McCain’s ‘New’ Chart: The View From Brazil

Here’s Gian Paul’s analysis of the natal horoscope of GOP Presidential candidate John McCain, using the new birth time of 6:25 p.m. on Aug. 29, 1936 in Colon, Panama. The data comes from a State Dept. document that has suddenly surfaced on the Internet as Mercury is preparing to go direct.

You may recall that in his first post for Astrology Mundo, Gian Paul predicted that McCain will be the next President. (See “Why McCain Will Win: The View From Brazil”). He’s not backing away from that theory. Here’s why:

I gave McCain’s “new” chart a test run using three events in the man’s life. I will even speculate on the next one, which will take place on Nov. 4.

1) McCain escaped a serious explosion on the aircraft carrier Forrestal on July 29, 1967. Although there were several casualties, he escaped with his life. The North Node/Moon was then transiting his Uranus. Jupiter was conjunct his natal Mars in the sixth house of health in the latest chart. Nice protection health-wise!

2) McCain was shot down on Oct. 26 1967, and captured by the North Vietnamese, as he recently reminded us by addressing voters as “my fellow prisoners.” What’s striking to me is that McCain has Saturn retrograde at 20 degrees of Pisces in his first house.

Because this house represents the physical body, it is not unexpected that he would become a prisoner of some sort at one or seven several times in his life. The question now: Has he become a “prisoner” of Sarah Palin, his vice-presidential nominee?

The transits of when McCain was grounded and was captured also provide support for the new chart. The Moon (change) was transiting his Pluto in Cancer and the fifth house. I interpret this as “an end to creativity and play.” As a prisoner of war, McCain could hardly think of having children!

Venus, being exactly conjunct his natal Neptune in in the seventh house of relationships an marriage, indicates that at some time Venusian “aspirations” would have to be relegated to the realm of fantasy.

3) On Mar. 14, 1973, McCain was released by the North Vietnamese. The Sun was then transiting his troublesome retrograde Saturn in the first. The Moon, again over his Pluto in the fifth house, was this time accompanied by a strong and favorable transit of Jupiter to his natal Moon in the 12th house of forced confinements.

From my point of view, these three events amply confirm that this time we have the correct birth time for McCain.

Concerning Nov. 4, Election Day: I prefer using 0 hours of Nov. 5, for practical reasons. By then, the entire U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii, will have had its say.

I will restrict my interpretation exclusively to McCain and his current chart, using transits of zero hour of the day after.

The man is in for trouble, first with women, than with an enormous load of responsibilities. I believe that McCain will be your next President in an extremely trying world.

Let me explain: Saturn is exactly opposite his natal Saturn. A new half-cycle (Saturn) is starting. As Saturn is also closing in to conjunct his Venus in Virgo (not a comfortable aspect), I presume that some “feminine stresses” are to be expected.
Confirming this is a square of transiting Venus to his natal Saturn/Venus opposition, forming a T-square. If he gets elected with Palin, he will have to deal with two women, at least — his wife and his vice-president. We’ll see how that will work out.

But transiting Venus is in McCain’s 10th house. On Nov. 5, it will have just completed a conjunction with his Jupiter in Sagittarius, the ruler of his natal chart. (According to my style of astrological interpretation, a planet in its ruling sign becomes the chart’s “governor.”)

Another salient transit on Nov. 4-5: The Moon is exactly over his natal Moon, in
Aquarius, and Sarah Palin is an Aquarius.

One last point: Uranus, which turns direct on Nov. 27, will exactly conjunct McCain’s Saturn in the first house around Jan. 20, 2009, Inauguration Day. He may finally feel free from the restrictions of Saturn. Being the boss can do that for you.

Or he may feel imprisoned by the media circus (Uranus) that surrounds his new jail at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

8 comments on “McCain’s ‘New’ Chart: The View From Brazil

  1. I was checking another “predictions” site and according to Tarot reading, McCain appears to have actually two women around him as president. Are these two women vice president Sarah Palin on his right and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on his left?

  2. I could not help posting some thoughts here before the elections. It is funny that most pychics or amateur psychics, Tarot readers travel with the events in vogue at the time. Notice that on January 1, 2008, almost all psychics and astrologers(professionals or amateurs) predicted that Hillary was going to be the democratic party nominee and eventually elected president.
    As the time passed by and Hillary started to lose, these same “psychics” and astrologers started to shift towards Obama. The time was right after Hillary’s firt unexpected loss: Iowa. This trend continued and kind of stopped its momemntum when Hillary won Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas.
    Nevertheless, seeing that her fate was already sealed, these same “psychics” and astrologers shifted completely toward Obama. The new “visions” seemed to come as the “ONE” managed to win the nomination. Then the mainstream media and all the Obama machine came together with these “astrologers” to have Obama as the next president of the United States. The only ones that refused to follow this trend were those “Hillary supporters”.
    Then McCain picks the young and dynamic governor Sarah Palin as running mate. A woman!! And a woman who dresses like a Woman!
    Now these same “psychics” and astrologers shifted to McCain because “now the visions tell us that McCain is the one and a prophecy says a woman will be vice president or president in 2009 “.
    Then came the “economic meltdown” of middle September and now the same “psychics” and astrologers shifted again to Obama because “he represents what the stars are saying, he is the one”.
    By October 30, when the “worst economic crisis since the great depression” seemed to fade away, gas prices going down, a relativelly calm Iraq, the marxism of Obama and McCain’s “polls” numbers going up, there is a devide on the same “psychics”. Somes go for Obama, some go for McCain and most all just say they still don’t know for sure. The stars have not talked to them. They are waiting untill after elections to come with their own post mortem predictions.

    For those who have it right since January, congratulations! For those who kept their visions all the way untill the end but failed, best luck next time. For those who shifted ways all the way to the end, you need to occupy your time in something else.

  3. Well, Gian Paul, Obama won. We need to pray for his safety and that his socialist policies don’t make greatest damage to our nation.

    Palin 2012!

  4. Don’t hold your breath yet. With the case against Obama about his US citizenship at birth, might look like those predictions about the person elected president not being the same person sworn in on January takes another step forward!
    Is this rumor become true, it will be a Nostradamian chaos!

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