What Astrology Says About Obama’s Second Term

Four years ago, when President Barack Obama flubbed the oath of office at his first inauguration, astrologers weren’t surprised. Obama was coming into office under a planetary picture called Mercury retrograde, where the orb thought to govern communications appeared to be moving backward from the Earth’s point of view.

When Mercury is retrograde, an event that happens three times a year, astrologers believe that there are sure to be misunderstandings, crossed signals and checks lost in the mail. In any event, the burden of Merc retro was seen as a significant obstacle to the President’s ability to get his message across during his first term (perhaps no more so than during his first debate with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney).

 The second term of President Obama poses a challenge to astrologers because there are two horoscopes for the event — one for the private oath of office he took on Sunday, Jan. 20 and the other for the public swearing in that took place Monday, Jan. 21 at noon. The necessity of two ceremonies was caused by the fact that the inauguration date mandated by law fell on a Sunday, which it also did for Presidents James Monroe and Ronald Reagan.

 Jude Cowell, who blogs about astrology and politics at www.starsoverwashington.com, notes that in the horoscope for the private oath of office, the Sun in Aquarius at the Midheaven of the chart is at odds with the will of the people, represented by a Taurus Moon rising on the Ascendant of the chart.

According to Cowell, Americans will be stubbornly focused on their own personal financial security during the second Obama Administration and will not respond favorably to the President’s emphasis on what is good for the nation as a whole.

Cowell points out the Jan. 20 horoscope is burdened by the South Node of the Moon rising, which is considered a negative. Cowell, who is based in Georgia, notes that the South Node rising indicates “separation, restriction and loss,” though she also points out that this portent may apply to members of the administration who are losing their jobs or leaving in Obama’s second term.

With the disruptive planet of Uranus transiting the sign of Aries in the 12th house of hidden enemies of the Jan. 20 swearing-in chart, Cowell sees “secret plans” being hatched to disrupt the President’s agenda. Uranus is in a challenging position to Pluto (still widely followed by astrologers despite its demotion by astronomers) in the chart. Pluto rules secrets and the ones revealed during Obama’s second term could be explosive.

The message of this aspect: Don’t expect the birthers to go away anytime soon, even though Obama is starting his second term, and be prepared for more allegations about the President’s personal life and family.

Indeed, Cowell sees the potential for sudden disruptions and explosions during the next four years, both based on the inaugural charts and the various horoscopes for the birth of the US (not everyone believes the nation was born on the Fourth of July).

The good news for Obama and Americans in general is that the Jan. 20 inauguration chart has prosperous Jupiter rising in the first house, albeit diminished by a retrograde position in Gemini. Cowell sees the economy picking up momentum during Obama’s second term.

The horoscope for the public Jan. 21 inauguration gives more support to economic expansion since the Moon, which changes sign every two and a half days, moved into Gemini, where it sits along with prosperous Jupiter. Cowell sees Americans in a cheerful mood during Obama’s second term, most likely due to the recovery in housing prices.

Indeed, the stars are predicting better financial days for Americans but ones that could be rocked by explosive events and shocking disruptions, a la Superstorm Sandy and the Newtown, Conn., massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

As I recently noted, an asteroid named Sandy is currently hovering close to Pluto in the sign of Capricorn and opposing the Sun in Cancer in the U.S. July 4 birth chart. So keep an eye out for surprising current events and people in the news named Sandra or Sandy.


10 comments on “What Astrology Says About Obama’s Second Term

  1. I hope you don’t mind my heavy reliance on your blog for my astrological interpretation. I actually wrote this piece for another venue but it was rejected because it was too technical.

  2. Wow, Monica, thanks for citing my post! It’s been quite something to have a private/official horoscope And a public one to write about and with my blogging time curtailed these days, I admit to not doing ‘justice’ to Inauguration 2013. Actually, I was glad to get both horoscopes on display for those who may wish to compare them. That Jan 20th Taurean Moon with its underbelly of greed, intolerance, and prejudice isn’t pretty esp considering Pres. Obama’s opposition.

    (Hope you had a chance to read my recent post concerning The Confederacy natal horoscope, too, where a “dark vein of intolerance” shows up w Pluto in Taurus–same as the Republican Party 1854.)

    Anyway, thanks again, m’dear, and I’m sending you a belated yet warm Happy New Year! Jude

  3. You’ve got to love astrology. In light of the recent revelations that our government has been spying on its citizens, I went back and reread this blog entry about the inauguration chart. “Pluto rules secrets and the ones revealed during Obama’s second term could be explosive,” seems quite prescient, given the events of the past few days.

  4. Uranus transiting the 12th. Could also be “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” Our own subconscious can spring surprises on us with this transit.

  5. Is there any hope for the people? Really! What does it look like for 2016 election? I’m ashamed to say that I supported Obama in 2008. Just hoping that he hasn’t or won’t completely destroy democracy in America.

    Love to all!

    • He had support in 1988 in Kenya too. When he pretended he was Christ in the mist of 10,000 stupid worshipers. Look up Maitreya appears in 1988 and Kenya. His message then was HEAVEN was on the way. But first he would reappear on the world scene as one of us. Also he would bring buckets of blessings for Kenya. Well it happens as predicted BUT HE IS NOT JESUS!!!!!! He is a crazy faker who thinks he is God. They have children worshiping this GARBAGE in church. Maitreya is the SOCALLED NAME OF THE LUCIFERIAN CHRIST. Google these things. You’ll see why Obama looks so familiar. You’ll see why Kenya literally WENT CRAZY when he was elected. Why Opra said HE IS THE ONE WEVE WAITED FOR. And why LOIS FARRACON called him THE MESSIAH. NEWSWEEK MAGAZINE had his picture in the form of Shiva, and the words, GOD OF ALL THE WORLD. SORRY NEWSWEEK or whoever else. HE IS NOT MY GOD!!!! Never will be either. Read the bible people and believe in the 1 true Christ before it’s to late for you and AMERICA. LAND OF THE FREE FOR NOW, AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE??? Are we really still BRAVE? Did our men die in vain? What about our women? STOP SAYING I HOPE HE DONT DESTROY US!!!! Let’s do something about this cancer!!! Trump might be the better of two evils. BUT HE IS NOT THE ANSWER. HE IS PART OF THE PROBLEM. UNLESS HE DECIDES TO TURN ON HIS BANKER BUDDIES THAT RULE OVER US ALL. Start by getting rid of ALL Masonic lodges period! Unless you are 32 or 33rd degree then don’t defend them just because you know good people go there too. Until the highest degrees you are LIED to period. They RULE by secrecy and they WORSHIP LUCIFER. ONE OF GODS ARCH ENEMIES. One of Satan’s first names possibly. But EVIL EITHER WAY!!! Repent of evil by turning to Christ. Forget your oaths of secrecy. Make AMERICA great once more by trusting THE ONE TRUE GOD OF THE HOLY BIBLE. THE GOD OF ISRAEL AND ALL CHRISTIANS. HOPEFULLY OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN ISRAEL WE COME TO THE LIGHT OF CHRIST ALSO ZOON. WE LOVE YOU ISRAEL. I LOVE YOU JESUS MY SAVOUR. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

      The end is here , choose a side

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