about it, learning my own chart, curious as at cat about the whole thing) and when I found your website, it was so nice and friendly….I just wanted to say “Good for you!” and to wish you the best of luck with this…


  11. Dena — I’m glad you’re feeling better about being a Capricorn. I don’t know how old you are, but my feeling is that things get better for Caps as the years go by. I’m glad you enjoy the site. Please feel free to comment about any posts that you read. Thanks for taking the time to write! — Monica

  12. i am a 1955, progressed leo in 3rd decant, and pluto is in my ninth and neptue is transit the third, trine my sun, dont drink or do drugs

  13. You go down to the lower right-hand corner of the screen and click on “RSS feeds.” I assume they work since WordPress is pretty efficient, but I’ve never tried it myself. Thanks, Monica

  14. Hi Monica,
    Have just been checking out your wonderful blog and was wondering perhaps if you can help me at all, please?

    I’m based in the UK and working with a company who are launching a new website called http://www.alovingspace.com

    It’s essentially a self-help meets astro-dating site with some unique twists. They’re looking for some users who may be interested in trialling the site on the East Coast, particularly in the New York area. The owners are offering a 3-month free introductory period.

    Is this something you may be interested in checking out? Or promoting to your users? I would love to hear any feedback you may be able to give me.

    Hope that’s not too random / too spammy but if you had any thoughts about it or could give us any help in getting it off the ground, it would be a wonderful thing.

    Many thanks and best wishes.

    Howard Wilmot – Director, All-Leo

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  16. Hey Monica,
    I love the website for the link to others blogs, I look at it almost daily…isn’t it time to update the landing page. A lots happened since Nov 2009…nearly 5 months ago !

    Oh! Happy belated Birthday !

  17. The future is in the stars while we have to focus on the self and call spiritual help in as well and know our family tree,that is what i realize and astrology is a wonderful road map and tool, but..We do and should allow for other things to exist..Good luck…Monica, from another air sign who read Linda Goodman books too…

  18. Hi Monica Starr. You say that you were born with Libra rising. I have done a lot of chart rectification in my time, and usually, when a person has Libra rising, that person is occupied with relationships or politics – yet you talk about “stocks and other investments”, when you present yourself. Scorpio is the neighbouring sign to Libra, and Scorpio is about “stocks and investments”. Have you ever wondered, if you had Scorpio rising instead of Libra rising? There are other indications of a Scorpio rising – for instance your very dark, almost black wallpaper on this website. A Libra would have chosen something more pastel cloloured. Of course you might also have Virgo rising – and Pluto in conjunction with your ascendant. But definitely not Libra – in my opinion.

    • Hi, there. I feel pretty confident that I’m a Libra rising because I was born in a military hospital in Berlin and I have an official document. I’ve fooled around with the wallpaper on my blog (which is pretty much dormant) over the years so it hasn’t always been this “dark.” I’m Saturn conjunct Mercury square natal ascendant and oppose Moon, so I’ve always thought the Saturn was the interest in business. Thanks for your interest in the site and my chart. Best, Monica Starr

      • I guess you are right. The “stocks and investments” can be explained by you having Eris in opposition to your ascendant; I assume Eris is ruler of Taurus (= money, invenstments) – the planet, which Linda Goodman named Bacchus. With this chart Eris will be ruling 8th house.

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