Catching Up on the Astrodienst-AstroDataBank Merger

I’m late on this. Out the Comet’s Ass tipped me off to it, though I had been noticing a new birthdays feature on Astrodienst. Anyway, in case you haven’t heard, all of the AstroDataBank charts that have been lovingly compiled over the years by the late Lois Rodden and her followers are now available FREE (I use caps sparingly) at Astrodienst.

Here’s a story from Astrodienst’s Web site explaining how it’s going to work. I wish I could come up with a great metaphor to describe what this means for the astrological community, but being a Sag-y type, I’ll go with the old saw, “It’s the greatest thing since night baseball.”

I don’t know what this means for the folks who were working at AstroDataBank. Does anybody know?

4 comments on “Catching Up on the Astrodienst-AstroDataBank Merger

  1. I tested Astrodienst’s new encyclopedia. It’s truly great! Exept for the drawing of the map. What’ missing is a clear lysibility of the planetary positions. But one gets around that detail.

    Who by now reads my comments about posthumous horoscopic phenomena (here comes case No. 3) may think that I am after some proof of “life after death”. I am not and despite being Aries and often in a hurry, in this respect I am not really anxious to know. Suppose we will find out about that once we pass to “greener fields”.

    As I know Monica, she probably will love this case No. 3. One, it’s distracting from the boring world of finance, two there is a conspirational element, and not minor in nature, three, it will hit this summer the movie theaters.

    The case in point is Coco Chanel: The Times of London carries today a very British (of course) article on Chanel. Its at the occasion of two new movies being launched. What “upsets” the Times, almost as much as the Queen was with Berlusconi the other day, is that these movies (as various others before) pass over in silence Coco Chanel’s “special relationships” with some galant Nazi high officials during the occupation of France. They were having a good time together at the Ritz and Chanel continued to have her domicile there up to her last day. Without the Nazis.

    What upsets the Times is that Chanel had been bluffing everybody (she is a Leo, governing planet Mercury in Virgo, my understanding of how that works, AS Capricorn. Coco was born in Saumur, south of Paris, on Aug, 17, 1883 at 4.00 PM)

    Most upsetting: she had bluffed the Brits, arguing that she had “special access to Sir Winston”. This actually helped her, when the war was over, to escape to Switzerland (taking along the royalties of her then already famous perfume Chanel No. 5). After all she had to live of something, you will agree. Had Coco not had that type of intelligence, she probably would have ended her days early under “the gouilottine”. And Lagerfeld today would have one brand less to defend.

    Talking astrology to conclude: Ms. Chanel has (had) Mercury at 14 degr.55 Virgo, her AS at the beginning of Capricorn. The 4 pm hour of birth may be slightly imprecise, but I believe she is Capricornian.

    Saturn is now at 16 degr. Virgo, will become stationary on May 17 on Coco’s natal Mercury, exact, and then, I suppose, the publicity machine for the 2 coming movies will be fully in action.

    For whom is presently more “fascinated” by what Pluto is doing to fashion (Candela), Pluto on May 17 will be at 2 degr. Cap., on Chanel’s Ascendant. There are always several solutions in astrology, but they tend to confirm each other.

    PS. Did you see how the Europeans are balking at Obama’s war in Afghanistan. That Karzai is an Idiot. In his own country, and not by the Taliban but by more normal Afghani’s he is seen as a “fashion clown”. ( I have Afghani friends, went to University with one of the then Afghan King, Zaher Shah). To gain the next election there Clown Karzai is now giving in to the Taliban, the enemies (!), and approved a law that permits a woman being raped by her husband (and they can have up to 4).

    Personally I think the US should decide to continue fighting terrorism but not other cultures in the old fashioned “Cheney way” (using the arms industry as their main means and justification).

    And to fight terrorism, the best weapon probably will be to fight crime in the US (drugs, that’s where the Taliban and others get the money they need). Its a complicated situation. But Obama is at the brink of creating his “Vietnam”. The way he “engages” in Pakistan is abhorring! Are they aware of the situation in Kashmir???

    Have to think of your young soldiers (what do they actually think to let themselves being engaged in such idiocies? or are they trained not to think anymore?). Very few of them for certain have the “survival instincts” a Ms Chanel had. And to find another job these days is not easy neither.

    Its truly a “Dramatic Universe”, as John Bennett, a now pretty forgotten but interesting author entitled some 2000 pages of writings, during and after WW II. And he too was involved with British Intelligence. He does not say if he knew Chanel, but he for sure was close to Sir Winston.

  2. Who regularly enters Monica’s Blog, may have read that her prediction was that I would not blog anymore on Astrologymundo after April 17, when Venus in Pisces turns direct and re-enters Aries.

    Well, I started thinking that this time she was totally right. Here in Brazil – and from what the news reported about Silicone Valley (optical cables cut by vandals, imagine!) and the Russian or Chinese having entered the “US Electrical Distribution Grid” to hack and sabotage what the Devil permits, I thought now for sure Monica had a total hit, even better than when she predicted the fall of the stock market last year.

    The Internet here in Brazil has apparently been victim to some vandals as well. (If its true, personally I suspect that lack of investment by the providers is the real cause, but its easier to blame some “Chinese hacker” when things do not function as they should…)

    So back to our topic of the day: After having called at considerable expense a computer technician, who on the advise of the manufacturer of my lap-top, desactivated all I had from Google on my system, “because it interfered with Windows”, I discovered once more that as usual today, the innocent consumer is “there to pay the bill, but rarely will have satisfaction”.

    At least now in the US you can buy a GM or Chrysler vehicle, and your new government will guaranty for the rest of the useful life of that marvel that you will get the spare parts etc.

    Not so with computers yet. So I thought I reply to an E-Mail I received from some develish person or entity who has started following what I say on the net. I do not think it’s the Devil in person (I guess I am not important enough for that) but somehow this entity seams related more to the “dark side” of things than not.

    In the circumstance the “entity” claimed to be Carl Lagerfeld in person. Why? He apparently did not like what I said the other day about Chanel’s contacts with the Nazis. In my reply (E- MaiI) I said that I believe that she was not a Fashist herself, that actually she helped the Brits more than the Germans etc.

    So far that entity did not reply, but after having paid the technician here for his services, as a grown-up person, I contacted Google and re-installed their services. So far it functions again as before and I am happy. What more do I need? Happy Easter/Passover to everybody, chiers, GP

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