Astrology and Moving Targets

I was just Googling astrologer Richard Nolle to see what he has to say about the financial crisis, and I happened upon the Web site of an Indian astrologer dedicated to defaming Nolle and exposing his “false predictions,” including that Bill Clinton would be a one-term President.

I won’t dignify the site by linking to it, but the guy had the nerve to sign off by saying “Om, Shanti” (Peace)!

Unlike our Indian counterparts, most Western astrologers do not believe that an outcome is fated. We might look at our charts and say Barack Obama has a good chance of standing on the Capitol steps on Inauguration Day.

But then his GOP opponent John McCain chooses Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential nominee, and Obama makes a stupid comment about putting lipstick on a pig. The next thing you know holding up a tube of lipstick fully extended (sort of phallic-looking to me!) becomes a cool thing to do at McCain rallies.

Was the astrologer who predicted great things for Obama wrong or did the Senator from Illinois jeopardize his chances of being President by impulsively uttering an expression that was taken out of context? As the old Duke Ellington ditty goes, “A slip of the lip can sink a ship.”

I’m not a philosopher or a physicist, but I’ve heard the theory that everything that is going to happen already exists and we’re just walking through a tunnel experiencing all of the exhibits in the museum of our life in linear fashion. That may be true, but I still believe in free will.

As astrologers, we’re only as good as the data we’re given, and our ability to interpret symbols varies from one individual to another. I look at my Fall Equinox chart and see John McCain as Saturn in the 10th. My commenter Cynthia thinks it’s Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson. Who’s right? Maybe both of us. Maybe neither!

In terms of the outer planets, even one like Pluto, which has been “demoted” by astronomers: I think we’re imparting a valuable weather forecast to folks who are interested. We’ve just lived through the economy on steroids, under Pluto in Sagittarius (1995-2008). Now, we’re entering an economic deep freeze with Pluto in Capricorn. Life is going to slow down. We’ll remember how to smell the roses, assuming we do something about pollution pronto.

We’ll get very resourceful, picking up the picnic table that’s in someone’s driveway down the block with a “free” sign on it instead of buying a new one at Home Depot. These more general predictions I can make with confidence. They affect the collective. And even the folks who’ve got a lot of money squirreled away are going to “get back to basics.”

Economists are fond of noting that consumers account for three-fourths of gross domestic product in the U.S. Well, the American consumer is finally tapped out. We’re going to have retool and invest in infrastructure under Pluto in Capricorn. Otherwise, our bridges and highways are going to fall apart.

Right now, politicians in Washington are trying to prop up the structure of the financial system. But that is bound to come tumbling down under Pluto in Capricorn. It must be rebuilt.

To wind up this rant, Richard Nolle is a fabulous astrologer. His Web site does an amazing job of predicting extreme weather and where it’s going to happen. Perhaps when he predicted that Clinton was going to be a one-term President, he was expecting that Clinton’s impeachment was going to result in the President leaving the White House.

Or perhaps those prayers that Clinton offered up paid off. I believe in miracles, the deus ex machina, and Divine Intervention. But I also believe that how much a person can benefit from these forces depends on the aspects in his natal chart.

When the Sun sign column says it’s my lucky day, I usually get a windfall of some kind — a school tax refund that I’d forgotten about, a small royalty check, or a rebate check from buying a small appliance that I’d mailed in months earlier. Do I win the lottery? No, but I’ll keep buying the tickets, just in case.

I don’t think the election is a “done deal,” by any means, but as they say on Wall Street, “don’t fight the tape,” or in our case, the chart. Our Fall Equinox chart has Old Man Saturn in the 10th. Anybody who wants to run the show better let the gray show in his or her hair. Age and authority are back on top, at least in this horoscope.

4 comments on “Astrology and Moving Targets

  1. The older Monica’s blog entries are, like this one, the more they are revealing her considerable foresights! And on top of it one can check her out on her astrological hunches…

    The US stock market these last days went through considerable ups and downs. For whom still cares to take notice.

    There is a really interesting astrological phenomenon occuring right today with respect to the DOW. (Ever wondered why this old-fashioned index is still the most popular of all? I guess it must have to do with the map of it’s first publication – on May 25, 1896 – having a superb Jupiter in Leo, trine Mars and sextile the Sun. And then Venus in Taurus – the bull…).

    At this very moment I am writing the DOW just lost 275 points, erasing more then what he gained yesterday, and that was nice too…(there is however still an hour to go from here, giving Bernanke/Geithner some small opportunity to “fix something better for the week-end”, it’s Haloween after all).

    On the DOW chart, Lua just now transited Mars AND opposes Saturn in the skies, which, as we all know, is himself still opposing Uranus but today also entered into an exact square with Pluto. Well, well… Thought Monica and a few others might be interested in this chart. Cirio.

    PS. Who was worried that for the 2016 Olympics in Rio there would be a security risk, Lula’s government has already taken the necessary provisions. One of them is to give the police bullet-proof helicopters. So should one of them receive a few projectiles while flying over one or the other favella, the risk of it to fall on some spectators, is practically eliminated!

    PPS. I could not understand why the police would want to fly over the favellas in Rio, already entering there by foot or by car can be risky, until a Carioca friend (Carioca is who is from Rio) explained that it is because of the view. Must indeed be spectacular. As so many other things in Rio…

  2. Here some additional observations on “Moving Targets”: As Obama visits with Chinese and other Oriental leaders, his servants Geithner and Bernanke are going out of their way to assure their creditors that the US wants a strong Dollar and (incidentally) one day also to repay it’s debts. No-one believes them, least the French. Christine Lagarde, French Finance Minister, is expressing her doubts (i.e. Sarkosy’s). And so are many others.

    And the markets oblige. As of today the US dollar lost 4% on a trade weighted basis in just one month!

    PS. It’s never boring here in Brazil: The other day we had a pretty serious power black-out. Instead of having gone into needed power lines, the money probably went to some obscure bank accounts in Geneva or Zurich. Obscure is the word to use…

    PPS. The nice side of happenings here: Madonna came to visit her Jesus LUZ (that’s his name, “Light”, translated into English, exactly on the day all lights went out in Rio and many other places. Next day, the lights having returned, she went ahead as planed with a charity dinner. To help her activities in some poor African countries. She managed to collect 3 million dollars, not bad. Until came a rich Brazilian, at the very end of the event, Eike Batista, and rounded it up to 10 millions. Madonna was in tears, genuinely…

    PPPS. Like Giselle (Buendchen)? Well, if you do, you certainly know that she is pregnant, 8 th month now. So as a model she has to keep back-stage for a while. But that remarkable Brazilian lady knows how to use her time: she just passed the first series of her helicopter’s pilot licence. The rest appears a mere formality.

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