The First Lady from the City of Big Shoulders

Hey, has anyone else out there been following the controversy dogging First Lady Michelle Obama for her choice of sleeveless dresses? Bonnie Fuller has an excellent piece about “Sleevegate” over at Huffington Post.

I didn’t need Fuller to figure out that a woman who bares her arms isn’t just showing off her well-toned biceps and shoulders; she’s indicating her willingness to work, even if the dress in question is an evening gown. And you have to have a little muscle on your bones to help out. Size 0s need not apply!

I also find it interesting that Mrs. Obama hails from the great city of Chicago, which Walt Whitman christened the “City of Big Shoulders.”

On another fashion matter, I recently read a piece about the First Lady’s dazzling selection of flat shoes. No doubt the Capricorn wears them so she doesn’t appear taller than her Leo husband.

How retro, you say? Any Goat worth her salt will tell you that flats are more comfortable when you’re climbing the mountain than heels.

Check out the double-pearls and the black dress in the official White House portrait above. How Capricorn can you get?

7 comments on “The First Lady from the City of Big Shoulders

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  2. “Engineered” First Ladies? Like so many others, I presume, I have a distinct dislike for politicians, any, of whatever nation, color, sex or political orientation, left, right, in between, what-have-you.

    Why? I studied my birth-horoscope regarding this without so far at least finding any tangible indication, besides possibly a Neptune conjunction to my MC: speaks for an unbelieving attitude to “authority figures”, father types (which political leaders by definition are).

    As we all know that we live in a “fabricated” world, fabricated by the media, publicity experts etc. I wonder why Michelle Obama’s arms or shoulders or sleeveless dresses (in winter or not) receive so much attention.

    Is it “voyeurism”? I remember that at some stage during election last year Paris Hilton suggested to Palin that she should “show more skin”.
    Well, the Alaskan Lady decided not to. Her choice. Did Michelle O. pick up on the advice of who can not be denied having some flair in matters of PR? (I am not discussing taste).

    From what is now public knowledge, the French First Lady, Carla Bruni, admires Michelle O. Having as is well known as well a distinct gift for matters of PR, Carla B. just “released” the news that her husband may soon be father again.

    Where my Neptune/MC conjunction comes in is that Carla said “that she is not sure whether because of her age she will be able to give birth to one more son of her President – husband or whether she will have to adopt a child”. So, what we know at this stage is that someone is trying hard to etc. etc.

    Or is it all just another stunt to “be in the press”???

  3. @Gian Paul: Of course the role of First Lady is totally ceremonial, but after having watched the drugged out zombie that was poor Laura Bush over the last eight years, looking at the vibrant Michelle Obama is beyond a tonic. We haven’t had a First Lady this vibrant and gorgeous since Jackie, and it feels like a small blessing in what is shaping up to be a very bad news time.

  4. Gian Paul — Why my fascination with arms? Because in this Cancer country, the emphasis is traditionally on a woman’s breasts, the symbol that she can be a nurturer.

    Years ago, I went to a Brazilian film festival and was surprised to see the camera closing in on the derriere all the time. It was as if the world had been turned upside down.

    The female stars of the Brazilian films were relatively flat chested, but boy, were their buns toned!

    All of this is to say: Lighten up, my friend! Are you in mourning that Gabrielle married our Tom Brady? — Monica

  5. One thing at a time, and better in order of importance:

    March 8, International Ladies’ Day: Congratulations to all of you dear Madames! Looked up the map of that day (London, 00:00 hours, where the day begins).

    Besides that out of the 365 days of the year, who created this special day, kind of suggests that the other 364 days continue to be for the other gender. I am not being macho, mathematical.

    Striking in the March 8 map: Mars conjunct Neptune, in Aquarius. Jupiter in that sign sends a decent sextile to Venus (retro in Aries).
    Saturn, for the hour chosen is conjunct MC and of course opposing Sun/Uranus. AS at 23 degr. Scorpio made me think of another famous
    “politician-Lady”, Hillary Clinton. Very best wishes to her especially, and not just for March 8, but for all days coming.

    Having to deal now with the Karzais, Ahmadinejads, Putins and Castros (Raoul that is) of this world, she certainly can use some good vibes going her way.

    SFMIKE, talking of “First Ladies” is perfectly right, Michelle O. makes indeed a nice difference to what the world has already seen. But that also shows how “media-hungry” we all have become.

    Monica’s preoccupation with “me and Giselle” is so far the best I personally have encountered on her blog. But since the Euro went tanking, my interest in the Lady went in about the same direction…

    Brazilian Ladies and the national predilection here with women’s buns has an explanation: The Catholic church. On less “moral grounds”, more physical, so to speak, about half the Brazilian population possesses some African genes. To the point where the former President, Fernando H. Cardoso said that some of his grand-fathers also had “o pé na cuisinha”, i.e. spent time “in the kitchen”…

    Anthropologically it is fact that the Afro-body-characteristics of women is for more accentuated buns rather then breasts, as for other races. So that’s what God apparently wanted. Two sexes as well, hoping to see some sparks flying.

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