2 comments on “My First Astrology Mundo Poll

  1. First off, I don’t “believe” in astrology, but I do believe it can describe reality. Second off, I started my blog over three years ago and I noticed that there were an overwhelming number of Geminis in the profiles of the early adopters. Broadcasters, communicators, blah-blah-blah. The real anomaly in your poll are all the Pisces people. Though I’ve been surrounded by Caps and Aquarians all my life, with Virgos and Scorpios in a secondary circle, I don’t think I know a single Pisces, at least enough to ask the semi-intimate question, “what’s your sign?”

  2. SFMike — Interesting observation. I have friends who are Geminis and they like shiny and new. Never eat at the same restaurant twice. I feel quite honored that you comment on my blog, now that I’ve seen the link to Civic Center on Princess Sparkle Pony! You’re sitting at the cool kids table! — Monica

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