The Return of Nikola Tesla

I had been thinking about inventor Nikola Tesla even before my weekend visit to the Integratron, an electromagnetically charged chamber in the California desert that was built by engineer George Van Tassel based partly on Tesla’s research (“Getting Charged Up at the Integratron,” May 26, 2008).

Tesla has inspired a cult-like devotion among his followers, many of whom believe his electrical inventions were thwarted by financiers such as Bernard Baruch and J.P. Morgan because they challenged the economics of the utility industry. In light of today’s fear that we are nearing “peak oil” and are running out of fuel to power our autos and other machines, Tesla’s claim to have discovered “free energy” is more intriguing than ever.

In 1933, the inventor told the New York American newspaper: “This new power for the driving of the world’s machinery will be derived from the energy which operates the universe, the cosmic energy, whose central source for the earth is the sun and which is everywhere present in unlimited quantities.”

One reason I got interested in Tesla is that the same day I started Astrology Mundo (Mar. 17, 2008), production began in San Marcos, Calif., on a breakthrough electric vehicle called the Tesla Roadster. The 100% electric car gets the equivalent of 135 miles per gallon, according to Tesla Motors. This electrical marvel costs a pretty penny, though. The base price for the 2009 model is $109,000.

Here’s the link to the company’s Web site:

Tesla the man surfaced as a character in Christopher Nolan’s 2006 film about magicians, The Prestige, and was portrayed by rocker David Bowie. Interestingly, 2006 was also declared the Year of Nikola Tesla by UNESCO. I rented The Prestige not long before visiting Niagara Falls for the first time in October, 2007. While I was at the falls, I saw a statue of Tesla on Goat Island. All roads were leading me to Tesla!

With the mysterious Tesla making cameo appearances in modern-day culture, I started looking into his chart. That’s when the confusion started. There are several charts circulating for the eccentric inventor who emigrated to America and registered 700 patents.

Everyone agrees that Tesla was born close to midnight. Legend has it that his midwife said he was born just as a bolt of lightning struck. This has led many astrologers to conclude that his chart must have the electrical planet Uranus rising.

Astrodatabank says Tesla was born at midnight on July 10, 1856, in Smiljan, a town that was in Austria-Hungary at the time of the inventor’s birth. It was later part of Yugoslavia and is now in Croatia. Here’s the chart:

If you scroll down the comments below Tesla’s AstroDataBank chart, you’ll find one dated May 15, 2001, that says that Tesla’s father was an orthodox priest who “recorded his birth according to the old calendar,” and that his real date of birth is July 22, 1856. The commenter cites a Serbian astrological magazine. Tesla’s parents were both of Serbian origin.

Given the lore about lightning striking as Tesla was born, here’s the chart I like. It shows a birth time of 11:10 p.m. local time on July 21, 1856. Yes, I know this is July 21, not July 22, like the Serbian astro magazine says, but this one works for me.

In many places, Tesla’s birthday is recorded as July 9/10, so it’s conceivable that he could have been born late on the night of July 21 because of the difference between the Julian and Gregorian calendars. If you want to read about calendars, click here:

The chart I like has a 25 degree Taurus ascendant with Uranus rising, a Sun/Venus conjunction at 29 degrees of Cancer, and a Moon/Neptune conjunction in Pisces, which could reflect the confusion about Tesla’s birthday. Here’s a link to that chart:

I need to do more reading about Tesla, but everything I’ve perused indicates he was an extremely nervous person, so the Uranus rising chart seems plausible.

It’s worth noting that transits from Uranus to a deceased person’s chart often activate interest in that individual. It is for this reason that I think astrologers should watch the date that the first Tesla electric car hits the road and compare the transits of that day to the various natal charts circulating for the inventor.

Based on the speculation about the development of a new energy source that was circulating at the United Astrology Conference in Denver, I don’t think we’ve heard the last of Tesla. If you want to read more about his life, click here for a Web site that accompanied an excellent PBS series:


9 comments on “The Return of Nikola Tesla

  1. Nicola Tesla original name was Draghici , Tesla was a nick that left s family name , he maybe have serbian origins but he has istroromanian also . The area were Tesla was born was an istroromanian 1 . Tesla its claimed by many nations but @ origins has romanian blood.

    • Youre right . i made some research and i found theat tesla`s real name was Draghici. I am very proud , because mi name is Draghici Alexandru George , and i am from romania . If you don`t belive me ,search mi FB page 😉 😀 .

  2. Hello

    Just wanted to say thanks for mentioning the link to Nikola Tesla’s chart on my website, and to let you know why I used that chart rather than the different birth data around.

    Back in 2006, the Centaurs astrology group on Yahoo had the benefit of some really valuable insight from an astrologer named Julia, based in Croatia and part of the Croatian Astrological Assocation. Here’s the link:-

    Hope that suffices to explain my reasoning, and thanks again for mentioning the chart and Tesla’s work, I agree with you that his work deserves to be more widely known than it is at present.

  3. I am doing research to find out if Tesla had Romanian origings or not. Oroles, can you give me more information?

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  6. Regarding Tesla: I have real live experiences of electrical (small, domestic 110/220 Volts) NOT FUNCTIONING when I have personally stressed Uranus transits. Does usually not last more than a day, goes away without need for repair or fixing. Could it be related to “Tesla” type phenomenon?

  7. Good morning,
    let me introduce my Internet pages about the wireless energy transfer developed by Nikola Tesla and the top of this was done by Edwin Gray with his fuelless electrostatic engine. It was patented in 1975 and banned after it. Since 2000 this patent has appeared on Internet. I have made the physical computer analyses of this motor and I have created on the base of them my Internet pages:
    These electrostatic motors can give even 50 [kW], but it would not be economical.

    Michal Martinů, Eng.
    Czech Republic

  8. I’ve. Noticed kids have a fascination with Yesla this year

    He is the Einstein of the new world and both had a similar life

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