Catching Up on the Astrodienst-AstroDataBank Merger

I’m late on this. Out the Comet’s Ass tipped me off to it, though I had been noticing a new birthdays feature on Astrodienst. Anyway, in case you haven’t heard, all of the AstroDataBank charts that have been lovingly compiled over the years by the late Lois Rodden and her followers are now available FREE (I use caps sparingly) at Astrodienst.

Here’s a story from Astrodienst’s Web site explaining how it’s going to work. I wish I could come up with a great metaphor to describe what this means for the astrological community, but being a Sag-y type, I’ll go with the old saw, “It’s the greatest thing since night baseball.”

I don’t know what this means for the folks who were working at AstroDataBank. Does anybody know?

John McCain’s 2008 Solar Return Using a 6:25 P.M. Birth Time

I may have been the only astrologer in America who believed John McCain’s Mom. The 96-year-old revealed in a Mother’s Day campaign ad this year that the Republican Presidential contender was born at 11 a.m.

Most stargazers have been relying on a 9 a.m. time that was provided earlier by a McCain staffer to AstroDataBank after talking to the candidate’s mother.

Michael WolfStar at StarIQ rectified McCain’s chart and came up with an 8:38 a.m. time. If you want to read what WolfStar thinks about McCain’s chart, click here.

Well, it turns out everybody was wrong. A birth certificate for McCain, which was brought to my attention on Oct. 12, shows a 6:25 p.m. time of birth on Aug. 29, 1936. That gives McCain an early Pisces rising, an Aquarius Moon, and a Virgo stellium that includes his Sun in the seventh house.

So much for the idea of McCain as a Libra rising because he had dimples. Ditto for the Scorpio rising chart, which gave McCain an angular Mars in Leo at the Midheaven. Here we had the war hero in all his glory. Also, this would have explained the fact that among his Washington colleagues, McCain is known for his temper.

Now that we’ve got what appears to be a real birth time based on a State Dept. document, I’ve rerun McCain’s solar return. I set the chart for Dayton, Ohio, thanks to WolfStar’s excellent research. That’s where the GOP Presidential nominee was when the Sun returned to the exact spot it was when he was born. Here’s McCain’s 2008 solar return.

I’ve since run the solar return for Washington for technical reasons and the chart looks pretty much the same as the one set in Dayton.

It’s got the flamboyant Moon in Leo rising. This chart is basically all about Sarah Palin, whom McCain announced as his vice-presidential nominee on his birthday. That Moon could also explain the media firestorm surrounding the revelation that Palin’s 17-year-old daughter Bristol Palin is pregnant, an announcement that appeared to surprise McCain.

I don’t think Aquarian Sarah Palin is going to be that easy to control on the campaign trail. It’s lucky for the McCain camp that her Democrat counterpart, Biden, is known for exhibiting symptoms of foot-in-mouth disease.

You know what other feisty lady in McCain’s life is an Aquarian? You guessed it: His Mom, who was born Feb. 7, 1912. So maybe Sarah isn’t going away after all.

As an Army brat born in Germany who has had to produce something called the “Report of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the United States of America” numerous times in my life, I long wondered why John McCain hadn’t been asked to come up with a similar document.

Now, someone has produced it for him!

P.S. Comments below may reflect an earlier version of this post, which relied on an 11 a.m. time of birth for McCain.

Update on Elsa P’s Top Ten Sources

Folks, the news isn’t good. I e-mailed Elsa P and she confirmed that Elsa P’s Top Ten Sources is down and says it might be gone permanently. This is a huge loss for me personally as well as for the astrological community. In addition to blogging about astrology and her own life at the ElsaElsa Blog, Elsa has been posting snippets and links to astrology blogs around the world on her site all day long. To use industry jargon, she’s an “aggregator.”

Until I started Astrology Mundo in March, I relied solely on periodic commentaries at StarIQ, AstroDataBank, Nancy’s Blog, and Marjorie Orr’s Web site for my astro fix. Then I started getting traffic from Elsa P’s Top Ten Sources and I checked out her site.

I had been living in the dark. It turns out there is a whole world of astrology blogs out there. Since then, nearly every spare minute I have has been spent trolling the astrology section of Elsa P’s Top Ten Sources and catching up with what other bloggers have to say. Elsa has something new practically every few minutes.

I don’t know if it’s a technical, financial, or personal issue that has led to the blackout at Elsa P’s Top Ten Sources, but I pray that it is resolved soon. Elsa, we love you! Please come back! Tell the Soldier he better help get you up and running again or he’s going to have this Army brat to deal with.

Paul Farmer: A Hero of Haiti and Health Care

Lois Rodden’s AstroDataBank is featuring Dr. Paul Farmer as its latest Newsmaker. The American-born doctor is world famous for his belief that health care is a right, not a privilege. He put his conviction into action by founding a free hospital in the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, Haiti.

Farmer’s nonprofit Partners in Health has also brought free health care to Rwanda.

Here’s the link to Farmer’s chart:

Farmer was profiled by Tracy Kidder in The New Yorker and was the subject of Kidder’s book, Mountains Beyond Mountains. The Harvard Medical School graduate has been a recipient of the MacArthur Foundation’s “genius grant” and donated the $250,000 cash prize to Partners in Health. If you’re interested in the work of this foundation, click here to learn more:

I’m not surprised to see that Farmer, born Oct. 26, 1959 at 7:59 a.m. in North Adams, Mass., has a Sun/Mars/Neptune conjunction in intense Scorpio in the 12th house, which rules hospitals and other institutions. He is a champion of society’s downtrodden and forgotten.

Let’s look at the connections between the chart of Farmer and that of Haiti, which is here, courtesy of Astrodienst.

The main aspects that I see: Farmer’s North Node, at 3 degrees of Libra, is smack on Haiti’s Saturn, while his Sun, at 3 degrees of Scorpio, is conjunct Haiti’s Jupiter.

Translation: Farmer has a karmic connection with Haiti that he’s fulfilling through his hospital. The desperate circumstances in Haiti, which is struggling with poverty, deforestation, and political instability exacerbated by U.S. interference alternating with neglect, is quite satisfying to the doctor, who thrives on life-and-death situations.