What Happened During Your Saturn Return?

O.K., it’s official: Astrology Mundo has poll fever. My maiden effort (What’s Your Sign?) is still open for voting. However, I want to move on to another idea: Saturn Returns, especially since there’s a show at Lincoln Center with the same name.

Just in case you don’t know, your first Saturn return typically occurs around 29, the second around 58, and the third around 87.

As Saturn in Virgo moves to an opposition with Uranus in Pisces that is exact on Election Day, I think using the Web (Uranus) to talk about Saturn returns is a good way to channel the energy of this challenging aspect.

If you don’t see what happened to you in the poll or you’d like to share your Saturn return story, please use the comment form. Thanks, and many happy Saturn returns!


47 comments on “What Happened During Your Saturn Return?

  1. Uh oh – born with Saturn Rx gave me a 1st Saturn Return during infancy. Born lame, the heavy casts a specialist put on my legs at about 2 mos came off during my 9th month and these events coincide with Saturn’s ‘dance of the crooked bones.’

    At 19 (Nodal Return – i was living in Atlanta, going to art school) i went with a friend to her one-year-old’s doctor appt and it turned out to be the doc who’d repaired me! He got out my files, had me walk down a hall and said, ‘you missed your last appt – i would’ve put them back on.’ Still, what he did kept me from being crippled.

    2nd Saturn Return age 28 – got divorced, began school so i could raise kids on my own – perfect for a Sun Cap!

    So thanks for asking, Monica – i imagine that others with a Rx Saturn may gave had illness in childhood – mumps, measles, whooping cough – as i did with very early Saturn Returns.

    Your Saturnian pollster friend, jude

  2. Jude — I never thought about being born with Saturn retro and having your first return at a tender age. Also, your answers made me go back and expand my poll to include “I got divorced” and “I went back to school.”

    I have Sun/Saturn/Mercury in Capricorn. On my Saturn return, I got a new job where the HR department forced me to finish up the last three credits of my college degree. So I graduated from college at age 31, just as Saturn was leaving Cap.

    I also got married for the first time, as Saturn was on my Sun, to someone I’d been living with for seven years. But then Uranus and Neptune came to my Sun in 1993 and smashed it all to pieces.

    Thanks for your insightful post and your never-ending generosity of spirit! — Monica

  3. My first saturn return had an opposition to uranus conjunct pluto on my virgo sun. We bought our unobstructed ocean view lot, February 9, 1966. We’re still here and we still have our beautiful view. Our home is a haven for our children and grandchildren, pets and domestic wildlife!

    Have to run, time to pick up 2 grandkids from school.


  4. We have 3 neighbors that moved in the same time we did and they’re still in their houses. They weren’t having saturn returns and neither was my husband. I’ve always wondered why I had all the transits to my chart and my husband didn’t.


  5. I don’t remember much happening when I had my Saturn return in 1991. I could have gotten a promotion or lateral job switch but can’t remember when those happened. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about a month thereafter but I have Saturn in my 6th house (Aquarius) widely opposite 12th Mars in Leo. Saturn usually screws me when it hits my 12th/1st house and sometimes my 10th and 4th.

  6. I started studying astrology, moved, went back to school (grad. school), dropped out of grad program, had a relapse of serious incapacitating illness, and lived for a while in the most serious relationship I’ve ever had, as though we were married. Yeah, all of that – whew. May I say that I also was having Pluto conjunct my Sag Sun and square my Virgo Moon during that time as well, though.

  7. I’ve had my Saturn return and a couple of other Saturn conjuncts and squeres in the past few years. The Saturn conjuncts in general have been much less eventful than the squares. While conjuncts have caused some bearable interior tension, the squares have trickered outside events – of course possibly caused by my own initial bad judgement – which I’ve had little chance to influence.

  8. I left my home country (Switzerland) and emigrated to the United States. I will never forget when I said fare-well to my parents. We all cried and knew it will never be the same.
    Much later, I met my future husband in Boston. He, too, had left his native Germany to emigrate to New England at his saturn return.

  9. I have Saturn in Gemini in the 12th house in partile trine to Uranus in Libra in the 4th. I had my Saturn Return a few years ago and spent 2 years in a series of mental hospitals, where I received electro-convulsive therapy for schizoaffective disorder. I came out of that with 2 years of amnesia… spanning roughly the period that Saturn was in my 12th house.

  10. In the middle of mine right now, plus an intense pluto transit. 29 years old and since last year I: experienced an abortion, broke up then got engaged with my partner of 4 years; lost my grandfather of whom I was very close; moved 3 times; got some new pets; and am currently in the middle of a job transfer.

  11. Since I turned 27 (I’m now 29) I married my long-time boyfriend, went back to school to work on the degree I knew I wanted when I was 18 and just couldn’t make happen, bought my first new car, and left my church, because it no longer felt like home. I also have some intense alterations in my relationships with my immediate family, most connected to my fathers drug/alchohol/sex addictions (He’s 57, and so in his second return, which was a little spooky to realize as I was reading this article…

  12. Hello Monica. I too, am smack bang in the middle of my saturn return. I am 29 and about to hit 30 in February 2009. I have saturn in virgo in my 10th house. When it first kicked off I was made redundant and homeless virtually at the same time. I was at a real low point, but little did I realise that coming out of that really boring job and admittely unchallenging role, had forcefully placed a much higher paying job right under my nose that did also come with extra responsibilities and extra hard-work. It also required alot more paperwork and self responsibilities as I became self-employed as a result! The hugest thing is that I recently ended a 7year on-off relationship for good. It was very significant and a huge thing, as it was my first and only love. So to cut him out of my life completely was a life-changing move. I was being mislead, when in actual fact due to his inability to commit or be faithful it was going nowhere. I moved out to live by myself (away from flatmates) for the first time and to pay all my bills on my own. I still haven’t found another love, but I can only hope and keep my fingers crossed on that one.

  13. It’s so encouraging to learn that “i am not alone”. I’m 28 – turning 29 in March ’09 with Saturn in Virgo rx in my 10th house (and quite on the edge of my 11th house) Saturn is also at the moment transiting 7th house for Pisces sun natives.
    In literally one year – I moved back to Africa after living 6yrs in Europe, split with my boyfriend of 6yrs (I had gone to Europe & gotten my bf during my Saturn square at age 21/22), I quit religion, bought my 1st car, decided to move to another city, currently changing career paths completely (cant even explain how I got there ….)and to one thats got major responsibilities…..I have also been hit by the worst acne attack for a whole year – a bad knee, teeth and depression…..challenging my self loathing & esteem issues….my new job FORCES me to get out in the public scene -where I believe myself or not …… (I have not fallen ill in literally 5 years) I also left all my childhood friends whose values were incompatible with mine……..my Saturn Rx only officially started Dec ’08 and i’m wondering whether i will land on both feet when it finally leaves end of this year not forgetting the crazy Uranus – Pluto transits……..i have never in my life experienced anything like this…..im deeply scared, excited and confused all at the same time; I cry incessantly for no reason…..

  14. Sophie — Hang in there, honey! I think folks having their Saturn return right now are getting so beaten up because Saturn in Virgo is being opposed by Uranus in Pisces. That leads to surprising twists and turns not of your own making. When it’s all over, though, I’m confident you’ll have a strong sense of identity. — Monica

  15. Hi!
    I found your site while looking for “solutions” to my Saturn Return. Unlike most of those writing, I’m having my 2nd return (Saturn Rx in Virgo-2nd house-oposing Sun in Pisces) and am completely lost…I keep looking for what it is that I should be doing and wondering if I should just sit and wait until it goes away or if I should start acting. But then, will I be doing the right thing or not? How to know? For my first return I moved abroad, came back, broke up with my husband and went fending for myself and my daughter. This time I feel like leaving again, moving abroad and dropping my partner to fend for myself without any one else to care for….Boy, is this uncomfortable!

  16. Wow! I am glad I found this site! I am 28 years old (turning 29 in April) currently in my Saturn Return. All that I know is it’s in Virgo. Lately, I have been romancing the thought of becoming a vegetarian, getting into the “organic beauty” revolution, losing weight, studying spirituality, going back to school, and living a more organized life. While that all sounds so wonderful for me to achieve, I am going through a very hard time right now. I’ve become very hard on myself with everything I do, I feel like I will accomplish anything in life, and my marriage is getting harder to maintain everyday. I really want to do what I HAVE to do to get over my return, but after consulting astrologers and my family, I feel stuck because they tell me to stay my course and to TRY and make my marriage work. I’ve everything and I’ve done all that I can, but I feel that no one is listening to me. In my heart of hearts, I’m ready to gracefully walk away and start my life over on my own; but I am scared I will fail.

    I want to start a family as well, but my husband always makes me feel bad when he hesitates and always says “it will happen when we buy a house…yadda, yadda, yadda” it seems like he always comes up with excuses when I ask him about starting a family. The thing that really makes me sad about it is that we have been together for 8 years.

    Needless to say, I am definatly feeling the energy of my Saturn Return… good and bad..I just hope it’s gets better, soon.

  17. I left my hometown,moved across the country, got married & divorced (saturn is opposite venus in the 7th).

    Started a new career, which I hated.
    Started grad school, became disillusioned
    & moved to Asia, which was good.

    The worst part was feeing ‘underwater’.

  18. Can anyone offer some meditations or preparations for the first Saturn return? I’m terrified and three weeks out from 28.

  19. Visit Elsa’s blog (Elsa/Elsa) from time to time, easy via Astrologymundo. Its good vibes, often humorous and never destructive.

    Besides that, my personal opinion (I am 65, passed twice the Saturn return): “enjoy the fact that you can perceive better now, even past errors or deceptions”. To mature is a very subtil experience, not really exciting, but all can not be exciting all the time. Ask whatever honest person you happen to know. You will find the answers which you want to be answered. Best, GP

    P.S. Besides, you being a woman, congratulations for Intl. Lady’s Day!

  20. Monica, easier than E-mail is dropping a personal line to you here:

    I noticed, listening to radio today, after a bit of a heavy night yesterday, that some (whom I consider subtle) journalists (and male) were talking “March 8”. That’s progress, if you think, in Brazil.

    So I called one of them whom I know on the phone, saying what I just said. His laconic reply: “think my wife must be listening to my radio these days, thing she normally doesn’t.” Well, I did not tell him, but the fact is that his Lady is active!

    Appreciated your kind cooperation. Mars conjunct Nept. is doing something to me. Difficult to understand. Think Elsa got it right, from a distance. Dropped her a line to congratulate. Seems to be a lovable person.

    Best to you and your youngest sister (and husband). Ciao, GP

  21. During my 1st Saturn return (which I was completely unaware of at the time), in a one year time period, I split from my “soul mate”, quit my job, went travelling to South America, moved cities, met my new husband.

    My life utterly fell apart and I was lost and suicidal. It was funny though, as the biggest changes created the biggest and best (and totally necessary though I couldn’t see it at the time) opportunities for growth.

    I’m just planning on completely surrendering during my next one however! I don’t want to be bashed around like that again. I hope I’ve learned my lessons of “non-attachment”!!!

  22. Today was my birthday, April 15. It was astrologically speaking yesterday, in terms of solar return. And having had a bit of a sleepless night (champagne has that type of effect on me), I decided to interpret my own solar return, not necessarily the best thing to do. The problem being in keeping oneself objective enough…

    I could not stop thinking of Mel Gibson’s divorce, all the time. It’s in the news, but besides that, what stroke my attention, is that the guy gets involved in such a “stupid transit” after 28 years of marriage. Saturn. Obviously, as happened with me in my first marriage, and then with my second serious involvement (not official) after 15 years, half Saturn cycle.

    I saw two movies with Gibson starring: Braveheart (makes one think that now comes the real test for him, half a billion dollars…) and the other movie, I do not remember the title, but I loved it, was funny and I think extremely gracious towards Gibsons co-star, Judy Foster. Was all about a Misissippi – steamer – cum – casino. That was excellent entertainement. Almost better than real life!(For whom spends time “in investments”).

    For whom went through a divorce procedure in his life (its more than 50 % of living adults today), one could, astrologically speaking, think of “turning this phenomenon into a business”. Divorce lawyers seam to be more than one step ahead in that matter. But then, few of those guys are driven by the same believes than astrologers, even if only amateurs like me.

    The “consolation” in Gibson’s case now happens to be a Russian singer, by the name of Pochepa. Pretty from the pictures I saw and not stupid, judging from the statements she made.

    Poor Madonna (she bleeded enough to now have to renonce her N.Y. Real estate deal), had not the same luck. Her “Brazilian Jesus” is having a good time in Rio, while she tries to fix another adoption in Africa.

  23. hi all. i’m going through my second saturn return. i turned 57 in april and i feel like Saturn is squishing me like a bug. I really seriously wonder if i am going to be able to survive. I can’t find work; my savings is going fast; i may lose my house. And i keep hearing how good the transit is but right now i feel like I’m dying.

  24. The planet which rules your birth-signs should give a lead on how your present difficulties may turn into “just a memory, a thing of the past”. With some luck that planet is or will shortly make an aspect -or receive one – to (or from) Uranus.

    56/57/58 years of age are a decisive moment, not only because they correspond to the second Saturn return, but one enters into the “last third of life”. You may have to give a serious re-think on where the first 2/3 have led you and whether you just want to continue along that line.

    But you seam to deal well with the situation. As Einstein said: the important is never to stop asking questions. And good luck!

  25. If you enjoy change and challenges… Saturn Returns are good!
    I have been enjoying the change… says the Cancer Libra Moon Gemini Rising with a Mercury, Uranus, and Pluto Retrograde at birth. I turned 29 4 weeks ago and had major changes in the last year in my relationships with family death literally and figuratively, changes of having more soul connected friends, and met my soulmate who is 13 yrs older than I and he remembers his SR like it was yesterday.
    He remembers the synchronicity of meeting so many soulmate friends, family, and next steps as what I am going through now.
    My Saturn return is in Virgo in the same house as my jupiter -my fourth house and not sure why but if my birthday was 4 weeks ago it says my Saturn return is coming up august 25th- Sept 1st.
    I know most have said it’s 2 yrs so not sure when you feel the most of it. It is going well.
    Anyone know?

  26. My Saturn is in Virgo and I’m really looking forward to this 5 month reprieve at end of October! I’ve recently been made redundant whilst already living in another country (moved just before Saturn returned) and now packed and moved to South America all in about a week. Got diagnosed Hypthyroid this year so had to really work on health issues and work out what optimum health really means (and that’s blown my mind- nothing like what’s reported in the popular press). Have not had a serious relationship since my early twenties so thankfully not dealing with any major break-ups as well. Although removed certain ‘life-long’ friends from my life who were simply unhealthy to be around. Phew it’s been a whirlwind. I was also born during my mothers first Saturn Returns and she’s going through her second one now as well, needless to say we’ve had some issues… although I put as much physical distance between us as possible on this earth for that time! Will be reconnecting with her in November (during reprieve!). She has also packed up and moved countries, changed jobs, considered leaving husband and reconnected with long-lost friends and ditched unhealthy old ones…. we’re both a lot happier on the phone lately so I know things are wrapping up around here! Good luck to those who’s Saturn is in Libra…

  27. 29 years old and since sept 2007:

    moved 4 times
    broke up with a partner of 9 years
    have been dying to change careers (going from IT to holistic medicine)

    there have been an amazing number of long term relationship breakups around me, all around my age

    i had hoped my partner and i might get together after all the upheaval but the news he told me on sunday of him moving this friday interstate to start a new life, the timing of it (mere days before it ends) has shown me that it really is over and next month i can start fresh and new.

    I am cancerian and very family oriented but i’m finally feeling now that the right person will come along once all this upheaval is done.. i was really on the wrong path emotionally, and trying to hold on to old habits and ways of dealing with things that i knew that didn’t work for me anymore… and now am learning what i value and hold true to me.

  28. Most important (in my subjective view, but I went through a somewhat similar experience at my second Saturn return), that you work out your professional ambitions. At your age you need to be constructing your future (in a material world…). All the rest will follow. And best of luck!

    Who is not fond of a Cancer?

  29. My Saturn is in Virgo and my sun is in Leo. Needless to say I have been suffering for years because when Saturn was in Leo, I had my heart broke, lost some friends, was having financial difficulties, etc, but I also got promoted.

    However, when Saturn entered Virgo, I began to fall into a deep deep hole of life. I moved 3 times (finally to a new city), trying to change careers from a Finance Business Analyst to a career in the music industry (after being laid-off.. sort of… it was my decision to be laid off).. But since I’ve been in a new city, with no job, no friends, I’m feeling pretty darn lonely and sad. I started interning at a recording studio when I moved here, and all was going well for awhile until my boss decided that he wanted to open his own Multi media company, with me heading it, and 2 others. Sounds good right? Not! Has not happened! So now that I am bearly living on unemployment, and I am starting to think that I ruined my life and I will have to go back to the industry I was in before.
    By the way… my only friend in this new city is a married man (going through the same thing I am career-wise) and I kind of have fallen for him (which is so unlike me). Yea… my life sucks right now and I am depressed and wondering if my life will suddenly turn around when Saturn leaves Virgo at the end of October.

    • Astrology is not so deterministic. Your life will suddenly turn around when you suddenly turn it around. It’s your life, not Saturn’s.

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  31. My father died.

    My back was injured in two places.

    My poetry was translated into Japanese.

    I fell in love with a psychopath.

  32. My Saturn return approx 29yrs. My father had an unsuccessful operation and had been placed on life support-my mother became hysterical about him leaving her on her own,she turned to me and said,he is your father you have to make the decision, if the life support should be turned off (wow! Saturn in my 8th house in action) taking into account the circumstances and my fathers conversation prior the operation,there was no doubt in my mind what choice my father would have made in regards to the life support machine. Out of this personal tragic situation I had the privilege to hold the hand of my father and bid him farewell as he passed over. This was a profound experience, one of transformation on many levels. I have Saturn in Sagittarius 8th house & moon in Aquarius 10th house, In many cases I believe Saturn return could be addressed as INTENSE RETURN .

  33. On my first saturn return in Libra, my father died, I lost my job as a programmer due to company being taken over by a corporate raider and a year later my grandfather dies. I struggled to get another programming job but the company I did get hired at was awful and I left in 2 weeks. I became responsible for my mother who had behaviorable problems and had to take clerical work so I could spend all my extra time with her. I spent so much time in the emergency room, the people got to know us. Even when I was able to get her into a home so she would have 24/7 care she still caused me problems and then I met a con artist who moved in with me and stayed for a year. When he left he said he would miss the room he had stayed in. My mother moved back forth with me from the home and I had a fairly hard time with everything going on. But I eventually met a really smart and nice guy and we married and moved 50 miles east of where I lived and I started a new life.
    Now I am on my second return and at the beginning I left an awful job again and just hung out for a year getting my health back in balance. Now I may get a chance to get a very responsible job using all my background and my computer science degree. It’s temporary full time but they said they would train me and possibly hire me full time. It’s one of those chances in a lifetime you get, so if I get the job I will take it even though it’s in mercury retrograde. It’s my chance to finally do the job thing right since that is where my Sun and Mercury are in the tenth house with Pluto on my Midheaven. Wish me luck! I know I have a lot of hard work ahead of me and I really want to succeed this time and not do the stupid Pluto things I have done in the past.


  34. I just completed mine four days ago. Saturn in the 6th. I lost my job but I didn’t leave empty handed. It was fair (Libra) It was the worst phase in my life but it ended nicely, I guess.

  35. I just started my saturn return. Saturn in Scorpio. I was discussing only last week with my mother ( who lost her dad during her saturn return, when I was born) and also my MIL ( who lost her husband during hers and when she was pregnant with my husband). Last night my father was admitted to hospital with chest pain and undergoing a heart bypass tomorow morning. I see a pattern here with Saturn as the father. My relationship with my father is very close, as he has always been my rock through difficult times so this is definately a big shake up for me. Saturn please be kind!

  36. At 29 met a psychopath who I helped get citizenship and who abused me emotionally and physically. He caused me health issues..one of which is incurable and hurts me every day. It’s almost over this year and I dumped him 6 months ago..but the scars are still there..I hope by the end of the year I’ll be whole and healthy again..but who knows..at least I met someone nice a few months ago ..let’s see what happens..This Saturn return kicked me 1000 times in the stomach.

  37. my Saturn’s return was October 2014 when I was 29 years old I have Saturn and the fifth house of the sign of Scorpio to be honest I was really hoping that something would happen during this Saturn return my life has been kinda boring unfortunately nothing actually happened how I’m still single I did change jobs last year but that was in May of 2013 I just feel like my life is very boring and nothing really happens during the Saturn Return I didn’t meet anybody didn’t get married and don’t have a baby.

  38. In my Saturn return right now. I feel like time is passing by so fast, but I heard from so many that it’s supposed to slow down to make you think about where you are in life. I know for a fact I’m not where I’m supposed to be, but I also know that where I am now is on the path to getting there- hopefully. Saturn has really made me turn inwards for the things I’ve been missing in my life like feelings of adequacy, ego, and courage to express oneself (I have sun in 6th too so it’s been helpful for that). I do feel stronger and more ready than when it started to face the challenges ahead!

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