Waiting for Saturn in Libra

Is anybody out there counting the minutes until Saturn leaves Virgo and moves into Libra? It happens on July 21, the last day that the Sun is in Cancer.

Yes, I know that when Saturn enters Libra, it will be triggering the Cardinal Climax everybody’s been talking about (more on that later!), but Saturn at 29 degrees of Virgo squares my Mars in Sagittarius and sits on my North Node in the 12th house. Translation: I feel like a bondage victim in a nursing home!

2 comments on “Waiting for Saturn in Libra

  1. The “counting of minutes” until a planet moves into another sign – or away from an uncomfortable transit on one’s personal horoscope – is what amplifies the feelings you describe, dear Monica.

    In my experience its not so much the exit from one sign or the entry into another one that counts, but coinciding transits on planets which narrowly sit on a sign cusp. The delineation of signs is somewhat arbitrary: 12×30 degrees. This may play an even greater role when it comes to know whether, given the precession of the equinoxes, our globe has entered a new sign. Mathematically that takes 2120 years, but where does the sign of Aquarius exactly begin and end?

    Actually in that respect what one would need to precisely know is where does Aquarius end, as we enter any new era going backwards, in this case leaving Pisces.

    PS. Funny you using the image of a nursing home – see the Virgo connotation? So keep cheer, Saturn is soon going out of that place into more Venusian realms.

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