Stay Out of Stocks after July 22

I’m not the first to make this observation and I won’t be the last, but the Jupiter station of July 23 doesn’t bode well for the U.S. stock market. Jupiter is starting its retrograde movement, which means its apparent motion from the Earth appears to be backward.

Today’s entrance of Saturn into Libra brings Saturn into opposition with Jupiter, which is not a good thing. Professional astrologers know we’re entering the so-called Cardinal Climax, which is activating the U.S. Venus. In layman’s terms, the country’s wealth will be restructured.

Making matters worse is the entrance of Mars into Libra on July 29, and its opposition with Uranus the next day, promising fireworks of all kinds. The Mars/Saturn conjunction in Libra on July 31 is likely to bring frustration, anger, and resentment for everyone under the Sun.

Unless you’re a professional trader, I don’t think you should have your life savings invested in stocks. See my “About” for my boilerplate. This blog is for entertainment purposes only. I’m not a registered investment adviser with the Securities & Exchange Commission.

However, I did tell folks to get out of stocks on Aug. 13, 2008, a month before the failure of Lehman Brothers triggered a financial crisis. I was motivated to make my prediction by the then-upcoming Aug. 16, 2008 eclipse.

4 comments on “Stay Out of Stocks after July 22

  1. As another saying goes: “The markets climbs a wall of worry!” And your astro-financial analysis for coming days could not be more scary, especially that you had called the shots in August 2008.

    What intrigues me is Buffett having “warned Obama” just the other day that the recovery will be even more protracted than what most fear, including Rubini, one might presume.

    And then Bernanke yesterday saying that there will be more liquidity if needed from the Fed.

    Geithner also apperd on TV with a larger smile then I have ever seen. He even seams having put on some wight…

    My conclusion at this stage (it’s always in stages anyway with that market): There is so much liquidity around (not being lent to whom really needs it in main-street), that this time around, end July may not see a drop at all.

    Will see if Buffett once more prepared the ground for that, and the others I mentioned.

    PS. Even Microsoft prefers cash these days. Instead of investing, they are boosting their own stock by upping their dividend, so rumor has it at least.

  2. Rumor (so be careful) has it that several mega-hedge fund managers took a beating today, including Soros.

    Don’t have details, but the Euro is probably involved. What should have been a “stress tests” now turns out to have been a cheat, using blunt language. But Bank of America had already shown the way when they cooked their books (for not less than $ 15 billion).

    And Geithner/Bernanke and their employer keep smiling. Only way out: help keeping the market up, question of not “destroying what’s left in terms of confidence…”

    So your prediction should turn out to become another hit, Monica. In a normal (honest) world at least!

    Definitely Pluto in Capricorn, conjunct Moon today and in the “grand cross” is at least augmenting the stress.

    • GP — I’m quite concerned about what’s happening in the bond market. As a result of the FinReg passage, the three main U.S. ratings agencies have refused to allow their ratings to be part of marketing materials. This led Ford to pull a bond offering earlier in the week. This is one of these little things that could turn out to be very big. — MS

  3. The “Hindenburg thing”: It’s not uncommon for the market to tank in late August/early September. And if it’s annual (or often so), it must be connected with the Sun. When he/she transits between Uranus and Mars in the NYSE chart. That’s my best guess.

    PS. Not sure about the Suns gender. In German it’s feminine. But now we also find out that Hitler was a Jew, with African origins. And O. maybe a Muslim, also with African origins. Crazy world!

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