Why McCain Will Win: The View From Brazil

Sometimes I receive comments that are so well-researched that I decide to make them a post. This happened with Sasha during the Democratic National Convention and I’m going to do it now with Gian Paul, who has responded to Kimberly’s question about why he thinks John McCain will be the next U.S. President.

Kimberly, let me note that Gian Paul, a Swiss native now living in Brazil, confessed to not being familiar with the Keating Five, the 1980s scandal involving the U.S. savings and loan crisis that engulfed McCain. Bu since Gian Paul is working purely with natal charts and transits, I don’t think it matters.

Over to Gian Paul:

Kimberly, it is my pleasure to respond to you. My belief that John McCain will be elected on Nov. 4 is based on the candidates’ transits on that day. I am totally indifferent to who wins. This is because of my conviction that every nation at a given time in history gets exactly the government that it deserves.

Here, in Brazil, we have “Lula,” President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. In Switzerland, my country of origin, we always have seven people who form the government and, interestingly, the opposition usually is included.

Imagine if the U.S. had a similar system. You would have Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Sarah Palin (plus two others) making up your next government! That’s the Swiss way.

I have a special affinity with Neptune. Thus, I permit myself to imagine the sometimes unimaginable.

Now let’s talk astrology. Look at where Neptune will be on Nov. 4. Then consult the charts of Obama, Palin, and Vladimir Putin, whom I consider to be the “New Tsar” of Russia.

Two stand out: the charts of Palin and Putin. Forget McCain. Neptune leaves him tranquil on Election Day. My prediction is that he will be “sucked” into the White House like it or not.

What matters is that Palin gets to the spot that is “one heartbeat away from the Presidency.” And as I will hopefully prove, then history can freely run its course. Neptune, according to my longtime observations, is extremely influential in U.S. history. What’s more, two days before the Presidential election, the nebulous planet goes direct.
To follow my analysis, you also need the natal charts of the New York Stock Exchange (May 17, 1792 8:52 a.m. N.Y.) and what I consider to the “true horoscope” of the U.S. (July 6, 1775 11 a.m. Philadelphia).

On Nov. 4, Neptune transits Palin’s Sun. Soon thereafter, it reaches her Mars and then her Saturn. Obama will not receive any Neptunian influences until after the Inauguration (of the others, I predict). And then Neptune will be opposite his Uranus. Better that he not be President then.

As for Putin, on the U.S. Election Day, Neptune opposes exactly his Pluto. No small beer. (McCain can drink to that!)

On Nov. 4, Uranus opposite Saturn in the sky gets as close as it can to squaring the U.S. Sun while the transiting Sun exactly opposes the U.S. Uranus. Now that must be the change many are expecting.

Obama will be remembered for his prophetic skills. First, he predicts more of the Bush Administration (McCain no doubt has the qualifications for that), and second, he promises change. You will have it, folks. Just be a bit more patient. With Neptune in the picture, things tend to go not very fast…

The changes you always blessed Americans are subconsciously expecting are in the making and very visible already. The ice cap on the North Pole is rapidly melting away. Putin recently has made it clear that Russia will not ask for anyone’s permission to start drilling for oil up there. And Mother Nature appears to be obliging.

The New Tsar has a liking for sporty women. He recently married a gold medalist. And now, here comes Sarah the Moose Hunter.

Here’s another Neptunian insight: Sarah could be called “the surprise that came in from the cold.” Possibly even Old Man McCain was so surprised that he forgot the vetting process. So what? It’s all destiny anyway.

Now, as I am already on a speculative spree, let me suggest something really outrageous: How will the “lady that came in from the cold” react if the New Tsar one day declares that that the Old Tsar had no right whatsoever to sell a piece of “Mother Russia” (Alaska) to the Americans, moose hunters included!

Watch out! Has your reformed CIA correctly read what’s going on in Georgia (the one in the Caucasus, not next to Alabama)? Or has Dick Cheney, concerned about oil, not seen beyond the problem of a few Russians being homesick. The New Tsar is testing.

Watch out for Putin’s nuclear assistance to Iran, and then Pakistan, great hideaway for America’s enemy No. 1, Osama bin Laden. Why did President Bush have to close a nuclear deal with India now? Just to irritate the Pakistanis?

If I were an Indian politician, I would think of how to get some more concessions out of the Bush Administration. One idea: worsening the U.S. mortgage mess. Maybe the employees of the outsourcing firms that handle data processing for U.S. banks could be persuaded to go on strike. Now that would be a real nightmare for the banks!

Anyway, I’ve got to get back to Neptunian pursuits here in Brazil. Nice talking to you, as you say in America.

Thanks, Gian Paul. Folks, I’ve edited this post a little and trimmed some things, but here you have it. If, as Gian Paul is predicting, it comes down to Sarah the Moose Hunter vs. the Russian Spymaster-Turned-Tsar, I hope they can resolve their differences with a biathlon or some other athletic competition.

If anyone has more interest in the natal chart of Alaska, I refer you to my post “All Eyes on Alaska.”

As for my prediction: Gian Paul will start his own astrology blog!

All Eyes on Alaska

I don’t know if you remember how I predicted that Hawaii would be hip again during Barack Obama’s summer vacation there. Later that same day, CBS announced it was reviving Hawaii Five-0. Boy, was that a lucky break!

But now it appears that instead of getting ready for the luau, I should be looking up my Baked Alaska recipe. Actually, Baked Alaska is a Southern dish, and according to Epicurious blogger Regina Schrambling, a real Alaskan specialty is rhubarb muffins made with sour milk. Who knew?

We’ve all learned a lot about Alaska in the past two weeks. Ever since Aug. 29, the day that John McCain announced his selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, all eyes have been on the 49th state.

Historians out there know that Alaska and Hawaii both became states in 1959, Alaska on Jan. 3 and Hawaii on Aug. 21. Before we go any further, let’s take a moment to ponder that. Alaska — cold, self-sufficient state — joined the U.S. during the frigid sign of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. Hawaii — sunny, fun-loving state — became part of the Union during the sign of Leo, ruled by the Sun.

Now, what are the chances of that?

I’ve decided to take a peek at the statehood chart for Alaska, which I got from Carolyn R. Dodson’s Horoscopes of the U.S. It’s set for Washington, D.C., not Juneau, Alaska’s capital, because that’s where Alaska’s statehood was declared

Dodson sets the chart for noon. I don’t know if that’s because the time of the statehood declaration is unknown or that’s when it actually happened.

I was interested to see whether Jupiter is making a transit to a key point in the Alaska chart because of all the publicity the state is receiving. You could read publicity as a Mercury transit, but the Winged Messenger moves so quickly that I settled instead on Jupiter, the Great Expander, since we’re hearing a LOT of news about Alaska and Palin.

Guess what folks? Palin accepted the GOP vice-presidential nomination as Jupiter was stationing and going direct on Alaska’s 12 degree Capricorn Sun. So far, so good.

There’s been a lot of focus on Alaska’s bloggers so I wanted to see where Uranus is in the chart and what the transits are to it. Here’s a story from Time magazine on the role that Alaska’s bloggers hope to play in educating the rest of America about Sarah Palin.

Alaska’s Uranus is at 15 degrees of Leo. That’s not hitting any buttons for me. But the state’s Jupiter is at 24 degrees of Scorpio, getting a wide trine from transiting Uranus, planet of technology, and a square from the Neptune, North Node, and Chiron triple conjunction in Aquarius, which rules the collective.

If you want to look at the Alaska chart, it’s here, with transits of Aug. 29, courtesy of Astrodienst.

Me? I’ll be out shopping for a dog sled. I might need one when Pluto moves into Capricorn, when some meteorologists are predicting a cold spell.

Is Sarah Palin in It for the Long Haul?

I’ve been doing a little more work on Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s chart today, especially in light of the revelation that her 17-year-old daughter Bristol Palin is pregnant. People like Rush Limbaugh have been speculating about a baby in the White House next year, but I don’t think this is what they had in mind.

Given the downbeat start to the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis because of Hurricane Gustav, I’m going to run something up the flagpole: I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Alaska governor gracefully withdraw as McCain’s running mate because of family obligations.

In addition to having to spin the media coverage about her pregnant daughter, Palin is also being dogged by the “Troopergate” allegations, part of another family soap opera.

The New Moon that heralded her candidacy took place on her natal Uranus. Transiting Saturn is nearby, so she got the call from Old Man McCain and she said yes. But with Uranus in the picture, she could also back out.

Neptune is on her Sun, so she’s confused. She might not know if she really wants to do this.

Palin’s got a Sun/Mars/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius so she works hard and she can meet any challenge that comes her way. She also has Jupiter conjuncting her Aquarius stellium next year, which will increase her visibility in the world.

But if Palin does change her mind, it’s a win/win situation for everybody. Palin’s become a household word overnight and McCain and his supporters get to pat themselves on the back for nominating a woman. Good job, guys!

Here’s Palin’s natal chart, birth time set for 4:40 p.m., a time that is circulating among astrologers, and transits and progressions set for Aug. 29.

I’m not making any predictions here. I’m just saying Uranus sometimes leads to sudden flipflops, that’s all.

Who is Sarah Palin and Why is Her Daughter Pregnant?

Aug. 29 was John McCain’s 72nd birthday and it was also the day he revealed his vice-presidential choice to the world. As anyone who reads this blog knows, I wasn’t surprised by McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin.

We’re moving to a Saturn/Uranus opposition that is exact on Election Day. Democratic candidate Barack Obama signifies Uranus to me because of his skin color and his sudden success. To balance his ticket, he picked Saturnian Senator Joe Biden, who brings lots of Washington connections and experience to the ticket.

McCain personifies Saturn because of his age and his conservatism. It seemed natural that he was going to pick a surprising (Uranus) running mate — either a woman or Democrat-turned Independent Joe Lieberman. In addition to Palin, I had speculated that Maine Senator Olympia Snowe was a possibility for astrological reasons.

Now that McCain has made his choice, everyone wants to know more about Palin, the Alaska governor who was born Feb. 11, 1964 in Sandpoint, Idaho. As expected, Jude’s Threshold came out of the gate quickly with her post on Palin.

You can read Jude’s post here.

As Jude and her commenters point out, the stellium of Neptune, North Node, and Chiron in Aquarius has been transiting Palin’s Sun/Mars/Saturn stellium in Aquarius. This can undermine her professional status, according to Reinhold Ebertin’s The Combination of Stellar Influences, but it also can signify weakness and involvement with health care.

Palin gave birth to a baby with Down syndrome, Trig Paxson, in April, and is unabashedly pro-life. Abortion wasn’t an option for her when she learned during her pregnancy that her son would have special needs.

Palin’s husband is a former employee of oil company BP but now works as a commercial fisherman (Neptune). According to Wiki, she has been a strong proponent of energy (Neptune) development in Alaska but also has helped pass new taxes on oil company profits.

Palin’s Sun/Mars/Saturn stellium in Aquarius touches the U.S. Moon, though how tight the connection is depends on which U.S. chart you use. She could get the people (Moon) “fired up,” but she could also anger (Mars) them, especially if she becomes an authority figure (Saturn) for them.

The choices that Palin has made in her life — competing in a beauty pageants (she was runner-up in the Miss Alaska contest), hunting game, and joining the National Rifle Association — promise to spark (Mars) controversy about the role of women (U.S. Moon) in our society and shine light on our stereotypes, both liberal and conservative.

Palin’s Sun/Mars/Saturn equals the U.S. Moon came into play on Sept. 1 when the McCain campaign announced that the vice-presidential nominee’s 17-year-old daughter, Bristol Palin, is pregnant. She plans to keep her child and eventually marry the father.

This turn of events continues the theme highlighted in the U.S. Summer Solstice chart: concern about teenage pregnancy. It echoes some of the brouhaha about the spate of pregnancies at Gloucester (Mass.) High School that made national headlines shortly after the Solstice.

I’ve blogged about why pregnancy is such a hot-button issue in this country. You’ll find my musings here.

McCain has made a brilliant choice with Palin. Her conservative values appeal to the Christian right, but her independent spirit and working mom ethos can help McCain pick up some Democratic supporters of Hillary Clinton who can’t get themselves to vote for Obama.

The downside? Palin’s relative youth and vitality make McCain appear old by contrast. At his press conference to announce Palin, his face appeared miraculously free of wrinkles for a man of his age, but strangely immobile, perhaps because of recent Botox treatments.

Palin’s relative lack of experience drew criticism from those concerned that she doesn’t have the credentials to become President should McCain die in office.

It’s going to be an interesting election. If you divide the country along the Mississippi River, the Obama-Biden ticket represents the Eastern half of the U.S., while the McCain-Palin duo comes from the Western part.

Historically, the tensions in this country have been between North and South. Perhaps we are moving into a period where the schism is between East and West.

The late Tim Russert gets credit for coining the term Red States/Blue States to describe the divide between Republicans and Democrats. According to the Wiki, most of the Red States carried by Republicans in the last few elections are in the West, but there are many in the South.