Hat Tip to Astrology Mundo

After Ted Kennedy and Aretha Franklin wore hats to Obama’s inauguration, Astrology Mundo declared that hats were poised for a comeback.

At the time, I took a lot of flack for this prediction. But I’m feeling vindicated today by a story on page 1 of The Wall Street Journal with the headline “Discovering Hats, a New Generation Brims With Anxiety Over Etiquette.”

3 comments on “Hat Tip to Astrology Mundo

  1. The one prediction about hats turning out to be interesting, I am more intrigued by your second time warning to better stay out of stocks!

    Despite the Geitner/Bernanke gymnastics, the last New Moon at 17 degr. Leo transited Mars of the NYSE horoscope at 15 degr Leo. And the results start raining in. Monica, were you hiding the smaller details from you public?

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