The View from Brazil: The Day Gian Paul Met Bernie Madoff

By now, you would have to be living off the grid to not know that Bernard L. Madoff, former chairman of the NASDAQ Stock Market, has been accused of perpetrating the biggest financial fraud of all time — a Ponzi scheme that involved $50 billion. Yes, that’s billion, folks.

Fortunately for Astrology Mundo, our intrepid Brazil bureau chief, Gian Paul, has filed a report about the day he met the man in question. As you’ll see, there’s a bit of a Saturn-return angle to the story. Over to you, Gian Paul:

Now that the papers are full of Bernard Madoff’s story, with the various financial collapses occurring like dominoes, I recall that I met the man in mid-October 1979. Then, Saturn was at the same position where it is today, 21 degrees, 30 minutes of Virgo.

If I remember, it’s because of two things: My then-boss had no time, so he asked me to take care of Madoff, who was visiting Switzerland, and even to take him out for lunch.

As I already had invited a friend for lunch, I had to combine the two. My friend Salim is an Iraqi Jew and a shrewd investor, so I thought that the two would get along.

And it turned out, it was a good lunch. Everybody enjoyed it. Bernard Madoff was a very affable man indeed.

Only, after Madoff left, my friend remarked that Maddox (that’s how he had understood his name) may be a “wolf hiding in sheep’s clothing.”

In jest, I remember having replied: “Maybe he is a ‘Mad Ox.'” After all, it was kind of nuts to try to sell over-the-counter stocks to Swiss institutions in those more conservative days. This was before premier high-tech companies such as Google chose to list on NASDAQ instead of the New York Stock Exchange.

Looking through the ephemeris, I guess that I must have met Madoff on Oct. 16 or 17, 1979. Question: After what has happened to him, why did the “Mad Ox” not join friends in similar circumstances in Monte Carlo, the haven for the rich who have run afoul of the law? It makes me think that after all he is not totally dishonest, maybe slightly mad…

Thanks, Gian Paul. As always, I appreciate your sense of humor and word play. Now, does anyone in the blogosphere have Madoff’s birth data?

How Twentysomethings Influence Collective Destiny: The View From Brazil

Here’s the latest post from Gian Paul, Astrology Mundo’s “Brazil bureau chief.”

It’s not easy to be certain exactly how astrological mechanisms work, or collective destiny, for that matter.

Astrologers study transits, ingresses of planets into new signs, and the geometrical aspects between planets. But that does not really explain much about the forces at play. To drive a car, one does not actually need to know how a crankcase functions.

I can imagine that astrological influences work somehow like “cloud computing,” which is the latest fashion in information technology, so much so that even old IBM has jumped on board.

I wonder if in the “astrological cloud,” the hardware is not actually the whole of humanity. Sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists, and many other students of human nature have a notion that there are “vintage years.”

To verify my hunches, I looked up various generations over the past 100 years, astrologically, that is. In an effort to be brief, let’s consider two important historical events of the last 100 years: the recent Presidential elections in the U.S. and the Great Depression of the 1930s.

My premise is that the people “who count,” i.e. the collective ferment of any society, are those who are aged 23 to 29, approaching their first Saturn return. It was this group that was behind the revolutionary uprisings in 1968 in Paris and Prague. Even though students get credit for fomenting the rebellion, they were actually the followers.

In the case of the recent U.S. elections, twentysomethings voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama and changed the course of history. In light of this fact, I have examined the demographic cohort born between January 1980 and the end of 1985, and discovered the Plutos of this group range from 20 degrees of Libra to 7 degrees of Scorpio. Natal Neptune for this Class of ’80 to ’85 is placed between 21 degrees of Sagittarius and 4 degrees of Capricorn.

From my calculations, these people represent 10% of the active, decision-making population, leaving out children, adolescents, and the infirm. They have recently experienced or are about to have Pluto conjunct their natal Neptune.

They are also experiencing collectively a square of transiting Uranus to their natal Neptune and a trine of Neptune to their natal Plutos.

Pluto conjunct Neptune restricts dreams and ease of comfort. For anyone with natal Neptune in Sagittarius, life is more than having a nice house. It’s about an exciting job, travel, fun, and aspirations.

When Uranus squares Neptune, dreams will be shaken up. Things won’t be “normal” anymore for quite some time. Happy hours may occur at odd times of the day, or not at all.

A trine of Neptune to natal Pluto should leave people’s hope intact, especially now that Neptune is in Aquarius. But there will be surprises, very Aquarian, for certain.

Now, to turn our attention to the Great Depression: People who were between 23 to 29 in the early 1930 had natal Neptune between 17 and 28 degrees of Cancer and natal Pluto between 19 and 28 degrees of Gemini.

On Jan. 1, 1930, Pluto was conjunct Neptune for a large segment of the age class in question. That’s identical to what’s the case today. Time will tell what the future holds for the latest group of twentysomethings, but there is no doubt that they hold great influence over our society today.

Editor’s note: My question for Gian Paul is: Isn’t there always a generation of twentysomethings who are about to get Pluto on their Neptune, regardless of what’s happening in the world? The fact that this is happening now and did before at other times in history cannot possibly indicate any causality, can it?

Rupert Murdoch and Election Day: The View from Brazil

Here’s the latest report from Gian Paul, our fearless Brazil bureau chief. Gian Paul and I don’t agree on everything, but we both consider Rupert Murdoch to be one of the most powerful men in the world. Over to you, GP:

Rupert Murdoch is a man who fits America like a glove, astrologically speaking. Whoever dislikes him should either not read what follows or read it twice. As the saying goes, “Know your enemy.”

In my life, at least, nothing happens without some stellar connection. Monica was recently teasing me about having rightist tendencies. This is not true at all. I was once a member of a Swiss Communist cell in my youth. I admit that my wallet has subsequently drifted a bit to the right, but not my open mind.

I suspect that Murdoch, the Australian-born media mogul, soon will be in the news himself, and not because of his own making, this time at least. I formed this opinion after studying his horoscope and a few other related ones.

Murdoch was born in Melbourne, Australia on Mar. 11, 1931, at 11:55 p.m. His ascendant is 1 degree 31 minutes of Capricorn. Other features of the chart include a very strong Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Cancer (like another corporate titan, Warren Buffett) that receives a potent Mercury/Sun trine and a Saturn opposition natally.

What gives Murdoch the punch everybody in the media business either fears or appreciates is Uranus conjunct the North Node in Aries, which squares his natal Jupiter/Pluto. Squares with Uranus, for the fearless at least, are extremely productive, and Murdoch has proven that throughout his life.

One reason why Murdoch’s fortunes are so closely tied to those of the U.S. is that his natal Pluto falls on America’s Mercury in my preferred chart. In my experience, the chart that has always yielded very good results is the one set for July 6, 1775, at 11 a.m. LMT in Philadelphia.

Using this chart, Murdoch’s visionary Neptune conjuncts the U.S. Neptune and Mars. His Ascendant conjuncts America’s Pluto while his Venus opposes the U.S. Venus. This may explain why Murdoch’s adversaries say his chief motivation is money.

Now, to unveil a bit of the mystery about why I think Murdoch will soon be making headlines: On Nov. 4, he will experience the following transits: Pluto will be at the midpoint of his Moon and Ascendant. Meanwhile, the Moon will be conjunct his Saturn and opposite his Mars.

In addition, Venus will be conjunct his Moon. Jupiter will be almost exactly opposite his Pluto and natal Jupiter. And finally, Uranus will be conjunct his Mercury/Sun, while Saturn will be making a favorable trine his Saturn. Thanks to his control of The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, and what have you, Murdoch around Nov 4 will experience a sense of power that he could never have imagined, even though he is a dreamy Pisces.

Thanks, Gian Paul. We’ll keep our eyes firmly focused on Murdoch as Americans go to the polls on Election Day and Saturn in Virgo opposes Uranus in the sky. By the way, Sky is the name of one of Murdoch’s TV properties.

If you’d like to read a post that I did on Murdoch that gives a lot of background about his life, you can find it here under “Citizen Murdoch.” G’day, mate!

Kashmir in the Crosshairs: The View from Brazil

Here’s the latest post from our intepid Brazil bureau chief, Gian Paul. While we’ve been fretting about the gyrations of the stock market, GP has been thinking about the land where the saffron grows.

It’s interesting that Gian Paul, who is Swiss-born, is fixated on Kashmir because it reminded me of Switzerland, with its chalets and snow-capped mountains, when I visited there in 2004.

Kashmir is also the homeland of the family of Neel Kashkari, the 35-year-old that Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has named to oversee the $700 billion bailout fund. Like his boss, Kashkari has piercing eyes and a shaved head. The Indian papers are calling him the “$700 billion man.”

But Kashkari is another post. Here are Gian Paul’s thoughts on Kashmir, part of an Indian state called Jammu and Kashmir, and how it may be affected by the ingress of Pluto into Capricorn on Nov. 27. Over to you, GP:

Pluto was discovered on Feb. 18, 1930 by Clyde Tombough. The former planet’s sidereal revolution is almost 250 years. Consequently astrologers have little statistical data on Pluto’s effects.

In an effort to understand more, I’ve been sifting through astrological charts that I have accumulated over time. The most striking discovery I’ve made is related to the chart of the moment when World War I started.

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, on June 28, 1914, in Sarajevo, was marked by the ingress of Pluto into Cancer. This is exactly opposite where Pluto will be transiting at the end of November.

So I proceeded to draw the chart of Pluto’s ingress into Capricorn. It will happen on Nov. 27, at 01 hours GMT. I drew the map for London, quite near to Greenwich, where the day begins.

The ascendant of the Pluto ingress is 24 degrees of Virgo, within 3 degrees of a conjunction to Saturn, which will be opposing Uranus. Coincidentally or not, the rising in the Sarajevo chart is just two degrees away, at 22 Virgo.

Looking beyond the financial concerns of the moment, I dug up the charts of the creation of modern India and Pakistan, as I suspect that things there have reached explosive proportions.

Pakistan is practically broke and has less than one month’s reserves to cover imports. The risk is that the government will start some stupid military initiative related to neighboring Kashmir to distract the Pakistanis from the financial problems.

A fertile highland wedged between Pakistan and India, Kashmir was put under “indefinite curfew” by India on Oct. 5.

As students of the subcontinent know, Kashmir has been a source of contention between India and Pakistan ever since the two nations were created in 1947. When Britain divided the region in two, it left the Kashmiris with three options: Merge with India, merge with Pakistan, or remain independent.

Kashmir’s then-ruler decided to go with India, though the population of Kashmir is 80% Muslim and has more in common from a religious standpoint with Pakistan than with India. Though India has many religions, the Hindus have dominated politics since the departure of the British.

For the past decade, Kashmir has been a hotbed of guerrilla activity, as Islamic militants have crossed the border from Pakistan and the Indian military has put the region under virtual house arrest.

This has nearly destroyed Kashmir’s valuable tourist trade, which dates back to British colonial times, when it was fashionable to vacation on colorfully painted houseboats on Lake Dal outside Srinigar. Most of the tourists in the area today are young Israelis, who aren’t put off by the Indian military presence or the possibility of a terrorist attack by an Islamic militia.

The problems in Kashmir might appear at first glance to be a local matter between India and Pakistan until we remember that both nations have nuclear weapons.

What’s astrologically striking about the birth charts of both nations (set for 0 hours on Aug. 15, 1947) is that Mars is at 0 degrees 35′ of Cancer. This is where Pluto was at the beginning of World War I. By the end of November, Mars will be getting the opposition of Pluto when it moves into Capricorn.

To paraphrase U.S. President John F. Kennedy, who once declared, “We are all Berliners now,” are we all about to become Kashmiris? We may have to indeed, to prevent the province from becoming a staging ground for the worst fears of mankind.

OPEC’s Staying Power: The View From Brazil

Today is turning out to be a doubleheader for Gian Paul, our Brazil bureau chief. Do they have beisbol down in Brazil? I think not. Probably Ronaldinho and Ronaldo would not allow it.

About a week ago, Gian Paul filed a long comment that referenced OPEC and I promised that if he fleshed it out a bit, I’d give him a post of his own. After some crossed signals and technical difficulties (Mercury retrograde), I think we have a readable, interesting post on the chart of OPEC. Here’s Gian Paul:

Anybody who has any doubts about the long relationship between oil and Saturn should take a look at the chart for OPEC, the Organization for Petroleum Exporting Countries.

Using a birth time of noon on Sept. 14, 1960 in Baghdad produces a chart with the Sun on the midheaven making a T-square to Jupiter and Mars. The Moon is in Cancer (not bad for liquids) opposing Saturn retrograde at 1 degree of Capricorn.

It’s seldom that one finds a chart with four planets in the sign of their rulers: Venus in Libra (must be fun to own an oil well or two), Jupiter in Sagittarius (moving almost overnight from riding camels to driving Mercedes-Benzes to flying Learjets and Falcons – the metallic kind), Moon in Cancer (the crescent is on all Islamic flags), and finally Saturn in Cap, retrograde.

In the style of astrology I follow, this gives the OPEC chart four “governors.”

Some salient aspects of the chart: Expansive Jupiter is in a tight opposition to martial Mars. This world’s arms dealers a long time ago discovered the beauty of Middle Eastern deserts.

Another striking feature of the OPEC map is its “cutting” planet, Mars, and its “trailing” one, Saturn. (The cutting planet is the one with the biggest open space ahead of it, moving in a counterclockwise fashion, regardless of degree.) In the almost 50 years that OPEC has been in existence, the group has functioned in a fairly cohesive manner, thanks to its strong Saturn and generally favorable planetary positions.

Of course, its members are periodically shaken by infighting, conquests, war. Big fluctuations in the price of oil are the norm. As the stuff is getting rarer or at least more difficult to find cheaply, the trend can only be up, especially with China as a big new consumer. No need for economists nor astrologers to predict that.

Today, OPEC’s members in total must sell large quantities of oil to simply maintain their high standards of consumption. That’s why I suspect that Iran is pushing towards nuclear energy. Knowing that once nuclear power is up and running, they, and others, could reduce selling oil at critical moments, thereby pushing up the price etc. The other “nuclear problem” with Iran is playing games, mostly.

It’s useful to remember here that OPEC member Indonesia has a population of over 250 million. Add Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Somalia, Nigeria, and a few others to the account, and one gets at least 400 million to 500 million car-loving oil producers generating their electricity from oil today.

“Sheik” Lula, as the Brazilian President is increasingly called around here (he loves the role), recently visited the United Nations in New York. There are rumors circulating that he may be tempted to make a bargain: If Brazil is admitted as a permanent member of the Security Council, he may forget about wanting to join OPEC. Tough decision, isn’t it?

Looking at the current transits on OPEC’s chart, simply using the Fall Equinox chart, it’s truly exciting from an astrological point of view. Jupiter has just crossed natal Saturn, Neptune soon will terminate its opposition to Uranus, Saturn is heading for its 29-year encounter with OPEC’s Sun and will activate the T-square with Jupiter and Mars.

In the days of Yasir Arafat, it would have been easier to forecast OPEC’s next step. By looking at Arafat’s chart, as the guy had some emotional grip on OPEC, one was able to “combine things.” Presently it’s more difficult. But I have no doubt that something serious will happen leading to higher oil prices ahead, perhaps as high as $200 a barrel.

The transits on OPEC’s chart are crying for it. It’s possible that Israel will take action against the Iranian nuclear laboratories. Both Pakistan and India have nukes, remember. Not that they will use them. But they may get the CIA running, and others behind. We are “at the edge of a possible precipice,” so to speak.

As an aside, I have an acquaintance in Geneva in real estate. One day he was really lucky. One of Saddam’s brothers or a cousin bought a villa from him. The price (neither one of the two spoke English very well ): 2 million. The Iraqi made a bank transfer for 2 million dollars, when the price was 2 million Swiss francs, giving the seller more than double the then-exchange rate. These were the days when the dollar was a lot stronger.

The real estate guy bought himself not a Mercedes-Benz but a Ferrari, four-seater, a very rare model to have. Not bad.

Thanks, Gian Paul. Well, I’ve been on the receiving end of many a mathematical error in my day, but the mistake never seems to be in my favor. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to be Swiss in my next life!

A Cosmic Take on Cuisine: The View From Brazil

Gian Paul, who has emerged as the Brazil bureau chief of Astrology Mundo and Lula watcher par excellence, is back with a fascinating look at cuisine and the cosmos, peppered by some personal insights. After all, this is a blog.

Here’s Gian Paul, a Swiss-born finance type who follows French astrology and loves Belgian chocolate. (Pralinée only, s’il vous plâit.)

In a recent edition of BusinessWeek, there are two alarming items, related and of astrological interest:

The first is that an increasing percentage of Greek children today are overweight, similar to in the U.S. The second is that nearly 3,000 restaurants and cafés have closed in France this year already.

The decline in the number of French eateries is most likely taking place in the Western Hemisphere as well.

What’s truly alarming is the speed at which things are going downhill in France, where a a gourmand culture has existed since before the French Revolution. One hundred years ago, a somewhat sophisticated meal consisted of six or seven courses or so. If it were a banquet, the number of courses would normally increase to 20.

BusinessWeek concentrates on the “economic” side of the issue, as one would expect for a business publication. So what’s the astrological angle?

I am a follower of the French type of astrology. One of the best French astrologers I know, Henry Gouchon, always related health issues with children to the planetary transits that they had in the first four years of their lives. An intriguing concept. Even more so because it’s possible to look up these transits much later in life, when some health problems have become chronic.

Many people struggle at one point or another in their lives with a weight problem. Some physicians find psychological reasons, while others cite early childhood habits or ignorant parents.

In astrology, health is associated with the sign Virgo and the sixth house. With Moon in Virgo opposing Mars myself, I am quite sympathetic to those with ulcers.

I used to be a financial analyst at one stage in my life, covering oil, chemicals, and drugs. Back in the Sixties and early Seventies, I remember there were practically no new drugs coming out of research. Then all of a sudden came Tagamet, the revolutionary anti-ulcer medication, as well as a slew of various anti-cholesterol drugs, beta blockers, etc.

Interested in astrology, I went searching for the astrological link. Drugs are related to Neptune. Here’s my theory: Neptune had to move out of Scorpio in the early Seventies and into Sagittarius in before drug research could make a quantum leap forward!

Unfortunately, these pharmaceutical breakthroughs were also accompanied by great advances in the adulteration of food. Interesting that the food industry is a favorite investment area of Warren Buffett, with his Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Cancer, which rules food.

We have witnessed the advent of an onslaught of sugar substitutes and food preservatives, as well as artificial flavors, fragrances, and colors.
So, back to our poor Greek kids and French restaurant owners. Blaming Neptune’s passage through Sagittarius does not offer much consolation. However, thanks to the “mutual reception” of Neptune in Aquarius and Uranus in Pisces, we have an opportunity for scientists to discover what is truly healthy. (Mutual reception occurs when two planets are transiting signs ruled by one another.)

Having suffered from a heart attack and having cholesterol problems for quite a long time, I have been forced to become knowledgeable about this domain. Only eight years ago my cardiologists were insisting that I eat margarine, not butter. Now margarine is out.

I was happily eating eggs and red meat, while the drugs to control cholesterol were counterbalancing my excesses. Everybody was happy: Nestlé, Kraft, P&G, Pfizer, Bayer, Roche, and many others. Even good restaurants because I had returned as a client.

I realize that I’m not alone in adhering to one gastronomical regimen, only to be told by a doctor or the press that it’s “wrong,” and that I must change lanes. When everyone was jogging, carbs were good. Then, as people became glued to their desks and their computers, high-protein diets like Atkins and the Zone were all the rage.

For those who dismiss the “Mediterranean diet” as a fad, you’re wrong. It’s truly healthy and wonderful food. Too bad those Greek kids have abandoned this traditional way of eating.

And while Napa Valley vintners extol the virtue of wine as part of a healthy diet, they fail to tell us that new processes to mature wines more rapidly use quite a variety of Neptunian ingredients that are far from natural.

The Greeks who came to New York to run the diners for years may have the right idea: Go home to a little Greek island to retire. Enjoy a variety of local cheeses, olives, delicious tomatoes, and truly natural wine.

Thanks, Gian Paul, I’m off to a samba class to keep off the fat!

Why McCain Will Win: The View From Brazil

Sometimes I receive comments that are so well-researched that I decide to make them a post. This happened with Sasha during the Democratic National Convention and I’m going to do it now with Gian Paul, who has responded to Kimberly’s question about why he thinks John McCain will be the next U.S. President.

Kimberly, let me note that Gian Paul, a Swiss native now living in Brazil, confessed to not being familiar with the Keating Five, the 1980s scandal involving the U.S. savings and loan crisis that engulfed McCain. Bu since Gian Paul is working purely with natal charts and transits, I don’t think it matters.

Over to Gian Paul:

Kimberly, it is my pleasure to respond to you. My belief that John McCain will be elected on Nov. 4 is based on the candidates’ transits on that day. I am totally indifferent to who wins. This is because of my conviction that every nation at a given time in history gets exactly the government that it deserves.

Here, in Brazil, we have “Lula,” President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. In Switzerland, my country of origin, we always have seven people who form the government and, interestingly, the opposition usually is included.

Imagine if the U.S. had a similar system. You would have Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Sarah Palin (plus two others) making up your next government! That’s the Swiss way.

I have a special affinity with Neptune. Thus, I permit myself to imagine the sometimes unimaginable.

Now let’s talk astrology. Look at where Neptune will be on Nov. 4. Then consult the charts of Obama, Palin, and Vladimir Putin, whom I consider to be the “New Tsar” of Russia.

Two stand out: the charts of Palin and Putin. Forget McCain. Neptune leaves him tranquil on Election Day. My prediction is that he will be “sucked” into the White House like it or not.

What matters is that Palin gets to the spot that is “one heartbeat away from the Presidency.” And as I will hopefully prove, then history can freely run its course. Neptune, according to my longtime observations, is extremely influential in U.S. history. What’s more, two days before the Presidential election, the nebulous planet goes direct.
To follow my analysis, you also need the natal charts of the New York Stock Exchange (May 17, 1792 8:52 a.m. N.Y.) and what I consider to the “true horoscope” of the U.S. (July 6, 1775 11 a.m. Philadelphia).

On Nov. 4, Neptune transits Palin’s Sun. Soon thereafter, it reaches her Mars and then her Saturn. Obama will not receive any Neptunian influences until after the Inauguration (of the others, I predict). And then Neptune will be opposite his Uranus. Better that he not be President then.

As for Putin, on the U.S. Election Day, Neptune opposes exactly his Pluto. No small beer. (McCain can drink to that!)

On Nov. 4, Uranus opposite Saturn in the sky gets as close as it can to squaring the U.S. Sun while the transiting Sun exactly opposes the U.S. Uranus. Now that must be the change many are expecting.

Obama will be remembered for his prophetic skills. First, he predicts more of the Bush Administration (McCain no doubt has the qualifications for that), and second, he promises change. You will have it, folks. Just be a bit more patient. With Neptune in the picture, things tend to go not very fast…

The changes you always blessed Americans are subconsciously expecting are in the making and very visible already. The ice cap on the North Pole is rapidly melting away. Putin recently has made it clear that Russia will not ask for anyone’s permission to start drilling for oil up there. And Mother Nature appears to be obliging.

The New Tsar has a liking for sporty women. He recently married a gold medalist. And now, here comes Sarah the Moose Hunter.

Here’s another Neptunian insight: Sarah could be called “the surprise that came in from the cold.” Possibly even Old Man McCain was so surprised that he forgot the vetting process. So what? It’s all destiny anyway.

Now, as I am already on a speculative spree, let me suggest something really outrageous: How will the “lady that came in from the cold” react if the New Tsar one day declares that that the Old Tsar had no right whatsoever to sell a piece of “Mother Russia” (Alaska) to the Americans, moose hunters included!

Watch out! Has your reformed CIA correctly read what’s going on in Georgia (the one in the Caucasus, not next to Alabama)? Or has Dick Cheney, concerned about oil, not seen beyond the problem of a few Russians being homesick. The New Tsar is testing.

Watch out for Putin’s nuclear assistance to Iran, and then Pakistan, great hideaway for America’s enemy No. 1, Osama bin Laden. Why did President Bush have to close a nuclear deal with India now? Just to irritate the Pakistanis?

If I were an Indian politician, I would think of how to get some more concessions out of the Bush Administration. One idea: worsening the U.S. mortgage mess. Maybe the employees of the outsourcing firms that handle data processing for U.S. banks could be persuaded to go on strike. Now that would be a real nightmare for the banks!

Anyway, I’ve got to get back to Neptunian pursuits here in Brazil. Nice talking to you, as you say in America.

Thanks, Gian Paul. Folks, I’ve edited this post a little and trimmed some things, but here you have it. If, as Gian Paul is predicting, it comes down to Sarah the Moose Hunter vs. the Russian Spymaster-Turned-Tsar, I hope they can resolve their differences with a biathlon or some other athletic competition.

If anyone has more interest in the natal chart of Alaska, I refer you to my post “All Eyes on Alaska.”

As for my prediction: Gian Paul will start his own astrology blog!