Spending is Out; Saving is In

A friend of mine who works in marketing and PR asked me how Pluto in Capricorn, which begins on Nov. 27 and lasts until 2024, is going to be different from Pluto in Sagittarius, which began in 1995. She wants to know how she should change her media pitches.

The bottom line is: Most magazine and newspaper articles during Pluto in Sag were about how to spend money or speculate, or profiled people who were big spenders or big givers (generosity is a key Sag trait).

By contrast, most of the coverage in the consumer and business press during Pluto in Cap will focus on how to save money in all kinds of ways and will lionize those who are good at it. Cheapskates, this is your moment to shine!

Here’s what I’m talking about: My friend Barb tells me in Buffalo the daily newspaper has changed the name of its Technology section (Monday’s business front) to Money Smarts, which includes a weekly column by the “Discount Diva.”

During Pluto in Sag, we had lots of money but no time. Now, we’re going to have plenty of time but no money. Life is going to S-L-O-W down perceptibly, regardless of what the Mayan Code folks say.

Instead of paying other folks to do stuff for us, like raise our kids, clean our houses, and plant our gardens, we’re going to do it ourselves.

Finally — you’re not going to believe this — duty is going to make a comeback!

I’m talking about quiet, honorable duty, not pride or aggression masquerading as duty.


2 comments on “Spending is Out; Saving is In

  1. It’s about time that duty is making a comeback rather than the worship of mountebanks posing as individual heroes (think Donald Trump and his imitators). It’s the only way the human race is going to possibly survive.

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