McCain and Obama: The Citizenship Follies

Although I have great respect for Gian Paul, who has contributed several posts on politics and economics to Astrology Mundo with the tagline “The View From Brazil,” I don’t necessarily agree with his assessment that John McCain will be the next U.S. President.

When friends ask me what is going to happen on Election Day, I usually reply: “Anything could happen,” and tell them about the Saturn/Uranus opposition, which is exact on Nov. 4.

I don’t come out and say things like McCain could die of heart failure, Barack Obama could be assassinated, or there could be some kind of disruption of the electoral process due to a natural disaster or a terrorist attack. If you say those kinds of things, people think you’re nuts or that you’re trying to scare them.

So I usually leave it at: “Anything could happen.”

As far as I’m concerned, a new “anything” is materializing. Because details about where and when McCain was born have surfaced as Mercury is changing directions and moving forward, I think this issue is one to watch.

Until McCain’s official birth certificate surfaced on the Web over the weekend, it was assumed he was born in Cocosolo, Panama at either 9 a.m. or 11 a.m.

Now, it is definitively known that McCain was born in Colon, Panama at 6:25 p.m. on Aug. 29, 1936.

One lawsuit challenging McCain’s ability to run for President because he wasn’t born in the U.S. has been dismissed in California, but another one is moving forward in Nashua, N.H. The Senate has passed a resolution that paves the way for McCain to be President, but some of the legal experts quoted in articles I’ve read say this resolution may not withstand a legal challenge.

Here’s a good article explaining some of the legal arguments involved. Here’s what I think is interesting: The court could rule against McCain after he’s been elected President.

Gian Paul in his post on McCain says Uranus conjuncting McCain’s Saturn could free the candidate from the sense of restriction that has held him back. I would argue that Uranus to Saturn, especially being opposed by transiting Saturn, could blow McCain’s Saturnine ambitions to smithereens with some wild-card scenario.

So keep your eye on this relatively obscure court case concerning McCain’s citizenship. It’s widely viewed as a tempest in a teapot, but it could turn into something much bigger.

Lest conservatives think I’m picking on McCain, citizenship questions are dogging his opponent as well. Despite the fact that Barack Obama’s campaign has produced a “certificate of live birth” showing he was born in Hawaii on Aug. 4, 1961 at 7:24 p.m, speculation persists that he is a native of Kenya.

As this week’s Time magazine points out, the “foreign” brush that critics are trying to tar Obama with is a socially acceptable veneer for racism.

But I think the citizenship controversy surrounding both candidates is a harbinger of the anti-immigrant sentiment that is bound to increase when Pluto moves into Capricorn and opposes the stellium of Cancer planets in the U.S. independence chart.

On a symbolic level, the court cases against McCain and the questions surrounding Obama’s heritage are forcing us to ask: Who is an American?

26 comments on “McCain and Obama: The Citizenship Follies

  1. Actually, Obama never released his birth certificate; he released a Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) which doesn’t contain any witness signatures or other means of verification.

    Also, since Obama was adopted by his step-father the details of his COLB may not reflect what is one the Birth Certificate. Remember, I said may not.

  2. Jonolan — Thanks for pointing out the distinction between a birth certificate and a certificate of live birth. I’ve amended my post accordingly. Best, Monica

  3. It’s widely viewed as a tempest in a teapot, but it could turn into something much bigger.

    McCain is a child of two US citizens, so it’s a gimme that he’s a citizen as long as it was established before he turned 18. In the lawsuits in question, the people involved have no standing to dispute, or so the court ruled.

    The odds that a court would say that McCain is a non-natural-born citizen are not zero, but Lord they are small.

    Until McCain’s official birth certificate surfaced on the Web over the weekend, it was assumed he was born in Cocosolo, Panama at either 9 a.m. or 11 a.m.

    I would treat both of the birth certificates posted with a great deal of suspicion, since they both come from parties that have a clear interest in furthering a cause. The person identifying himself as Donald Lamb appears to be part of a front company that wasn’t registered in Panama until May of this year, which brings up the question of why he has any special access to a birth certificate.

    At any rate, the second birth certificate (the one that lacks the birthtime) is at least legible. The copy with the time on it has the odd quality of being a really bad copy of everything but the ostensibly typed-in information, which to my eye looks suspect. (A decent copy of a birth certificate should have both the typed-in information and the pre-printed info readable. Which is not the case here. Try making a copy of an old birth certificate and see.)

    As for Obama, the only thing that matters is whether he was born in the US or not, since his mother is a citizen; all the reviews I’ve seen suggest that she was in the US the entire time, both before and after he was born.

    [‘People do weird stuff.’]

  4. Why is no one stepping up to say anything about this! Is he REALLY allowed to campaign for the presidency???? I’ve been doing some research and found this satire on the situation. We all need to stand together and remind ourselves and mccain the rules of the constitution.

  5. Hey All,

    The McCain law suit is not going to go anywhere.
    Early this year, maybe feb. or March, a bill was put thru the congress making the issue of McCain’s birth being in Panama a moot point.
    It was put thru by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama together !! Of course bush signed it.
    I remember Rachel Maddow commenting on the generosity of it… and wondering out loud if the shoe was on the other foot would the McCain campaign & GOP would have done the same?

  6. Aqua — That is exactly the same bill that legal scholars say is purely ceremonial and could be easily overturned by a court. Please see link in my post above to comprehensive story by Cox News Service. — Monica

  7. Monica – Here’s Brazil again: Knowing that you are a steadfast Capricorn I deduce that you do not like “shortcuts.” Being an Aries, I adore them, though admitting that several times in my life I paid dearly for taking one of them…

    My present provocative thought is that you, beloved Americans, will have Palin as your President much faster then some hope and others fear.

    Why (always astrologically speaking):

    1) Obviously, Obama is American . If you are pregnant and the father of your child is from Kenya, you stick around American territory until the child is born.

    2) Now, if by malchance McCain’s citizenship should be thrown overboard by some tribunal, is it his Vice (if the two were elected), who become President. Or do you need new elections?

    3) Have to stop here as my battery is at the end, and Brazilian electricity, as well as bank employees, are currently on strike…

  8. Gian Paul — Talk about coitus interruptus! I don’t think I’ve had a comment end in mid-sentence before.

    In any event, we’ll wait to hear the rest of your rationale on why Sarah Palin is our next President, even though Andrew Sullivan can’t find the birth certificate for her son, Trig, whom liberal commenters allege is her grandson.

    And, I’ll point out that your record is 0-1, since Congress did pass the bailout bill. Still, I hardly want to see some of your predictions –say, war between India and Pakistan — come true.

    Maybe we can get you to work on horse racing horoscopes. There seems to be a huge market for them. — Monica

  9. Hi Monica, good points you make in your post.

    Seems rather late in the game for a status of birth stand-off unless it is what stalls the election with its VOC Moon and Sat/Ura opposition.

    You guys certainly make me think (ouch!) and i wish i had time to follow all links and lines of thought.

    Don’t like to admit it but Palin as president is a possibility of course and i know some Manifest Destiny types who think the switch on America’s Great Seal – the all-seeing-eye at the top of the pyramid which switched in representations (Harper’s New Monthly Magazine 1856) from right eye to left (check the back of a dollar bill if you have one) astrologically and in Egyptian tradition indicates a change from male to female leadership.

    Just thought i’d toss that in for Palin lovers – and note that she was named VP choice After Hillary C was off the ticket…either female could suffice if you buy the secret-hand-behind-the-scenes, Manifest Destiny theory for America, the New Atlantis…in a word, Utopia.

    Astrologically, i refer, of course, to right eye = Sun, left eye = Moon. jude

  10. But Jude, what about the Dodgers? 🙂 Seriously, though, I learn new stuff every time you write something. I’m glad you, at least, are giving some credence to the birth certificate brouhaha. Thanks for writing! — Monica

  11. Monica – Please explain to me who is Andrew Sullivan and this business of Trig possibly not being Palin’s son (if I understood correctly what you are saying).

  12. I have some experience in horse racing. I once had a client (then minister of petroleum of some Arab state) who owned a bunch of Irish-bred horses. We tried to select some yearlings using astrology. The guy knew a lot, but it did not work out. Why?

    There are lots of variables. Whose chart should you run? The one for the horse, the jockey, the owner, or the bettor? And then you have 11 other horses in the race. It’s much easier to gamble on the EUR/USD…or crude oil or gold or soybeans…

  13. Thanks, Monica but you are amazing here with your range – economy, celebrities, sports woo!

    So not being a Dodgers fan since childhood (my dad and i watched them every summer) i know nothing about them these days and have never used Astrology to peek at sports. A failing perhaps, but there it is.

    Plus you’re very good at it as are others so i keep my trap shut (on some things at least! Specifically, i’m not fond of the steroid/cheating/gambling aspects of sports – they “lost” me years ago.)

    But we did have some Good Times when my kids used to like going to Atlanta to Braves games – that was when Joe Torre was manager – many moon ago! jc

  14. Wow, this is how ignorant I am. I didn’t know that Torre had been the manager of the Braves!

    I like the fact that he gave the Dodgers the day off today. He thought they needed to clear their heads more than practice. He’s a smart guy, that Joe!

    I think steroids and drugs in sports has been to a certain extent the result of Pluto in Sagittarius — pushing the envelope, trying to do more.

    I’m actually a college hoops fan myself, but I still think of baseball as America’s pastime.

    Thanks for writing back. Always a pleasure to hear from you.

  15. Gian Paul,

    Your comment above: “2) Now, if by malchance McCain’s citizenship should be thrown overboard by some tribunal, is it his Vice (if the two were elected), who become President. Or do you need new elections?”

    Does this mean that you have changed your mind concerning a McCain-Palin win? If so, what makes this more likely now?

    Thanks, Pamela

  16. Astrologers and charlatans have any candidate that is up in the polls as winner. I want to know that Gian Paul still sticks to his McCain-Palin win of a month ago being Obama “up” in the polls by 5 points(16 October).
    McCain-Palin win by the way!

  17. Pamela, I have not changed my mind at all. I maintain that McCain will be elected President. Possibly because of this birth certificate or some other reason, he may not be able to assume the Presidency.

    I presume, but it’s only my presumption, that automatically the Vice-President will step in. Voilà. There you would have the “total surprise” that is lingering around in so many people’s minds right now.

    This is why I think Obama will not be America’s next President.

    Using 0 hours of Nov. 5 (I’ve explained the reasons in a previous post) and looking at Obama’s and Biden’s charts, we have the following transits:

    On Nov. 5, Biden will have Sun conjunct natal Mars and Moon opposite his Jupiter. Nothing else salient from what I can see at this stage. And nothing extraordinary neither.

    Obama: Sun square Sun, Moon conjunct his Jupiter and Saturn, both natally retrograde, opposite his Mercury, square his Neptune. Mars opposite his Moon, square his Uranus. Saturn conjunct his Mars. Neptune opposite his Uranus. Pluto opposite his Venus.

    Summing up: Biden has at best mediocre transits on Nov. 5.. Obama benefits from nothing convincing.

    Around Inauguration Day: The only positive aspect I can see for Biden is a Moon transit on his Mercury. But then Mercury will again be retro and will make a square on Biden’s Moon.

    For Obama: Sun conjunct his Jupiter (R), Mercury (retro in the sky) as well. Who wins? The conjunction of Jupiter/Jupiter is good, except that his natal Jupiter is retro and conjunct Saturn (retro as well). In my experience, not indicative of “brilliant success.”

    And then, Saturn conjuncts and Uranus opposes Obama’s Mars. That’s what every astrologer interested in this race is watching.

    I repeat, I am indifferent as to who wins. What interests me is astrology, and elections are a unique opportunity, a life laboratory so to say.

    I helped a guy here in Brazil who just was eliminated from running for major of São Paulo. (He came in fourth place.) I told him beforehand that he had no chance this time. Nevertheless he insisted, spent a small fortune, and lost. His wife was not all that unhappy, kept him out of her way for a while. Hope I managed to clarify my position. Ciao, GP

  18. Monica,

    per this Wikipedia link, Colon Hospital was in Cristobal, Panama in the Panama Canal Zone and did not change locations until 1954. If the Wikipedia article is correct, then I would think that McCain would still be eligible. The plaintiff in the court case is stating that McCain was born at the hospital located at 2nd and some street beginning with M… – anyway that appears to be the current location not the 1936 location.,_Col%C3%B3n

    PS Did you ever get my email w/my birthdata?

  19. Gian Paul,

    The first post I read, you predicted a win for McCain-Palin regardless of the two birth times for McCain. I was unsure if you had changed your mind upon getting the third birth time. Your comment above including “(if the two were elected)”, which kind of threw me for a loop. I was feeling I had missed a post contrary to your first findings.

    I know you have stated you don’t have a stake in either party winning and I appreciate that and your candid view. I am looking for a true intrepretation of the stars not a political view. Quite frankly, its part of what made me want to know more. Anyway for that I am grateful.

    Thank you for your time as well as your battery usage!

    Much appreciation, Pamela

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