Why McCain Will Win: The View From Brazil

Sometimes I receive comments that are so well-researched that I decide to make them a post. This happened with Sasha during the Democratic National Convention and I’m going to do it now with Gian Paul, who has responded to Kimberly’s question about why he thinks John McCain will be the next U.S. President.

Kimberly, let me note that Gian Paul, a Swiss native now living in Brazil, confessed to not being familiar with the Keating Five, the 1980s scandal involving the U.S. savings and loan crisis that engulfed McCain. Bu since Gian Paul is working purely with natal charts and transits, I don’t think it matters.

Over to Gian Paul:

Kimberly, it is my pleasure to respond to you. My belief that John McCain will be elected on Nov. 4 is based on the candidates’ transits on that day. I am totally indifferent to who wins. This is because of my conviction that every nation at a given time in history gets exactly the government that it deserves.

Here, in Brazil, we have “Lula,” President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. In Switzerland, my country of origin, we always have seven people who form the government and, interestingly, the opposition usually is included.

Imagine if the U.S. had a similar system. You would have Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Sarah Palin (plus two others) making up your next government! That’s the Swiss way.

I have a special affinity with Neptune. Thus, I permit myself to imagine the sometimes unimaginable.

Now let’s talk astrology. Look at where Neptune will be on Nov. 4. Then consult the charts of Obama, Palin, and Vladimir Putin, whom I consider to be the “New Tsar” of Russia.

Two stand out: the charts of Palin and Putin. Forget McCain. Neptune leaves him tranquil on Election Day. My prediction is that he will be “sucked” into the White House like it or not.

What matters is that Palin gets to the spot that is “one heartbeat away from the Presidency.” And as I will hopefully prove, then history can freely run its course. Neptune, according to my longtime observations, is extremely influential in U.S. history. What’s more, two days before the Presidential election, the nebulous planet goes direct.
To follow my analysis, you also need the natal charts of the New York Stock Exchange (May 17, 1792 8:52 a.m. N.Y.) and what I consider to the “true horoscope” of the U.S. (July 6, 1775 11 a.m. Philadelphia).

On Nov. 4, Neptune transits Palin’s Sun. Soon thereafter, it reaches her Mars and then her Saturn. Obama will not receive any Neptunian influences until after the Inauguration (of the others, I predict). And then Neptune will be opposite his Uranus. Better that he not be President then.

As for Putin, on the U.S. Election Day, Neptune opposes exactly his Pluto. No small beer. (McCain can drink to that!)

On Nov. 4, Uranus opposite Saturn in the sky gets as close as it can to squaring the U.S. Sun while the transiting Sun exactly opposes the U.S. Uranus. Now that must be the change many are expecting.

Obama will be remembered for his prophetic skills. First, he predicts more of the Bush Administration (McCain no doubt has the qualifications for that), and second, he promises change. You will have it, folks. Just be a bit more patient. With Neptune in the picture, things tend to go not very fast…

The changes you always blessed Americans are subconsciously expecting are in the making and very visible already. The ice cap on the North Pole is rapidly melting away. Putin recently has made it clear that Russia will not ask for anyone’s permission to start drilling for oil up there. And Mother Nature appears to be obliging.

The New Tsar has a liking for sporty women. He recently married a gold medalist. And now, here comes Sarah the Moose Hunter.

Here’s another Neptunian insight: Sarah could be called “the surprise that came in from the cold.” Possibly even Old Man McCain was so surprised that he forgot the vetting process. So what? It’s all destiny anyway.

Now, as I am already on a speculative spree, let me suggest something really outrageous: How will the “lady that came in from the cold” react if the New Tsar one day declares that that the Old Tsar had no right whatsoever to sell a piece of “Mother Russia” (Alaska) to the Americans, moose hunters included!

Watch out! Has your reformed CIA correctly read what’s going on in Georgia (the one in the Caucasus, not next to Alabama)? Or has Dick Cheney, concerned about oil, not seen beyond the problem of a few Russians being homesick. The New Tsar is testing.

Watch out for Putin’s nuclear assistance to Iran, and then Pakistan, great hideaway for America’s enemy No. 1, Osama bin Laden. Why did President Bush have to close a nuclear deal with India now? Just to irritate the Pakistanis?

If I were an Indian politician, I would think of how to get some more concessions out of the Bush Administration. One idea: worsening the U.S. mortgage mess. Maybe the employees of the outsourcing firms that handle data processing for U.S. banks could be persuaded to go on strike. Now that would be a real nightmare for the banks!

Anyway, I’ve got to get back to Neptunian pursuits here in Brazil. Nice talking to you, as you say in America.

Thanks, Gian Paul. Folks, I’ve edited this post a little and trimmed some things, but here you have it. If, as Gian Paul is predicting, it comes down to Sarah the Moose Hunter vs. the Russian Spymaster-Turned-Tsar, I hope they can resolve their differences with a biathlon or some other athletic competition.

If anyone has more interest in the natal chart of Alaska, I refer you to my post “All Eyes on Alaska.”

As for my prediction: Gian Paul will start his own astrology blog!

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  3. It was reported several days ago on the news that Russia was considering providing additional assistance to Iran to develop its nuclear program. Here is just one backup source:

    Gian also makes a good point. If Russia is not particularly interested in the sovereignty of Georgia believing the country to be part of Russia, then her leaders probably would not concern themselves over the details of an 141 yr old treaty. The US paid a then astronomical $7.2 million (= $105,570,862 in 2007). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alaska_purchase (Note: This Wiki article gives the date and TIME of the treaty – 30 March 1867 at 4:00 AM, location Washington, DC).

    I ran a quick chart – the treaty has an Aquarius Asc at 23.40 conjunct Venus (25.49) and Jupiter (26.57). If you use Michael Wolfstar’s Scorpio Rising chart, the US Moon was conjunct these points. OF COURSE, ALL of these points are currently being transited by Neptune and will be exact on the treaty’s ascendant on Inauguration Day. Palin’s Aquarius stellium mixes right in there.

    Neptune must have been in effect because the purchase was called Seward’s Folly. Natal Neptune was 12.22 Aries (2nd house) and conjunct Sun at 9.13 Aries (1st house). Oil was discovered in Prudhoe Bay in 12 Mar 1968 – a 101 years later (Neptune Rx Scorpio/9th house). Production started 20 June 1977 when Neptune Rx was in Scorpio 8th house.

    Methinks, Gian has opened a can of worms (or is that a barrel of oil?).

  4. Julie — Thanks for writing. I left a comment on your blog asking if you had changed your design. I loved the art that used to be at the top of your blog. — Monica

  5. Sasha — I feel that you, like Gian Paul, are destined to have your own blog. Thanks for your work on Alaska. You are very funny in addition to being knowledgeable about astrology. I think humor is important in a blog. Thanks for writing! — Monica

  6. In these days of All Gore’s super-highway melting down , not dissimilar to the North Pole ice-cap, I will try to “smuggle in ” first my sincere thanks for your kind attention towards my Neptunian thoughts on your elections. Especially Sasha turns out to be a very valuable ally in my attempts to get to the bottom of what she calls a can of worms or barrel of oil.

    Have a better idea: What about a tin, filled with delicious CAVIAR! (Has to be special caspian reserve, no Alaskan imitation).

    In my hurry yesterday to be usefully informative, I did not mention a few other very telling horoscopes to consider.

    1) Bill Clinton: Even though his wife did not win the Democratic nomination, he has already won from the election. In my view, he has been “saved by the bell.” Imagine a former President (a Leo), turning to become the husband of a V.P.?
    2) Dmitry Medvedev, now President of Russia: It’s not quite clear who is the boss there. Putin decided to hide himself for a little while (he is a competent judo practitioner and has other learned other skillful moves from past activities). Most probably he continues to “pull the strings…”, although his elected comrade President has a impressively strong chart (for a politician that is).
    3) Hillary: She is indeed the least well served in this constellation. This isn’t because her husband did not help her. Quite to the contrary, Bill was exemplary! But then what is luck and what is not luck, as an old Chinese anecdote goes? More in a moment.

    Bill Clinton’s horoscope, if I am right, using Regiomontanus houses, has the Ascendant at 18 degrees 20 minutes Virgo. His Sun is at 25-26 d. Leo. On Nov. 4, Saturn/Uranus oppositions nicely on his Ascendant and on Inauguration Day, Neptune is opposite his Sun.

    Dmitry Medvedev has a stellium in Virgo, and it’s pretty heavy stuff: Sun conj. Pluto conj. Uranus. And opposite to that Saturn(R) at 13 Pisces. Saturn/Uranus opposition in the sky makes a spectacular mark on all this on Nov.4.

    But that’s not all. Mars transits then on his very intriguing close conjunction of Mars and, you guessed it, Neptune at 16/17 d. Scorpio. And that’s where we encounter Hillary’s Venus as well.

    Is it that the Lady was protected, as was her husband, only for different reasons?

    I can imagine that on Nov 5 (have to consider the time zones) there will be two guys in the Kremlin (does not really matter who is the boss) having an elated conversation. If they saw Palin’s interview on ABC, they likely be discussing harpoon technology, be it for fun only. I say that because Palin informed all of us, on television, that you can actually see Russia from Alaska by the naked eye. A rather long shot probably for a Moose-gun, that’s why I thought of some type of modern harpoon.

    Intriguing how history (the written record of destiny), often works with pairs of people. Not often even clear who is leading or more important. But it’s always manifest that they emulate each other. Think of Churchill/De Gaulle, Rabin/Peres, McCain/Palin. Looking at their respective charts! Obama/Hillary could never have formed such a couple.

    Makes me wonder about Cheney/Bush. Since we just mentioned the Russians, Cheney/Bush are a somewhat quite well functioning pair. In my perception, Cheney is sort of a Rasputin (already had served Bush father), and G.W. Bush, the son, well, I would not exactly call him a Tsar. But there are some behaviors pointing in that direction. Only it does not matter any more, that reign is over.

    Great compliments to Monica: You help all of us. If we are reading your blog it’s because we suspect that destiny is constantly at work. And we are all eager to understand more about all this. It’s almost biblical: “they have eyes and don’t see.” Well, all together we possibly can help each other in just doing that: Open our eyes a bit more. Sic transit gloria mundi…

  7. Any one having astrological insight into what now is euphemistically called “the Bush Doctrine.” My shooting-from-the hip opinion: Why give the guy any “legitimate” perpetuation into history? But I may be wrong and if so, I’d like to learn more. Thanks in advance.

  8. Gian Paul — Thanks, as always, for your feedback. Sasha, as you may have guessed from my editing of your first comment here, is a female. Second, even when folks go to town in the U.S., we can’t resist stopping by the office and checking our e-mail if we don’t have a BlackBerry. That’s why you’ll notice both of your comments have been edited and posted.

    No comments can be posted to this site without my intervention. So it’s not all play for the cat tonight. Bis Morgan, M

  9. Gian, there are several aspects of the so-called Bush Doctrine, which evolved/were espoused at various times. Palin might not have been so far out on a limb as some have tried to suggest. I was a Political Science/Russian Studies major and would have had trouble answering that question myself and probably would have asked Charlie how he was defining it.

    Here is a link which provides media quotes regarding these aspects. http://www.weeklystandard.com/weblogs/TWSFP/2008/09/what_exactly_is_the_bush_doctr.asp

    Whatever the Bush Doctrine is or isn’t, it must have its Sun in a mutable sign or angles on the cusps of mutable signs. Will have to look into that.

  10. Sasha, thanks for the almost instant lead on that Bush Doctrine that you provided. Curious to see if Gibson having raised such a “nebulous,” or should we say “Neptunian,” subject, whether the ball may start rolling in an unexpected direction.

  11. Hi Monica thanks a million for Gian Paul’s analysis. The interesting part is that it fits a number of old predictions from Russia, Europe, and America and Fatima of all.

    It also makes complete sense. Only an outsider will be able to interpret the astro constellation of the U.S. properly. They have not been indoctrinated for at least two generations by certain, let’s call them industrialists’ lobbyists. This has been annoying me in several American astro blogs, that they are very one-sided, clouded by Neptune and try to make astro fit their indoctrination.

    That a country eventually gets what it deserves is absolutely true too, unfortunately. These people represent the energy, beliefs, social competence, soul, what have you, of a country. America has been shallow, opportunistic, a war monger, abusing humanity. If one looks at history each country eventually gets its “final judgment day” and has to pay for its sins as a whole country.

  12. Charles — I’m glad you appreciated Gian Paul’s post. When I started the blog back in March, it was my intention to have an international perspective, hence the name “Astrology Mundo” not “Astrology America.”

    I’m sure some of my Stateside readers will find your comments quite harsh. One of the problems, as Jessica Murray points out in her insightful book, “Soul-Sick Nation: An Astrologer’s View of America,” is that many Americans aren’t aware of what has been done in our name outside of our shores.

    As you point out, the propaganda machine functions very well here, especially given that the media is controlled by a handful of publicly traded corporations.

    So the “mission” in Iraq was presented to the American public as bringing democracy to a country that had long suffered under the brutal dictatorship of Saddam Hussein.

    Our leaders — George W. Bush and Dick Cheney — forgot to mention that the occupation had something to do with protecting energy interests. And, of course, the primarily “outsourced” war has enriched the shareholders of Halliburton, which Cheney used to run.

    As you rightly note, we have only ourselves to blame for our ignorance. In the era of the Internet, it is possible to read The Guardian of London, the BBC, and other English-language publications that give an unvarnished view of American activities overseas.

    And I will raise my hat to our political bloggers, who have done their best to expose the lies of the Bush Administration.

    Still, as we’re under the influence of Neptune in Aquarius, which is transiting the U.S. Moon if you use July 4, 1776 charts for our inception, it’s hard for us, even those of us who understand astrology, to see clearly. That’s the danger of mixing politics and astrology: We can find aspects in the chart that confirm our hopes and belief system.

    That’s why I’m thankful that “outsiders” such as yourself and Gian Paul have taken the time to contribute to this blog.

    Still, as I noted in an earlier post from the United Astrology Conference in Denver, I believe our foreign friends must guard against schadenfreude — taking pleasure in the fact that our debt-ridden nation is finally going to have to pay our “bill.” But, of course, a little glee at our misery is to be expected, given the arrogance displayed by Americans for so long.

    One last thing before I go: Not all American occupations have turned out badly for the countries involved. As those who lived through the aftermath of World War II know, Europe owes something of its current prosperity to American generosity, as does Japan.

    I’ve been reading Frederick Taylor’s excellent history of the Berlin Wall, which I mention in my post about the World Trade Center and the Berlin Wall, and learning how Harry Truman’s trust in Russian promises (some would call this American stupidity) led to Russian control of East Germany, Poland, Hungary, and other Central European nations. If these countries had been allowed to participate in the Marshall Plan, in essence been occupied by the U.S. rather than the USSR, their development would not have been stymied for 40 years.

    That’s why Gian Paul’s observations about Russia and Putin make for fascinating reading. Thanks so much for taking the time to write Charles. All the best, Monica

  13. Sasha and Gian Paul — Thanks to the fact I can go back and edit all comments, I think we’ve finally got Sasha’s name spelled right! Thanks to both of you for taking the time to comment and for pointing out factual errors, typos, and misspellings. Best, Monica

  14. Hi Friends. I’ve just recovered from serious Web problems here in Brazil. Google Brazil publicly talks on the net about a breakdown of Microsoft’s MSN, and that’s where the problem, they say, lies.
    If you were tired of politics but naturally still interested in astrology, we could change subject for a while.

    I once thought that it could be fun to be a consumer advocate. Actually, for some time now I have been discreetly working with a young and brilliant Brazilian lawyer (I have his chart, of course) for him to do what I could not in my life.

    You have no idea how the Brazilian middle class suffers from all the propaganda it has to swallow, including Internet services that do not function as promised. But it appears that with you guys “up there,” all is not well in this regard either.

    I deal almost daily over the Net with some commodity brokers in N.Y. and London. At least the Brits have created some back-ups that are pretty storm-proof. I don’t think this is the case for the New Yorkers.

    Back to Microsoft & Co.: I don’t have Bill Gates’ horoscope, but it strikes me that it may be worth looking at the charts of the respective players in this field. If anyone who reads this happens to own some shares of Google, Microsoft or other Web players, he may, if lucky (always recommended), give a nice boost to his portfolio.

    Here’s my interpretation of why the Web has been stuttering for me: The Sun made an exact opposition to Uranus in the last hours. It’s now over and I finally managed to get online. Need more proof that astrology works? Of course you don’t. You wouldn’t be reading this unless you were a believer.
    Best to all of you. GP

  15. Monica–I believe you articulate the US situation perfectly.

    I replied to your comment on blog style, but from within your own comment–I try not to fill the comment scroll with my own icon! In essence I said I was going minimalist for a while, just to clear the aesthetic air–and I appreciate that you noticed and commented.


  16. To Monica and Sasha,

    Astrologers sometimes poke fun at such “pedestrian” methods, I think wrongly so.

    Curzio Malaparte, a very inspired Italian writer who was actually born in Austria (as Monica well knows, the frontiers there are quite “permeable” ), once said: “Idio salvi a Italia, é poi, por dimostraci grati, diremo ché l’ abbiamo salvata noi”. Translated: “May God save Italy.” Once done, we will say it was us…Some remnants, hereditary, from the ancient Romans?

    And now Berlusconi, Bush’s best friend in Europe, has returned to rule Italy! Like Andreotti, also from the right (and 11 times Prime Minister), we may soon hear that Silvio is made of stainless steel, never rusts…

    Speaking of numerology, there is an interesting guy “down under,” in Christchurch, New Zealand, where there are more sheep than people. His name is Blair (www.123numerology.com).

    In the arena of sports, an interest of mine being a Sagittarius rising, I tested his output in the last few days. IMPRESSIVE!

    If you have $67 to spare, give it a try. He is very gifted. By the war, he does not know that I am his (secret) agent!

    Ciao, GP

  17. To Jude, thanks for the lead on the Bush Doctrine. Will try once the Internet functions again a bit better here in Brazil. Tried Sasha’s lead with the Weekly Standard (seems to be a Rupert Murdoch publication, but it doesn’t matter, as long as it is truthful). So far, no success.

    Permit me to say the following: Obama must regret having discarded Hillary. You, understanding astrology, probably concur with me that it could not have worked out and that it was actually Hillary’s “protection” that she is not in the mix.

    Don’t think that Palin’s comment that O. must regret not having chosen Hillary is “dirty politics.” Quite to the contrary. The “pit bull” she said she is DEFENDING Hillary. That’s showing a lot of guts! Women of America unite!!!

    Enough of doctrines and holy wars. Personally, I think that Palin does not give a damn about Iraq or Afganistan. If her son got sucked into all that it’s because of Bush/Cheney and their obnoxious propaganda machine.

  18. Hi Gian Paul! I also find your comments very interesting and much appreciate another view…keep it up!

    Seems there are several ‘Bush Doctrines’ rather than only one document – sounds just like the old sidewinder, our side-stepping Cancer.

    All US presidents have ‘Doctrines’ named after them which their cabinet members, lawyers, etc, work on…if memory serves (and it may not!) it began with the Monroe Doctrine of which (as a propagandized American I must assume) there is only one official version. Actually I’m not certain of that – but only taught in school when I came along.

    I second the motion that you must have a blog – and Sasha too!

    Hope your internet problems/access don’t worsen – I switched ISPs in July and have been ‘disallowed’ from visiting certain blogs of the political kind which grumps me up as you may imagine.

    Recently I remembered a blog I once had in a links list (not WordPress, Blogger) so I attempted to go there – shut out – a friend with a different ISP tried it and got there with no problem.

    It was Smirking Chimp.

    Monica, Julie is right – you defend us well and I agree that political bloggers have sounded alarms for years. My experience is that US citizens who are most unaware of America’s true actions/motives in the world are people who never read blogs!

    jude (in the Other Georgia)

  19. Julie and Jude — Thanks for the vote of confidence. I try not to be strident in expressing my view of America’s role in the world. Being the daughter of an Army family, I know the sacrifices ordinary Americans make for our imperialistic ambitions — even before the Bush Doctrine.
    Julie — Thanks for clarifying the new minimalist look; change is good, as much as I loved your theme before.
    Jude — I think that once Gian Paul has discovered the political focus of “Stars Over Washington,” I may never hear from him again at Astrology Mundo. No matter. I truly believe we’re all in it together.

    Thanks to all of you, I’ll sleep soundly tonight knowing that I have astro comrades! That means you too, Beth Turnage, Queen of True Crime Astrology! Best, Monica

  20. Monica, I read you and your pals’ comments and appreciated all of them.
    I am intrigued about those “Stars Over Washington.” Anything to do with Spielberg?

    I’ve been reading Monica’s post on Saturn Returns and the Berlin Wall. I know a bit about the Wall. I even went to see the exact place where a former colleague of mine, an East German (now an American and living in L.A.) jumped the wall. He made it, but not his elder brother, who was killed in front of his eyes.

    When the wall finally came down, I very strongly felt that the center of conflicts in this world had shifted from Berlin to Jerusalem.

    Regarding what Monica says about the Soviet satellites, I do not quite agree: I (again) try to imagine how collective destiny might work. Is it the sum total of individual destinies or does the collective prevail?

    If it’s the latter, there will be individual destinies that at some point will under force have to take a detour.

    Take my East German colleague. If the Marshall Plan had included Poland, Hungary, East Germany etc. in theory these countries would not have been stymied in their development for 40 years, as Monica rightly extrapolates.

    Only the word “if,” I think, is permitted with us humans and than as a very great and rare exception. It permits to hide some otherwise but tough realities. The permitted ifs may function as sort of a lubricant, no more.

    Where I live in the jungle here in Brazil, two or three times a year millions of ants appear.They come, invade everything, clean up any proteins hanging around (spiders etc.), and then they disappear, until the following year at the same time.

    Obviously, you have to move around the house, ants or no ants. So in the process some of them will get trampled, perhaps by a dog. (I have a gorgeous Rotweiler, 140 pounds.)

    During the last time the ants were visiting, I thought of my colleague’s brother, scandalously killed as he jumped the wall!

    Personally I think that with ants, collective destiny prevails. What matters is the survival of the species.

    With humans there appears, at least I hope, to be less collective rigidity. But then the “if’s” of history can not really be taken into consideration…

    Best, GP

  21. I’m so sickened by the fact that many Americans appear to be so dumbed down. It seems rising to their level of incompetence is a Reepublican trait !

    There is no way that Hillary voters will be voting for McCain just because of Palin. That is so INSULTING! They will NEVER vote for a team that wants to continue a losing war and that wants to take us backwards in the areas of women’s rights the separation of state and church.

    Palin has spoken in front of her church and told the congregation to vote for Bush. She has told Alaskans that her son is going to fight the people who have attacked us. Huh? Osama has NEVER lived in Iraq! Even Bush has admitted they did it wrong and in the wrong place!

    Palin is a liar. She lied about the “Bridge to Nowhere” to get elected, then lied about selling the plane on eBay, and lied about numerous flagrant misuses of her power as governor. Puhleeez! We are not blind!

    Now, remember polls only talk to people by land lines and huge numbers of people don’t have them anymore. They are voters under 40 and over 18 – a majority of them have cell phones. This is one reason why Obama WILL win the election, despite what the polls say and what Republicans think. Is this country ready to continue its deplorable war, major destruction of respect in the world theater AND regress our women’s rights to less than what we have worked hard for? I think NOT.

    The Saturn return for McCain shows that IF he has been honorable in his life he will be rewarded. He has not and he will get a life lessons in the major way! His Keating 5 involvement is only the beginning of his long inhumanities to his fellow man. Start with his infidelities (many, not just with Cindy) upon returning from Vietnam, against a caring wife who patiently waited for him for many years to return and gave him comfort and love to keep him alive in Vietnam.

    Then look at his Keating 5 involvement, where he preyed on people who were infirm or too old to understand the ways of banking and stole billions from them. He should be in prison, not the Senate.
    Read up on it, people. Use your brains, please. For the world’s sake!

    Ms. Palin’s church has no problem with escalating this “small” war into something large. They feel that it is God’s work to rid the world of those who think differently than them. Hmmm, sounds like extremists to me. They do not care if the world is destroyed because they are going to heaven.

    McCain chose her to keep us DISTRACTED so we wouldn’t talk about the FACTS, that he has NO way to get us out of the quagmire Bush has gotten us into. In fact, it seems he is ready to get us even deeper into something utterly disrespectful to the American people. I certainly do not want him ruling our wonderful country. WE DESERVE BETTER!

  22. Here I am back again, having forgotten my usual P.S., which I will address to Charles. (not the one from ABC, but our blogger friend.)

    You must have noticed that I have a liking for Sarah Palin. Not only is she is an attractive lady, but she is a successful one. (And sportive, but will leave that to Putin, cannot have everything…)

    If, as I hope, you find Sarah to be a genuine breath of fresh air, it occurred to me that if other foreigners find Sarah as attractive as I do, that could change the world’s perception of the USA!

    I know for sure that Silvio down in Rome will be one of the first to want to visit McCain, but it’s anyone’s guess regarding his true reasons.

    Now, my favorite sport is imagining. Looking out towards 2012, obviously I hope that Sarah will run for a second term (as V.P. or President). If she runs in 2012 again it will be that she was able to prove herself to the entire American nation, and the world, for that matter.

    What about other candidates? Probably Obama will give it another go. As an astrologer (even if I’m only a dabbler) I think it would be almost indecent to look now at McCain’s chart to see if he would run again in 2012.

    Hillary, why not? Might be candidate. She is a strong Scorpio, as her husband well knows.

    Schwarzenegger? Unlikely. He probably thought that he could follow the path that Ronald Reagan walked. But he forgot that he lacks charisma – and probably worse – humor.

  23. Kendall — Thanks for taking the time to write such a passionate comment. I’m an editor by training and I like to make things easier for folks to read. So I put extra spaces between your paragraphs and eliminated some duplicate language. But basically, this is the spirit of what you sent in. Very interesting point about McCain’s Saturn return! — Monica

  24. Thanks, Monica. Aside to Gina Paul: Another poor person sideswiped by her looks! Sorry you fell for it ! Do remember looks aren’t everything and the DEVIL can look like Marilyn Monroe if he wants to !!!!!

  25. Hi Kendall – Congratulations to you, to Charles and to myself, the three of us. For some time now I had thought to be a dismal minority with Charles. But it’s now improving, thanks to you!

    You made me laugh with your thought that I am just another swept away by Sarah’s looks. But that’s exactly the point! We are all human after all.

    Talking astrology proper:You will agree with the commonly accepted characteristics of Aquarius. They generally are well-liked people, innovative, flexible, communicative, and foremost no need for artifices! Besides having Sun in Aquarius, Palin has Saturn and Mars, all closely conjunct.

    It’s striking as well that the lady has Uranus (ruling her sign) retrograde in her natal horoscope. It stabilizes her considerably, a quality much needed for her future job(s) .

    I would not put my hand in the fire concerning Obama. With his Leo Sun opposite Jupiter, and Uranus (direct) in Leo, by sign conjunct his natal Sun, Obama is problematic in terms of stability.

    Cirio, Kendall, now we can consider ourselves “les 3 Musquétaires”… — GP

  26. For some days now, an idea has continued to pop up in my mind. To start, I must say that I am not a member of any club, association, etc. It’s just not my style. That’s why I would need some help if any of you finds my crazy (or maybe-not-so-crazy) idea of any interest.

    Your country is presently being bombarded with surveys and pre-election polls as to who is going to be your next President.

    Some of you must be members of the American Astrological Association or similar. I guess that there must be 10,000-20,000 professional astrologers and amateurs like you and me registered somewhere with a big association.

    All of these people could easily be reached via the net and at little cost.

    My idea: Let’s get a survey going among ASTROLOGERS to find out whom they collectively think, based on their astrological insights, is going to be President!

    We would need some sort of mechanism guaranteeing anonymity. Should be simple, quick, and easy to understand. Simply two names: McCain or Obama.

    I recommend that if my idea takes off, this exercise be duly audited. Why,? Depending on the interest received, it must be published.

    And another reason: A large majority of the press and the public think that astrology is wacky. But you also have to consider that should the result of this poll turn out to be a correct on Election Day, some will say astrologers fixed the election. Remember Nancy Reagan’s stargazer etc… So let’s be prepared and do it extremely seriously!

    One last convincing argument to give it a try: Polls normally sort by age and income classes etc. That would not be an issue here because astrologers are a diverse group.

    As for political leaning, Democrat or Republican, I would assume it would be fairly evenly divided among this Aquarian band.

  27. Carmelo – I have not the ability to affirm what you suggest. What appears however very probable in my interpretation of current transits for the various people involved is that Mc Cain/Palin will head the government of the USA for the next term.

    At this stage I find it a bit undecent to look far ahead into Mc Cain’s horoscope, given his age and not so brilliant health record. Now the thing with this birth certificate confusion is indeed a new element, but better we leave that to the lawyers.

    You may want to look up my answer to Pamela regarding Obama and Biden’s not-so-stellar transits on Election Day.. Hasta la vista, GP

  28. Gian Paul, many astrologers make their predictions based on opinion polls and current events. You are sticking to your vision that McCain-Palin will win even when this ticket is behind 5 points in the latest polls(17 October). Others change their predictions and the movements of the stars depending on how these opinion polls come out.
    Yet, Reagan won by a landslice even when he was behind Carter in the polls in October-November 1980.
    But several other accurate psychics are predicting a Mccain surprise win. Some of them even say it will be a landslice win. Some are predicting the death of McCain in 2009 or 2110 and Palin will step up and will compete agaisnt Hillary in 2012. Other predict the republicans will be in power for 4 consecutive terms.
    Most agree in 2012 the US will have a female president.
    Let’s see what happens in 18 days!

  29. Carmelo — I see from your e-mail address that you appear to have Texas connections. Having spent a great deal of my childhood in New Mexico, I know you “don’t mess with Texas.” Still, I’ve edited your e-mail to make it a tad more friendly.
    Everyone who visits here is a student of astrology committed to finding truth. Some of us are better at reading the stars than others. There’s always a danger of putting our hearts before our heads, as I did in predicting that Joe Torre and the Dodgers had a good chance of winning the NL Championship.
    Having survived many schoolyard brawls as a child, I try to “play nice” as an adult. Thanks for stopping by, pardner! — Monica

  30. Monica, I’m from Puerto Rico and been living in the Lone Star State for over 10 years. I didn’t know posters could see other posters email addresses here. I thought it was private. I’m not astrologer, just curious about this type of divination. If the predictions of these astrologers, Tarot readers and “psychics” comes true, I might as well become a student.

  31. Carmelo — Only I can see your e-mail address. Maybe we’ll make a believer out of you yet. I’m a big fan of another Carmelo (half Boricua) Anthony, though I’ve been disappointed with some of his bad-boys antics. Great ball player, though. — Monica

  32. Food for thoughts: a recent survey shows that Americans rejects Obama’s socialist proposal of redistribution of wealth 83% to 12%.
    This is not looking good for Obama’s economy plan. Something more to say about the predictions of a surprise McCain-Palin win!

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