Why the Nuggets Will Win

As readers of this blog know, I’ve got a mixed record as a forecaster. Who doesn’t? However, I’ve been lucky with my NCAA basketball picks in the past. Now, I’m going to try my hand at the NBA.

I’m going to make this short and sweet. Here’s why I think the Denver Nuggets are going to beat the Los Angeles Lakers to win the NBA championship. The New Moon in Gemini made some fabulous aspects to Nugget Carmelo Anthony’s natal chart, including lighting up a Sun/Node/Venus conjunction.

O.K., Carmelo’s just one player but he’s going to be pretty happy over the next few days and I’m going to guess it’s because his team wins.

Also, Saturn is sitting on the sun of the California state incorporation chart and I can’t imagine there’s going to be much joy in the Golden State over the next few months.


Jim Boeheim’s Neptune Transit

Longtime Syracuse University basketball coach Jim Boeheim is a 25-degree Scorpio conjunct Mars. Right now, transiting Neptune and Chiron are squaring Boeheim’s dynamic duo.

Normally, I’d say Neptune leads to disappointment and not to get your hopes up if you’re an Orange fan about SU’s chances against Oklahoma in the NCAA tournament.

However, the square that Neptune and Chiron are making to Boeheim’s Sun/Mars conjunction has manifested in recognition for his philanthropic work. So maybe it won’t show up as a crushing defeat at the hands of Oklahoma.

Here’s Boeheim’s chart, courtesy of Astrodienst.

The New York Times has a profile on its home page right now about the involvement of Boeheim and his wife Juli in the Coaches vs. Cancer tournament. The headline is: “Boeheim the Coach Outdone by Boeheim the Fund-Raiser.” Kind of a back-handed compliment, the kind you expect when the Wounded Healer Chiron is in the picture.

Meanwhile, all eyes are on Boeheim Friday as Syracuse faces the Sooners and the coach goes for his 800th win of his career.

Astrologers will love this factoid: Boeheim, a Scorpio (rules death), is an undertaker’s son. He was born Nov. 17, 1944 in Lyons, N.Y. According to my calculations (no time of birth is known), his progressed Sun has just moved into Aquarius.

In the name of disclosure, I am an SU grad.

Craig Robinson: Connecting the Dots

Followers of this blog know that there’s no TV here in the Palm Springs condo. I watch streaming video on the Net and catch up on the tube at the California Pizza Kitchen downtown.

Today, ESPN was on (as usual) and I didn’t feel like bugging the staff to change the channel to CNBC or Fox Business News to get a stock score, I mean price.

So, I’m eating my Cobb salad and looking up at the screen and all of a sudden there’s Michelle Obama’s brother. I recognized him because he was at the Democratic National Convention. I even know his name is Craig Robinson. What I didn’t know is that he’s a basketball coach for Oregon State University.

O.K. How many of you knew that? More on Craig’s chart and maybe some synastry with the First Lady later in the week.

I made my reputation by calling Kansas as the winner of the NCAA last year — when the bracket was down to four teams. (I’m not that good!)

So I’m getting my March Madness game on. Given the “synergy” in the world, we can’t leave out Oregon State. (Don’t ask me what their record is this year.) Maybe the First Brother-in-Law can go all the way.

Could Carmelo Anthony be the New Allen Iverson?

In the spirit of disclosure, I must confess I graduated from Syracuse University, so I’m not exactly an impartial observer of Carmelo Anthony, who led the men’s basketball team to its first NCAA title in 2003. 

Carmelo’s victory was a vindication for long-suffering Orange fans like me. I have many happy memories of screaming at the top of my lungs in Manley Field House before men’s basketball moved to the Carrier Dome. I was in Manley for the very last men’s hoops game in 1980, when Georgetown ended a 57-game home winning streak for the Orange.

To be sure, it hasn’t always been easy being a Syracuse hoops fan. It was a real heartbreak when the Orange lost the NCAA championship, 74-73,  to Indiana, in 1987. In my house, the TV ended up on the floor — though thankfully in one piece — after Keith Smart hit a 16-foot jump shot in the final seconds of the game. 

But all was forgiven in 2003, when Jim Boeheim finally took the Orange all the way and Carmelo Anthony was king of the court. I loved watching Carmelo play and even drove up to Syracuse in the middle of winter to do it. What won me over was “Melo’s” sheer joy while playing the game and that beautiful smile, which graced the cover of Sports Illustrated.

I don’t know what time he was born, but I’d guess that Carmelo has a Cancer rising. Why? That moon face and being a self-described Mama’s boy. This lunar countenance could also be produced with a Taurus Ascendant and the Moon rising. If anybody knows when Carmelo was born, please let me know.

No one, except maybe Carmelo’s mother, Mary Anthony, was sadder than me when this young man sucker-punched Mardy Collins of the New York Knicks in December, 2006. Was this the same guy who was a darling of the 2003 NBA draft season?

Now comes the news that Carmelo, 23, was arrested early in the morning on Apr. 14 for driving under the influence after leading the Denver Nuggets to victory over the Houston Rockets the night before. What gives? Is Carmelo the new Allen Iverson?  Iverson, now one of Carmelo’s fellow Nuggets, became synonymous with thug behavior in the NBA during his days as a Philadelphia 76er. Here’s a picture of Melo and bad boy Iverson: http://www.dotspotter.com/photos/76385_Nuggets_Anthony_and_fiancee_have_baby_AP

On Apr. 16, in his first game since being arrested, Carmelo scored 17 points as the Denver Nuggets beat the Memphis Grizzlies, 120-111. It’s the first time in two decades that the Nuggets have won 50 games in a season.

O.K., so Carmelo’s run-in with the law didn’t hurt his team — this time. But it’s definitely hurt his fans, his family, and Syracuse University. The school is building a brand new sports practice facility with Carmelo K. Anthony’s name on it. What’s next? The Carmelo K. Anthony School of Drunk Driving?

What kind of example is Carmelo setting for the college kids up in Syracuse by being arrested? Maybe those multimillion sports contracts should have morals clauses the way the Miss America pageant does. If you don’t behave, you get dropped, and the next hopeful gets his chance. 

Note to Carmelo: You wanna party after the game? No problem — have a limo or a taxi take you home. It was reported by Denver police that Carmelo’s fiancée LaLa Vazquez refused to come pick him up after he was arrested. However, she later released a statement to the Rocky Mountain News contradicting these reports: “I want to make sure the public understands that I fully support my fiance, Carmelo Anthony, and stand by him through this ordeal. I will always have his back and never refused to pick him up from the police station. In fact, they offered to bring him to me,” she told the paper.

Mmmm. Sounds like there’s a little trouble in paradise. A new baby has changed the dynamic. He was born on Mar. 7, 2007 and his name is Kiyan.  Like his dad, Kiyan Carmelo Anthony has a great smile. Here are some pictures: http://hiphop.popcrunch.com/first-photos-of-carmelo-lalas-son-kiyan/

Carmelo certainly isn’t the first guy to start acting out when he becomes a father. Fatherhood is a big responsibility, no question about it. Becoming a parent can bring up all kinds of unresolved issues from childhood. (By the way, I know Carmelo had a little drama in his life, courtesy of LaLa, back in 2004. But I was willing to cut him a break then because he was new to the NBA, the big bucks, the hip-hop crowd.)

Let’s look at Carmelo’s chart. He was born May 29, 1984 in New York. He’s a Gemini, which is symbolized by the Twins. We all know about the evil twin. With Gemini, he really does exist. He’s the one who thinks it’s O.K. to drive buzzed. He’s not the good guy at the charity fund-raiser. (When Carmelo got to Denver in 2003, he chose Family Resource Centers, a Colorado organization dedicated to family and children’s services, as his community charity.)

Since I don’t have a time of birth for Carmelo, I’ve cast the chart for noon. Here it is, courtesy of Astrodienst:


When Carmelo led the Orange to the Final Four championship on Apr. 7, 2003, his progressed Sun and progressed Venus were conjunct within a half-degree, at 26 degrees of Gemini. What a winning combo! And it was making a nice trine with Melo’s natal Pluto, which is at 29 degrees of Libra. In terms of transits, the North Node in Gemini was close to his natal Venus/Chiron conjunction.

My interpetation? Melo redeemed himself that day along with Boeheim’s Orangemen, who had never gone all the way to a national championship, as well as the city of Syracuse, which doesn’t have a pro sports team and has been economically depressed along with the rest of Upstate New York, for years. Chiron, as you astro folks know, is the wounded healer. The presence of the North Node made the healing a group experience.

Right now, Melo’s progressed Sun, Mercury, and Venus are all in the very early degrees of Cancer (interesting that he’s recently become a parent) and transiting Pluto in Capricorn is opposing that, while sitting on his natal Neptune. Obviously, there is a lot of wealth and beauty surrounding Carmelo, but he’s confused and overwhelmed by it all. With the arrival of the new baby, there’s lot of pressure to settle down, but I don’t think this young man is ready for that. 

He’s got transiting Saturn squaring natal Venus so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Carmelo and LaLa part ways quite soon. The pregnancy may have been an unconscious — or conscious — desire to pin him down. Isn’t it always? With all this Neptune around, Carmelo could benefit from a spiritual adviser of some kind. Someone older and wiser needs to give him some guidance before he spins out of control.

With the NBA playoffs on the horizon, Nuggets fans are willing to forgive Carmelo. Me? I’m worried this is the beginning of a downward spiral. Dude, get some help! You’ve got so many great years ahead of you; don’t mess them up by getting drawn into a gangsta lifestyle.

Jayhawk Nation

Congrats to Bill Self and the Kansas Jayhawks, who got a nice assist from Jupiter in Capricorn to win the NCAA championship. I don’t see my Apr. 3 prediction (“Why Kansas Will Win the NCAA”) winning a lot of converts for astrology among either sports fans or residents of the Sunflower State, but it’s still nice to be vindicated. Next up: Tiger Woods, who is a Capricorn like Bill Self, and is going for a Grand Slam in golf when the Masters starts in Augusta, Ga. later this week. Based on the transits, I think 2008 is the year when Tiger finally gets the four majors (a Grand Slam) in a single year. He has previously won all four titles, but not in the same year.

All Eyes on the Jayhawks

If you read my Apr. 3 post, “Why Kansas Will Win the NCAA,” you may have noticed that I focused on last night’s hoops showdown between Bill Self of the University of Kansas and Roy Williams, the University of North Carolina coach who left Kansas in 2003. Based on the transits, I predicted that Self, a Capricorn, would triumph over Williams, a limelight-loving Leo.

Following last night’s victory over the Tar Heels, Self and the Jayhawks must still face John Calipari and Memphis before the Kansas coach can take home his first NCAA championship. This morning, I ran Calipari’s chart and I stand by my original forecast that the Jayhawks will be cutting down the net in San Antonio on Apr. 7.

Calipari, an Aquarius, was born Feb. 10, 1959 in Moon Township, Pa., according to the Wiki. He’s electric, but sometimes erratic, due to the opposition of Uranus in Leo to his Sun, which is also conjunct Mercury in Aquarius.

He’s got a nice aspect for distinguishing himself in athletics — Jupiter at 0 degrees of Sagittarius opposing Mars in Gemini, also at 0 degrees. Since Sag/Gemini rules education, this is particularly beneficial for the coach of a college basketball team.  The opposition also squares Pluto at 3 degrees of Virgo, making it a T-square.

You can see the chart, thanks to Astrodienst, here.

Unfortunately for Calipari and the Tigers, some important transits appear to favor Self.  Without a time of birth, I can’t say definitively that transiting Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn aren’t going to help Calipari. He may well have a Capricorn Ascendant or Midheaven, but I can’t calculate it without an accurate time of birth. But Jupiter and Pluto are certainly going to benefit Self, who is a Capricorn. (My Apr. 3 post has lots of detail on Self’s chart.)

Another downside for Calipari: Transiting Saturn in Virgo, which is getting ready to go direct on May 2, is basically making a station on his Pluto, squaring his Mars and Jupiter. That spells a major case of frustration. I love basketball, but I’m not a sports expert by any means. Still, I’ll wager that the Jayhawks will keep the Tigers hemmed in Monday night.  

Why Kansas Will Win the NCAA

Some readers may have noticed that I have steered clear of the one question that everyone wants answered: Who will win the U.S. Presidential election? There’s a lot of speculation and plenty of good analysis out there on the astrology Web sites. Frankly, I’m not ready to weigh in yet. I think there’s a wild card in the wings. The Saturn/Uranus opposition, which is exact on Election Day, promises unexpected events.

Just because I’m avoiding politics doesn’t mean I won’t go out on a limb and predict the winner of another important contest. Yes, folks, you read it here first: The University of Kansas Jayhawks will beat the University of North Carolina Tar Heels on Apr. 5 in San Antonio. 

Well, then there’s the problem of beating the winner of the UCLA-Memphis game to clinch the championship. I don’t know who Kansas will end up playing. But whatever happens, I think Capricorn Bill Self, who coaches the Jayhawks and isn’t getting nearly the press that Tar Heels coach Roy Williams, a Leo, is, will ultimately be victorious because Jupiter and Pluto are both transiting Capricorn.

The press is picking up on the drama (there’s a Leo word for you) of Williams facing the team he used to coach and all the bad vibes against him in Kansas, where they believed him when he said he’d never leave. Williams left Kansas in 2003, after the Jayhawks lost the NCAA National Championship to Syracuse.

There’s no question that Apr. 5, 2008 will be a high-profile night for Williams, with Venus hanging around his North Node and transiting Mars on his Venus.  Williams and the Tar Heels will be looking good, but Jupiter is going to be at the midpoint of Williams’ Mars/Neptune conjunction in Libra. I think it spells disappointment for him, big time.

I don’t have a birth time for Williams, who was born in Spruce Pine, N.C., according to ESPN’s Web site. I’ve seen another birthplace on the Web — Marion, N.C. — but it doesn’t really matter because we don’t have the time of birth. I’ve set the chart for noon:


I’ve been reading the scouting reports for Kansas and they barely mention Self, who was born on Dec. 27, 1962 in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. That may be because Goats aren’t always comfortable in the spotlight. In addition to the Sun and most likely the Moon in Capricorn, Self has Mercury at 22 degrees of Capricorn, sextile Venus at 22 degrees of Scorpio. Transiting Jupiter is approaching his natal Mercury, and I think it will give his team the staying power to win.

The chart for Self is also set for noon:


Self has a Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo opposing Jupiter in Pisces conjunct Chiron. Even though he’s a hoops coach, that Chiron placement could indicate some self-confidence issues. I think Saturn in Virgo transiting his Uranus/Pluto conjunction will allow Self to break through and win the NCAA National Championship, something he has never done before. Williams took North Carolina all the way to the national title in 2005.

We’ll see if the stars can shed any light on the basketball court.