Bilderbergers on MSM’s Radar

I was perusing one of my favorite Web sites,, and found this story on the Bilderbergers as one of the most popular.

I’ve written about the Bilderbergers myself and the strong connections between the natal chart of the U.S. and those of the shadowy organization of world leaders.

Here’s the link to my original post last year.

With Pluto in Capricorn activating the charts of the U.S. (opposing our natal Venus, to be specific!) and the Bilderbergers, secrets will be coming out of the woodwork.

3 comments on “Bilderbergers on MSM’s Radar

  1. Bilderberg – Fannie Mae, AIG, Goldman Sachs, Citi (and other bonuses and “outrageous compensations and payments”): the terrain in fact is becoming a mine field! Even Lula sensed it. He did not exactly return as his happy self from his encounter with Obama. He confirmed it himself, did hardly comment. Totally unusual for the man.

    Lula, one senses, was disappointed. Not about Obama the man, more about the circumstances: Lula went to Washington, first leader from Latin America, hoping to be confirmed in his self- established role as the spokesman for the whole region. Only, bad luck, as he was meeting with your President, El Salvador elected a not dissimilar character to Lula as their own new president.

    Otherwise Obama politely listened to Lula’s pledges that the US should lighten – up on Cuba etc.

    Where Bilderberg comes in is that Lula visibly had hoped (and said so) that Obama was going to be spontaneously an entirely new story for Latin America. That now, “with a US President from the left, and even more so black”, more of his own hopes and dreams became feasible as far as USA-relations were concerned. More so, by now Citibank being broke…

    Well, we may have to wait for Obama walking the beaches of Rio de Janeiro before something tangible comes out of that. At this stage it appears that Obama did not share any secrets with Lula. I say that because I now think that Obama actually may be an initiate, at least partly, in the type of conspiration Monica insinuates!

    And, for having been involved before most others mentioned in this blog with attachments, is Bill Clinton pulling some strings via Bilderberg which his wife only now is discovering? All conjectures are possible…

    So, in the middle of all this, poor Obama had to meet Lula, that genuine socialist from the South… As with Leno, at least it served to crack a joke or two.

    PS. Does one start to understand why Wall Street heavily helped financing Obama’s campaign (even Madoff did, for as much as he still could)? And the splendid rally of recent days – is it the fireworks commemorating what the public never should know? Once more?
    It’s not me who raised the topic of conspirations!

  2. From my point of view the one very Plutonian thing going on right now is the need the people seem to have to find some grand scheme behind the current economic disaster. Maybe it’s more consoling to think, in the times of distress, that there is actually some criminal mastermind – or masterminds – able to plan something like this, than to admit that nobody is fully in control of the markets. I think that leaders everywhere are painfully aware of this and the fact that they will be, ultimately, held responsable if the measures taken won’t be effective and their countries will slide to an economic downturn that could last for decades. I’ve seen even some recent, known Biddenberg attendees on TV looking unusually grim. Not the kind of a faces people aware of their grand plan working would be having.

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