Craig Robinson: Connecting the Dots

Followers of this blog know that there’s no TV here in the Palm Springs condo. I watch streaming video on the Net and catch up on the tube at the California Pizza Kitchen downtown.

Today, ESPN was on (as usual) and I didn’t feel like bugging the staff to change the channel to CNBC or Fox Business News to get a stock score, I mean price.

So, I’m eating my Cobb salad and looking up at the screen and all of a sudden there’s Michelle Obama’s brother. I recognized him because he was at the Democratic National Convention. I even know his name is Craig Robinson. What I didn’t know is that he’s a basketball coach for Oregon State University.

O.K. How many of you knew that? More on Craig’s chart and maybe some synastry with the First Lady later in the week.

I made my reputation by calling Kansas as the winner of the NCAA last year — when the bracket was down to four teams. (I’m not that good!)

So I’m getting my March Madness game on. Given the “synergy” in the world, we can’t leave out Oregon State. (Don’t ask me what their record is this year.) Maybe the First Brother-in-Law can go all the way.


One comment on “Craig Robinson: Connecting the Dots

  1. Cool piece! Craig Robinson has a positive vibe going, and I’d be interested if his chart shows leadership qualities. He has brought the Oregon State Beavers back to respectability, and he is considered a frontrunner for PAC-10 coach of the year.

    The Beavers may get an invite to the NIT, the College Basketball Invitational, or the College Invitational Tournament, according to the Oregon Statesmen Journal (your post made me want to do some quick research).

    Here’s the link:

    Maybe you’re also getting a vibe that Robinson is heading for bigger arenas in his coaching career!

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