2008 Fall Equinox: Uncle Sam to the Rescue

Last Sunday, I was disappointed when Ray Merriman decided to dispense with the last part of his weekly commentary, which is called “Longer-Term Thoughts.”

Merriman, who is considered the “Dean of Financial Astrology,” said he fears his column is being politicized ahead of the election and is refraining from making comments about the long term for now. This week, Merriman reprinted highlights from a chilling article he wrote the upcoming transit of Pluto in Capricorn.

As I study the Fall Equinox chart, set for 11:45 a.m. on Sept. 22, I too am feeling reticent about reporting my interpretation of this chart.

I think many astrologers are having a hard time separating what they would like for this country and what they see in their charts. It’s the same reason why it’s hard to do astrology readings for friends. We only want to see good things in their future, and if we report negative possibilities, we are open to accusations that we are not being good friends or that somehow we don’t want the best for them.

O.K., that’s my prelude. In the Fall Equinox chart, Saturn in Virgo is very close to the Midheaven, in the 10th house, which also houses the Sun at 0 degrees of Libra. The Saturn is opposed by Uranus in Pisces in the fourth house of home and security and trined by Jupiter in Capricorn in the second house of resources.

In the chart of a country or in a mundane chart like the Fall Equinox, set for Washington, D.C., the 10th house is the President. Saturn is the Old Man. Maybe I should leave it at that, but my interpretation of this chart is that a grateful electorate will reward the Republicans for rescuing the financial system by electing John McCain President.

The Moon, which governs the people, is in security-oriented Cancer is in the eighth house of other people’s resources. The eighth house traditionally rules investments. It’s squaring the Sun, a challenging aspect that means the masculine and feminine forces are at odds with each other. (No kidding!)

Americans are afraid of losing their homes, their pensions, and their portfolios. This bailout is ongoing. I don’t think voters will want to change horses in the middle of the stream.

The stellium of Mercury/Mars/Venus in Libra is the 11th house, which rules Congress in a country’s chart. There’s going to be a lot of bickering going on. The Libra triple conjunction is trine Pluto in expansive Sagittarius in the second house. I think after a considerable amount of debate, revision, and even possible legal challenges, the $700 billion bailout of the financial system (a figure some commentators say is actually $1 trillion, if you include earlier rescue packages), will go through.

The Fall Equinox chart has a Scorpio rising, making Pluto the ruler of the chart. Pluto, which has been demoted by astronomers but still gets respect from astrologers, is in Sagittarius. A lot of people out there think the rescue of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the mortgage giants, was to benefit foreign (Sag) holders of its bonds. With Pluto in the second, I wouldn’t be surprised if foreign investors are a key factor in the overhaul of the financial system or to see multilateral groups such as the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) get involved.

Based in Basel, Switzerland, the BIS is the “bank for central banks.”

Other astrological bloggers have noted that having Jupiter and Pluto in the second house looks like a signature of prosperity, even though they are in different signs. I won’t argue with that. Still, Americans shouldn’t get lulled into thinking everything is alright, because it’s not.

Let’s get back to Uranus in the fourth. When I raise the possibility that McCain will be our next President to my friends, I like to remind them that some of the most radical times in this country occurred under President Richard M. Nixon.

The Uranian desire to shake up the Saturnian status quo (the Saturn/Uranus opposition, which is exact on Election Day) isn’t going away. In fact, it will become galvanized under the scenario I foresee.

You say you want a revolution? Well, first you need something or someone to revolt against: I give you John McCain.

Other possibilities for the Saturn/Uranus opposition fairly close the MC/IC of the Fall Equinox chart: unrest (Uranus) about unemployment and health insurance (Saturn in Virgo), and extreme weather such as hurricanes and earthquakes. (No, folks, it’s not over yet.)

The other stellium (group of planets) in the sky right now is the Neptune/North Node/Chiron triple conjunction in Aquarius. It falls in the third house of neighborhoods and media of the Fall Equinox chart. Look for a full-court press from Barack Obama supporters going door-to-door and sending out e-mail, links to blogs, and other electronic messages of support.

The Aquarius stellium trines the Libra lineup in the 11th house, which is traditionally the house of “hopes and dreams.” Those critics of Obama who say that he wrote a best-selling book, Dreams From My Father, but failed to sponsor any important legislation in the Senate could be in for a surprise after the election. Actually, according to the Wiki, these naysayers are wrong. From this Wiki entry, it would appear that the Senator from Illinois has been involved in important lawmaking efforts.

I think that the idealism of the Obama campaign will translate into activism in Congress. Helping to light a fire under lawmakers will be a galvanized electorate afraid of losing their homes (Uranus in the fourth). The days of a do-nothing Democratic-controlled Congress are over.

That’s my forecast based on the Fall Equinox chart, folks. I didn’t say everyone was going to like it. If truth be told, I don’t like it myself. I was looking forward to having a member of the Pluto in Virgo generation in the White House.

13 comments on “2008 Fall Equinox: Uncle Sam to the Rescue

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  3. I think the real trouble trying to predict the future is that no one knows what is going to happen in between. The what if’s are endless. If the bail out is aimed at overseas banks, then we jumped right over socialism to facism. So then what? Could Bush call the election off? Yes he could. What would that mean? Could he not be considered to fit the 10th house Saturn signal? Yes it could. Would you not see an uprising if that happened? Yes you would.

    So let’s go day by day, no matter what happens we’re in for a bumpy ride.

  4. Cynthia — You make a very good point about not knowing what the future holds. Still, I never have viewed George W. Bush as very Saturnian. He wasn’t a very convincing authority figure. Everyone has always figured that Cheney was running the show.

    What’s troubling about the Wall Street bailout is that Treasury Secretary Paulson has asked Congress to approve it before lawmakers adjourn on September 26. So any rescue package is going to be approved under a Mercury retrograde. We all know what that means: It’s going to be subject to revision. That we can say with certainty! — Monica

  5. If the country is really in such deep trouble as most of you seem to be fearing, why does Congress NOT ADJOURN?

    Here in Brazil it’s common, to help fill the coffers of parliamentarians, but not always.-GP

    PS Brazilians presently are equally involved in elections. A funny note for who’s interested in astrology: The country in principle should have set the clocks for summer time last weekend (solstice). But given the elections it was “decided” that it would be better to change to summer time only after the elections. The government is afraid that the “more plebeians amongst the voters” would not make it in time to get out of bed for voting. (Some voters here spend a day’s journey on donkey back to vote, and the vote is mandatory.)

    PSS Every country its own worries.

  6. Just for fun, how about Paulson being the Saturn mark? He’s the one trying to get the golden checkbook all to himself. What if he does? That would have to show up somewhere.

  7. Gian Paul, they did want to adjourn Congress and are scheduled to do so on September 26th for pre-election campaigning. Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada admitted that they didn’t know what to do about the situation.

    Congress has an average approval rate of 20% (which makes Bush’s 30% (RCP avg) look good). There has already been some grumbling because Congress took their August recess without discussing energy issues, specifically offshore drilling, and House Speaker Pelosi refused to reconvene. To do recess again without taking care of business would yield substantial political fallout. They may make it to zero yet.

  8. I haven’t precisely researched this comment on oil, because I cannot find my chart for the creation of OPEC, but:

    Oil in my experience responds closely to Saturn. And I remember that 29 years ago (Saturn cycle), in 1978/79, its price peaked at about $35 a barrel. The protagonist in the energy drama then was Colonel Gaddafi of Libya. I remember how he used to spend his summers in Geneva in one of the top hotels, bringing his own sheep and, after pulling up the carpet, grilling them in his hotel suite. What can money not buy?

    More seriously, and always keeping astrology and cycles in mind: Today, 29 years later the price of oil for Europeans has NOT CHANGED! Here is why: In 1979 one US$ was worth about 4.- Deutsche Marks. (4,3 euros, if I remember well.)

    So, $35 multiplied by 4 or 4.3 (value of the US$ in those days), was the equivalent of little less than DM 140-150.- or euros, rounding to simplify things.

    Now, today we are again back up to $120.- $128, right now, and divide this at today’s value of the US$ / 1.45 euro, and we get at more or less 80.-/90.- euro per barrel of oil. It’s even cheaper today than it was back in 1979!

    What good did Dick Cheney do for America’s consumers you may ask. Or is it that Colonel Gaddafi (by his looks I would guess that he must be quite Saturnian,) employs a good astrologer and is passing the word around to his friends in OPEC?

    Possibly Condoleeza Rice knows more about it now that she visited with the Colonel. However, considering the elections pending, she prefers to keep quiet.

    The Colonel’s son was recently arrested and sent to jail in Geneva. The reason was that he abused his maid and her husband. Personally I was surprised that he actually was sent to jail, with all the money he must have!

    The matter now seems to be settled, but the price of oil is on the way up again. Watch out, Saturn and other heavyweights are getting into direct mode. Continue to think it is better to avoid U.S. assets.

  9. Thank you Sasha, very good to know what you just said. Want to laugh a bit?

    When I said that Brazilian parliamentarians love to cancel recess, it’s because they get paid double salary (yes Madam, double). Furthermore, quite a few of them employ up to 80 of their own family members in “cabinet positions.” Add it all up and no one will contest that they have a “nice fix” here in a poor country.

    Explains why the country is poor and the banks in Zurich and Geneva and Luxembourg etc. love Brazil! Destiny of sorts: The same banks than stupidly gamble funds away in dubious derivatives and what-have-you in “safe New York.” And now the poor American taxpayer, already concerned about the value of his house…

    It’s becoming a “Kafkanian circle”, so lets see the next step in all this!

  10. More on oil: The precious liquid was at $85/barrel in February this year while Saturn was retrograding at 5-6 degrees Virgo. When Saturn went direct in early May, oil rapidly moved to its (so far peak ) of almost $150/barrel in July.

    Then came the “morning after.” Oil corrected, probably because of what had been earned relatively easily and quickly in other commodities as well, got squandered away in derivatives in the financial capital of this world.

    With the Sun passing the then already direct Saturn in mid-September, the “oil related forces,” i.e. Opec and foremost the Iranians, were mobilized. If someone happens to be treasurer of say the Kuwaiti or Saudi or Indonesian government, what he wants is to earn a good bonus at yearend. So, with the price of oil down, the dollar has to go up. And it happened. Almost a “textbook” case.

    Applause to Jean-Claude Trichet (head of the European Central Bank), the king of the Saudis, even to Lula, the president of Brazil, ecstatic with recent oil discoveries at no less than 7,000 meters below sea level. Proven but far away yet from flowing.

    But today oil is up and the dollar is down. What will the Chinese and Japanese and Korean and Arab financiers do next? No matter how much U.S. taxpayers may have to suffer in the near or more distant future, the decision process evidently is now globalized. The ascending spiral just pulled itself up to another, larger circle. Fascinating or awesome?

    We’ll probably hear in a few days time the Saudi king make some “favorable statements” in direction of more stability. Easy, oil is back up, and probably will not so rapidly fall again.

    And there are many ecologists who think “the higher the price of oil, the better.” Possibly they have a point…

  11. Today is quite a day! Is Putin “establishing contact” or giving a try at influencing U.S. elections? (Does he remember what Khomeini did with Jimmy Carter?)

    Brazilian news has just announced that a “Russian war fleet” is on its way to visit the Caribbean isles and Venezuela, apparently in response to a U.S. frigate having visited Sotchi port in Georgia to unload powdered milk and other innocent neccessities.

    What’s going on?

  12. Monica, Just got through reading the feedback posted on his latest column at StarIQ.com. Poor Ray Merriman – I can understand why he feels that his column is getting politicized. It appears to be happening to everybody – bloggers, pundits, commenters who respond to an issue in good faith. Evidently no one is entitled to express an opinion or sincere belief without being personally attacked as ignorant, deluded or downright evil.

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