Why the Bulls Run on Wall Street

Yesterday, I was at my day job, and while I was pulling a picture of the charging bull down on Broadway around the corner from the New York Stock Exchange, I had a eureka! moment. Even though I’ve been covering financial markets for 30 years and been following astrology for nearly 40, I had never made the connection before.

The bull, which is slang for a trader who believes stocks are rising, is also the symbol for Taurus, which is the Sun sign of the New York Stock Exchange. The Big Board was born May 17, 1792 at 10 a.m. in New York City under a buttonwood tree not far from the existing exchange at Broad and Wall streets and around the corner from where the iconic bull statue is on Broadway.

Don’t ask me about the bear, slang for those who believe equities are headed for a downturn. It will probably take another 30 years to figure out the astrological reason for that.

4 comments on “Why the Bulls Run on Wall Street

  1. To an “eureka-insight” an “eureka-response”: Greed (Venus/Taurus?) motivates the bulls, hence the stampede when stocks go up. The Bears come after, once things were overdone. Or, caught in a stampede, a bear may not be able to save himself otherwise than by unvoluntarily climbing a trie – and to come down again may be difficult.

    Is the market soon turning as you broke your long silence?

  2. That’s funny, and it was right in front of you the whole time! The native americans associated the bear with the zodiac’s time of virgo. Skeptics I guess. There’s nothing quite like a number cruncher to pop the bubble, and I’ve tended to notice that those who are extremely into that, like EW, seem so bearish.

  3. If there is a bear you know in your surroundings, Monica, you can tell him/her that it’snow safe climbing down from that tree. The stampede appears over, for now, at least.

  4. Monica, bulls are also associated w the ancient cult of Mithras (gold) and of course there’s the golden calf in the Old Testament. Either way, there’s greed under hoof on Wall Street! jc

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