Zero Hour at 4:42 PM EDT July 30

When the Moon moves into pioneering Aries today at 4:42 p.m. EDT, we will have four planets (yes, the Moon is considered a planet for astrological purposes), at 0 degrees of the Cardinal signs. Also in 0 degrees of Aries is revolutionary Uranus. Opposing the Moon/Uranus conjunction are Saturn and Mars, conjunct in the conciliatory sign of Libra. What does it mean? Look for breakout situations of all kinds and surprising splits, particularly involving athletes or warriors.

By Monica Posted in Aries

2 comments on “Zero Hour at 4:42 PM EDT July 30

  1. Your predictions, Monica, become somewhat terrible: being Aries by Sun-sign and having a serious health problem in one of my legs (no vain there as that one went to serve a – rapidly useless – bypass coronary operation, I increasingly move by horseback now.

    Only yesterday, as you predicted for Aries, I almost fell from my horse. Going along a trail in the Brazilian rain-forest, on a stormy day, the horse suddenly pulled and stopped – just in time to avoid a rather huge branch of a tree falling right in front of us!

    Immediately I had to think of your prediction – and also that you had omitted to mention Jupiter which is part of the transits you mentioned. So thanks to Jupiter, Cognac, that’s the name of my horse, stopped, and just in time!

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