Jude’s Threshold Redux on Dec. 21 Lunar Eclipse

I was noticing the lineup of planets clustering around 0 degrees of Capricorn (Mercury, moving in retrograde fashion, is there as I write this and Pluto and the North Node are close by) and decided to do a Web search on what astrologers are saying about the Dec. 21 Lunar Eclipse at 29 degrees of Gemini. In my Internet travels, I discovered that Jude blogged about this eclipse back on July 30. It’s a great post. Check it out.

My gut feeling is that this eclipse is going to create huge delays in transportation and problems in communication because it falls in the Gemini/Sag axis and it coincides with a Merc retrograde. We’re already seeing this, with an Amtrak train being stuck for 10 hours overnight.

With Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, so close to the North Node and opposite the eclipse point, I think there’s a good possibility that the eclipse will usher in the death of a world leader.


2 comments on “Jude’s Threshold Redux on Dec. 21 Lunar Eclipse

    • Monica, a belated Thanks a Bunch for this link! I hadn’t seen it until today & hope you’ll be posting more of your excellent astrology work – yes? Hope you & yours are well, Jude

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