Donald Trump’s Real Birth Time

Several astrology blogs, including AstroDataBank, list 9:51 a.m. as the time that New York real estate billionaire Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946. However, when Trump released his birth certificate in a nod to the “birthers” who believe that President Obama was not born in the US, it revealed a 10:36 or 10:56 a.m. time of birth. The handwriting is too small for me to make out in this image. Maybe one of Astrology Mundo’s eagle-eyed readers will let me know which one it is.

Assuming that 10:56 is the time of birth, Trump has a 0 degree Virgo rising. Given his prominent hair, now dyed brightly red, I would have chosen a Leo rising for Trump. But the new chart has Mars in Leo quite close to the Ascendant, so that works for me. Loaded Second House of Wealth also seems to confirm the new birthtime. Any thoughts, astrologers?


9 comments on “Donald Trump’s Real Birth Time

  1. thanks for writing in Beth and Jude. Now, I just need to run The Donald’s new chart to see how it compares to his old one.

  2. What’s intriguing (astrologically at least) is that Trump has not a single planet in an earth sign. For dealing foremost in real-estate! Or is it all for amusement, as his “presidential run”, or his hairdoo, or his “firing of people”?

    Moon opposite his Sun/Uranus in Gemini indicate a “gambling nature”. Have no doubt about 10:56, as equally for O’s official birth-hour. For the rest I am bemused.

    PS. Where O. born in Mombasa, at the hour indicated, his As would fall at 27 degr. 20 Aquarius, not at 18 as if he were born in Hawaii. Recent confusions may help in finding out more as Neptune now leaves Aquarius.

  3. I popped on your blog to see if you’d a post about the wedding… but this is even better… it looked like 10:54 to me, so I’m glad to hear the Photoshop vote.
    I remember looking at Trump’s chart in Eileen’s class… were you there that night? This is illuminating… thanks, Monica 🙂

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