The BP Oil Spill and the Sibly Chart

I’ve been having my own Neptune issues lately so I haven’t taken the time to study the chart of the BP Oil Spill closely, but my off-the-cuff observation is that the out-of-control gusher provides compelling evidence for the Sibly chart for the birth of the U.S. This chart uses a 5:10 p.m. time for the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia and was originated by Ebenezer Sibly (which is often mispelled as “Sibley”).

In the Sibly chart, the U.S. Moon is at 27 degrees and 10 minutes of Aquarius. On April 20, 2010, the day the BP oil spill occurred at 9:50 p.m. near New Orleans, La. (data courtesy of Jude’s Threshold), Neptune had just hit 28 degrees of Aquarius.

Since most astrologers use a July 4 date for the U.S. chart (one notable exception being Michael WolfStar), there is agreement that that the U.S. has a freedom-loving Moon in Aquarius. As Neptune has moved through Aquarius to conjunct the U.S. Moon, there has been a lot of speculation about what kinds of Neptunian (read “confusing,” “deceptive,” or “disappointing”) events would transpire that would involve the U.S. public. I for one expected the swine flu epidemic to be much worse than it was.

This is one of those discussions that is the astrological equivalent of Talmudic debate, but I’m positing that an oil spill that defies the attempts of man to stop it and that endangers the fishing and tourism industries in the Gulf of Mexico qualifies as a major Neptune event. Although it happened nearly a degree past the position of the Moon in the Sibly chart, it’s all the confirmation I need.


The Jupiter/Neptune Conjunction and Celebrity Deaths

I haven’t been tending my blog quite as well as I should be, but I wanted to put up a quick post about how today’s celebrity deaths of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson are triggering a period of national mourning of sorts, fueled by the Internet and social networking.

Depending on what time you use for the U.S. chart, the current Jupiter/Neptune conjunction is either conjunct or quite close to the U.S. Moon, which signifies the people of the nation.

Today, the Moon is in Leo, which often coincides with accidents and surprises, and this is opposing the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in the collectively-oriented sign of Aquarius. We’re getting upsetting news about celebrities (Leo), who are the closest thing the U.S. has to royalty.

I’d be happy for any other astrological-based comments on the situation.

Swine Flu and the Neptune/Jupiter Conjunction

Government leaders and public-health officials around the world are taking the threat of a swine flu epidemic, which began in Mexico City and has spread to other countries including the U.S., quite seriously, so they don’t need an astrology blog to tell them this could be a pandemic.

What is driving me to say this? The fact that Jupiter in Aquarius is quite close to a conjunction with Neptune in the same sign and that it’s moving toward the U.S. Moon. Jupiter is the expander and Neptune rules contagion. The Moon is the public in a nation’s chart.

The Moon also rules women, and I think an epidemic or a quarantine would send many working women back home. After all, if schools were closed, someone would have to be at home taking care of the kids.

Yes, it’s conceivable in some progressive families that the husband and wife would alternate between staying home and going to work, but in most cases, the duty of staying home would fall on Mom’s shoulders. And, of course, many households are headed by women so there’s no dad to pass babysitting chores along to. I’m not trying to lob a grenade in the ongoing culture wars; I’m stating a fact.

By the way, an epidemic was one of Astrology Mundo’s Top 10 predictions of 2009.

Has Jim Rogers Been Reading Jim Kunstler?

Check out this story from CNBC, where legendary commodity investor Jim Rogers says that he’s bought land and started farming. I’ll confess I haven’t read the whole story yet, but I was expecting Rogers to advise us to buy gold.

Here’s my thinking on bullion: The approaching conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius opposes Leo, the sign that rules gold. An Aquarius stellium helped make Leos India (Slumdog Millionaire) and Sean Penn (Milk) winners at the Oscars. I’m betting it will do the same thing for gold.

In case, you don’t know who Jim Kunstler is, check out his site. The peak oil guru, who was recently profiled by The New Yorker, envisions a world where food will be grown locally — by you and me!

Well, the U.S. started as a nation of gentleman farmers back when Pluto was last in Capricorn. Maybe we’re going back to the future.

More Sad Guys on Trading Floors


This photo of “blurry letters” at the New York Stock Exchange comes from one of my favorite photo blogs, Sad Guys on Trading Floors.

Astrology aficionados out there will recognize the resonance between blurry letters and Neptune squaring the Sun of the Big Board incorporation chart, also known as the Buttonwood Tree agreement chart.

The Feb. 9 Eclipse: Everything Seems Possible

I haven’t been blogging as much lately because I’ve been wrapped up in a demanding project that’s keeping me away from Astrology Mundo. I also don’t want to seem like the spoiler for the Obama party.

With Jupiter in Aquarius traveling close to the North Node, there are a lot of good vibes out there. I can feel them in my neighborhood. The Community Organizer-in-Chief is helping folks feel connected and empowered.

Yesterday, my next-door neighbors, whom I’ve known for four years, invited me to a family buffet, and I went. No big deal, I know, but a barrier was broken. A hand was extended across a fence and it was embraced.

There’s been a lot of snow in Upstate New York this winter, and the neighbors on the other side have been shoveling my sidewalk and driveway before I can even get out of the house. People seem to want to help each other these days for the first time in a long time. It truly is a blessing!

That’s the good news — friendly neighbors. The bad news is that today’s eclipse at 21 degrees of Leo opposed the Sun and Neptune. The whole lineup is squaring the New York Stock Exchange incorporation chart, so I’m looking for a further evaporation of U.S. equities over the next six months. I’m not optimistic the stimulus bill, even if it is approved by the Senate, can do much to prevent the economy’s descent.

It wasn’t Obama who got us here, but “we’re waist-deep in the big muddy,” to quote Pete Seeger’s famous anti-war anthem. We’re waist-deep in Iraq and Afghanistan and we’re just keeping our heads above the quicksand of the financial crisis.

I believe that Obama will ultimately be forced to take some drastic steps to get our nation’s economy back on course (cutbacks in the civil service, perhaps), and because of his rock-star persona, people may accept the news with a smile.

When President Jimmy Carter tried to trim the federal workforce about one Saturn revolution ago, he got lots of pushback. It will be interesting to see what happens this time around (assuming I’m right, of course).

And you wonder why I haven’t written lately.

Jupiter in Aquarius: You’ll Get By With a Little Help From Your Friends

Jupiter, the Great Expander, moves into the group-oriented sign of Aquarius on Jan. 5, 2009.

Twelve years ago, the last time that Jupiter was in Aquarius, I made some grand predictions for a friend of mine born under the sign of the Water Bearer.

I predicted fame and fortune, but what came to pass is that my Aquarian friend became a member of the board in the Manhattan co-op where she lives. She also became a de facto volunteer in her building, looking in on elderly neighbors and bringing them food.

The moral of the story? Jupiter is likely to step up your involvement with groups, associations, networks, and other organizations during its year-long trip through the sign of Aquarius. It may not expand your bank account, though.

Later in the year, when Jupiter meets up with visionary Neptune, which is also in Aquarius, you may have the opportunity to pursue a cherished dream or project, or you may get involved in a charitable or spiritual group.

As blogger Nancy Schorr points out, Jupiter and Neptune will be conjunct for most of the summer. The last time this aspect happened in Aquarius was in 1840, which many historians equate with the beginning of various socialistic and utopian schemes.

The Moon in the U.S. chart is in Aquarius, so volunteerism and group action could become quite important in a nation that has just elected a former community organizer as its President. Stay tuned: The number of friends you have on Facebook or the number of folks who follow you on Twitter may indeed be the ultimate status symbols.

Astrology Mundo’s Top 10 Predictions for 2009


I made the mistake of buying Time magazine at the grocery store this week. I’m a sucker for lists and this week’s issue is devoted to them. Unfortunately, the editors should have provided a magnifying glass with the magazine. Running lists with tiny type is unfair to older readers, who after all are the only ones still buying print publications.

Having gotten that rant off my chest, here, without further ado, is the list of Astrology Mundo’s Top 10 Predictions for 2009. Most of these prognostications concern the U.S.

1. A huge revival in churchgoing and spirituality of all kinds
2. A major flu or epidemic
3. A very cold winter
4. Disillusionment with Barack Obama’s Administration (not just from me)
5. Roe v. Wade overturned or access to abortion greatly curtailed
6. More tent cities of homeless people like the one known as Camp Purgatory in Ontario, Calif.
7. Widespread bankruptcies of local and even state governments
8. Return to conservative manners and dress, even to the point of addressing people as Mr. or Mrs.
9. Hobbies — bridge, 1,000-word puzzles, gardening, studying genealogy, building models, collecting Americana, etc. — back in fashion
10. Potluck dinners become a national pastime

Astrologers out there will recognize a combination of Neptunian idealism and group action expanded by Jupiter in Aquarius, in seeming contradiction to conservative Pluto in Capricorn moving to oppose the Cancer stellium in the U.S. chart.

There’s also the ongoing opposition in the sky between restrictive Saturn, now transiting through Virgo, and revolutionary Uranus, in Pisces. This will provide plenty of fuel for class warfare in the coming months.

Obama’s Choice of Rick Warren Sends the Wrong Message

I don’t get the argument that Barack Obama’s decision to invite celebrity pastor Rick Warren, who is openly anti-gay, to lead a prayer at the inauguration, is a “good thing,” to quote celebrity homemaker Martha Stewart. The thinking is that the President-elect is reaching out to those on the other side of the aisle, the political spectrum, etc.

I know I’m not the only one out there who sees great irony in the fact that the nation’s first black President is choosing to break bread with a man who actively campaigned against gay marriage in California and was successful in that effort.

I know that Warren is helping to lead us to a “Purpose-Driven Life” through his 20,000-member Saddleback Church in Los Angeles. I just don’t think my purpose in life is supporting someone who is trying to exclude a certain group from the same rights that everybody else gets to enjoy.

Now that Pluto is in Capricorn, we all have to be on the lookout for the tendency of the government and the corporation to encourage and enforce patriarchal family structures. This runs counter to the community-oriented spirit of idealistic Neptune in Aquarius, which will be joined by expansive Jupiter in 2009. (Incidentally, Warren is an Aquarius so he’ll be getting a lift from Jupiter for a year, starting in early January.)

There is nothing that can make me feel good about this situation. From where I sit — straight, white, married, middle-aged — gay union is a civil rights issue. Churches that adhere to the teachings of the Bible may feel justified in shutting the door on gays, lesbians, and transgender folks, but the government does not have that luxury.

Why? I’m no constitutional scholar, but here’s why I’m so sure of my beliefs: Article 14 of the U.S. Bill of Rights. And I quote:

“All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

By asking Rick Warren to bless his Administration, Obama is sending the message to gays that they are not welcome at his table. And that is definitely not a good thing!

Full Moon in Taurus Nov. 13, 2008

Tomorrow’s full Moon at 21 degrees of Taurus makes a T-square to the Sun/Mercury/Mars lineup in Scorpio and the Aquarius stellium of Neptune, North Node, and Chiron in the sky. Expect further dissolution of hard assets.

I pointed this out back in September, but it bears repeating: This full Moon activates the inception chart of the New York Stock Exchange, so be ready for further damage in the equities market.

Indeed, the Dow Jones industrial average closed down 410 points, to the 8,283 level on Nov. 12, after Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson announced that under the $700 billion “mother of all bailouts,” the government will not purchase troubled assets after all.

Hey, remember how the Troubled Asset Relief Program, also known as TARP, was announced during a Mercury retrograde? No surprise that it’s being rejiggered, no doubt for the best.

On a personal level, this full Moon, which occurs at 1:19 a.m. Eastern time, could bring to fruition some new creative plan that you’ve been working on or the resolution of a real estate or business matter.

Mars in the last degrees of Scorpio is past an opposition to the full Moon, but it’s still within orb in my book. Upsetting information about debt or declining asset values could be revealed tonight.

You may not like what you see when you open up your portfolio statement for the month of October. Another scenario is that the local township has raised taxes on your house, even though it’s falling in value.