Jeffrey Kishner’s Got a Groovy New Pad!

Lots of technical difficulties today on the AstroChatter Radio podcast that I do each Tuesday at noon with Pamela Cucinell on BlogTalkRadio. We started 40 minutes late because Pamela changed her Internet service provider and didn’t get her normal e-mail reminder. I didn’t call her either, the way I normally do because I was afraid I was becoming a pest.

I was scouring my e-mail to see if Pamela had tried to contact me to tell me something was wrong and I discovered an e-mail from Jeffrey Kishner, who used to host Seduction Central.

Kishner recently launched, which has a fabulous lineup of articles about sex, relationships, and celebrities, not to mention a knockout design. Kudos to you, Jeffrey. Sorry it took me a while to get to this.


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