The Wonders of Wireless Electricity

One of today’s most popular Web searches is “wireless electricity.” Yesterday, Intel cut the cord and demonstrated something called a “wireless energy resonant link,” which transmitted electricity to a lamp on a stage that was burning a 60-watt bulb.

This is big, folks. What’s the astrology of it? I’ll chalk it up to today’s opposition of Venus in Virgo and Uranus and Pisces. Mercury, the planet of communications, is conjunct the Venus, so we’re hearing a lot about this breakthrough.

On a broader level, this could also be due to the “mutual reception” that is the result of the transit of Pisces ruler Neptune through Aquarius at the same time that Aquarius ruler Uranus is traveling through Pisces.

Don’t expect to find the system at Best Buy or Circuit City next week, though. This AP story says much research remains to be done before wireless electricity is available on the market.

As revolutionary as wireless electricity sounds, the idea was something that inventor Nikola Tesla envisioned back in the last century. To read more about Tesla, click here.

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