What Time Was Kate Middleton Born?

Just came across this Associated Press story on what British astrologers are saying about the compatibility of Kate Middleton and Prince William, based on their birthdays. The prince’s time of birth is well known; he was born at 9:03 p.m. in London on June 21, 1982. I’m wondering if anyone out there in the blogosphere has a reliable time of birth for Kate, born Jan. 9, 1982.

Venus/Jupiter Station and Pink Diamond

O.K. Now I get it. Prince William and Kate Middleton get engaged, a pink diamond sells for a record $46 million, Congress approves the nomination of Peter DIAMOND to the Federal Reserve Board. What’s going on here?

It’s easy to figure out. These are the early manifestations of the Nov. 18 stations of benefic planets Jupiter and Venus, which are turning direct. With a little luck, there’s more manna to come!

Saturn Return of Diana’s Engagement Ring

Readers of this blog know there are few topics nearer and dearer to me than when Prince William will marry. I’m at my day job and don’t have time to figure out what day William proposed to Kate Middleton. The engagement became public today, Nov. 16, but the press is saying the couple became betrothed while vacationing in Kenya last month.

Still, when I saw that William had given Kate the same ring presented to his mother, the late Princess of Wales, by Prince Charles, I knew there was a Saturn return in operation. If you look at this chart, it appears I’m correct!

Whenever my faith in astrology is shaken, events like this bring me back to the fold.

Wagering on Prince William’s Wedding

Way back in 2008, I predicted that May 21, 2011 would be the day that Prince William would marry. Today, I read in the tabloids that OK! magazine has an interview with Paul Burrell’s, Princess Diana’s former butler. He predicts that the prince will marry longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton in July 2011. We’ll see.

The Dutchess of Windsor: The Ultimate Femme Fatale

I’m reading Ralph G. Martin’s The Woman He Loved, the story of twice-divorced Yank Wallis Simpson, whose charms cost Edward VIII his throne. Fascinating stuff. 

So far, I’ve seen two references to astrology. The first: In the dark days while she was waiting for her first divorce in 1927, Simpson spent the princely sum of $10 on an astrology reading. The Gemini, who was born June 19, 1896, received a prediction that she would be married twice more and become an international celebrity.

The second cosmic reference: Count Louis Harmon, writing in the September 1933 issue of the National Astrological Journal, predicted that the then-Prince of Wales “will give up everything, even the chance of being crowned, rather than lose the object of his affection.”

However, astrology didn’t make the index in the book, which was published in 1973, so I can’t cite any other references.

I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen a presentation on what is considered to be one of history’s great love affairs at an astrology conference, but I couldn’t find anything about the couple’s synastry or composite on the Net. However, I did discover an excellent source of royal horoscopes.

After you click on the site, scroll all the way down to the House of Windsor for the latest crop of royals.

Here’s the chart for the Duke of Windsor (the title given to Edward VIII after he abdicated), an oh-so-sensitive Cancer Sun trine Moon in Pisces.

How do you catch a king? Listen, and just like Mom advised, be yourself. Even though Simpson was chatty and opinionated by British standards, according to Martin, the future king became besotted with her because she listened to his stories about “work” and wasn’t intimidated by his royal stature. 

“Wallis, you are the only woman who has ever been interested in my job,” he told her (page 160).

Here’s Simpson’s natal chart and transits for Jan. 4, 1937, the date of the Time cover where she appeared as the magazine’s first ever “Woman of the Year”:

What’s striking about the natal chart, which is set for noon because the time of birth is unknown, is the powerful Gemini stellium, including Pluto, Mercury, Neptune, Venus, and Sun. Gemini rules communication, and all her life, Simpson had the ability to mesmerize powerful men, running the gamut from Winston Churchill to Adolph Hitler.

You can see that in early 1937, right after the king abdicated, that Simpson’s Mercury, Sun, and Venus had all progressed into Leo, straddling her regal Jupiter in Leo, which sextiles her natal Gemini stellium. She was the most famous woman in the world. But transiting Neptune in Virgo was squaring her natal Neptune in Gemini, so there’s the disappointment of not being queen.

Simpson’s Gemini stellium fell in the Duke of Windsor’s fourth house so he felt at home with her. After Edward gave up the throne, the Duke and Dutchess lived in Austria, France, and then in the Bahamas, where he was Governor during World War II.

When someone asked the Duke of Windsor where his home was, he replied, “Home is where the Dutchess is.”  In fact, the man that the rest of the world called “Sir” and Wallis called “David”  used to hang out at her flat at 5 Bryanston Ct. in London with Wallis and her second husband, Ernest Simpson. What a trio that must have been! 

Here’s a link to the Time cover.

If you read the Wiki and other sources, it says Simpson made the cover of Time in 1936, but I believe that’s because the magazine actually appears on newsstands a week before its cover date.

When Will Prince William Marry?

Nothing cheers up an empire, even a diminished one, like a royal wedding. And with Pluto now in Cap, the pressure is on for 25-year-old Prince William to tie the knot.

While the British tabloids are speculating about a 2009 wedding for Will and girlfriend Capricorn Kate Middleton,  I’m think the souvenir makers shouldn’t fire up the kilns for the royal wedding plate just yet. I’m wagering that William will marry on May 21, 2011.

Why? On that day, his progressed Venus comes to meet his 0 degree Cancer Sun, which is exactly trine natal Jupiter at 0 degrees of Scorpio at the midheaven. Meanwhile, progressed Moon is conjoined progressed Sun at 27 degrees of Cancer.  There are two marriage signatures happening at the same time: progressed Venus to Sun and progressed Sun/Moon.

Here’s Prince William’s chart, courtesy of Astrodienst.

Interestingly enough, when I went to google May 21, 2011 to figure out what day of the week it was (before realizing it doesn’t matter because it will be a decreed a national holiday if a royal wedding does take place), I learned from this blog that it’s been selected as the day the world will end. Well, if this does indeed come to pass, it’s going to be a beautiful ending because there’s a lovely Venus/Mars conjunction in Taurus that day, broadly opposing William’s Jupiter.

The chart of a person such as William, who will basically live his entire life in the public eye, is a golden opportunity to watch astrology in action. If William were my client, one of my first questions would be: What was going on between your parents in 1992? That’s when his Sun progressed to a perfect square with natal Mars, which is at 9 degrees of Libra. A quick Google search reveals that’s the year his mother and father publicly split up, though their divorce didn’t take place until four years later.

An ordinary person might not be able to remember when his parents broke up or he might not want to talk about it. With a public figure, you can use the Internet to search key events and time periods in his life.

For instance, the current transit of Jupiter in Capricorn in William’s first house, broadly opposing his Sun/Moon conjunction in Cancer, is bringing him into the public eye in connection with the military and sports, both fine pursuits for a future king. Click here to read about him presenting the Six Nations trophy to the Welsh rugby team.

As the son of the Prince of Wales, William serves as royal vice-patron of the Welsh team.

Think hanging out with rugby champions sounds like fun? You haven’t heard the half of it. Earlier this year, William flew solo for the first time as part of a four-month stint with the Royal Air Force. The Prince, who is a Second Lieutenant with the Household Calvary, is fulfilling a “long-held ambition” to earn his wings, according to a palace press release. Sounds like natal Jupiter at the midheaven to me. This boy was born to fly!

Britain’s royal family has the official last name of Windsor, but William is known as Lieutenant Wales.  I wonder if the prince extends his hand and says, “Will Wales. It’s a pleasure” when meeting someone. I’ll let my readers who are up on Debrett’s Peerage and royal etiquette advise me on that one.

Based on what I’ve read about Princess Diana’s efforts to instill a sense of egalitarianism in her boys, William may indeed use a common touch in certain situations. Obviously, chatting up strangers is a requirement for his future job, but he appears to do it well, as evidenced by this photo.

Still, no Yank astrologer is really going to “get” a royal’s life. That’s why I’m steering you to British astrologer Marjorie Orr, who has a fascinating read on Middleton. You can find Marjorie’s Web site  in my blog roll. Once you’re on her site, click on “The Astrology of Today’s News.”

With her Plutonian energy, Kate’s got the staying power to hang in there another three years (or longer) to become Mrs. William Wales. In the meantime, she can burnish her public service credentials. Now, for all I know Kate is out feeding the poor in her spare time, but the paparazzi aren’t following her then the way they do after she’s spent a night clubbing at Boujis. She needs to borrow a page from Diana’s playbook and cultivate an image as a humanitarian.