All Hail Arianna Huffington, Queen of All Media!

Gian Paul, Astrology Mundo’s “Brazil bureau chief,” had predicted Nov. 4 would be a great day for Republican John McCain and conservative media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

Given that Democrat Barack Obama won the Presidential election, the media titan who is sitting pretty this morning is Arianna Huffington. She runs the liberal news aggregator, The Huffington Post, that has been pro-Obama throughout election season.

Huffington has been the subject of profiles by Astrology Mundo, Star IQ’s Michael WolfStar, and Vanity Fair. I called the Greek immigrant a modern-day Betsy Ross.

WolfStar, top-notch investigator that he is, learned that there are two birthdays reported for Huffington: July 7, 1950 and July 15, 1950. He likes the latter, and it’s available, thanks to his calculations here.

8 comments on “All Hail Arianna Huffington, Queen of All Media!

  1. Monica. — Since Day One it has always been fun to read your comments and to respond. I often had to laugh about all the “seriousness” with which you treat astrology in your caring hands.

    The latest laugh was just now, reading your post on Arianna Huffington. Despite my wrong predictions, you still speak of me as “our Brazil bureau chief.” (My bureau consists of a not-always functioning laptop.)

    Were you running a business, I could not wish having a better boss!

    Now, to be a little more serious: I remember having mentioned in some comment on your blog that with the aspects President Barack Obama will have on Inauguration, he better not be POTUS.

    But it’s not for today. I congratulate all of you who wished Obama victory.

    Turning to McCain, he may indeed have an excellent day today (as I had predicted, needless to insist…): At his age and with the difficulties in the economy, he can finally enjoy his retirement. He does not need to distinguish himself from George W. Bush anymore. He can lean back and watch Sarah Palin from far, if he wishes to do so.

    On Murdoch: With hindsight, it’s always easy to be more objective: Obviously he would not have risked his business empire by going against prevailing electoral forces. Now, with his media vehicles he may have a more comfortable position.

    Fox, etc. is now the opposition! In Congress, the opposition from now on hardly exists or has a chance to be effective.

    Two reactions on BO’s victory: Nicolas Sarkozy, this morning (in public, not “speaking” to Palin), said that he is very excited about Obama having been elected. (Airbus expects the new U.S. President to take a favorable attitude towards the air refueling fleet for the U.S.)

    Here in Brazil, Lula already has said loud and strong that HE has shown Obama the way. So be it.

    I was in town today and spoke to various people, even the proverbial taxi-driver. There is definite admiration here in Brazil for a (now freshly proven) dynamic America, the land where dreams still are allowed to come true. Ciao, GP

  2. What a finish. The Saturn call you made was pivotal in a read of the equinox chart, right energy, which is all we can really point to happening. So, what becomes of Palin?

    Ho boy, Stevens won. He must step down. Palin will take his place.

  3. Jass — Right before I got your e-mail, I got a phone call from a friend with good political contacts who told me the exact same thing. I think you’re right that we’ll soon be hearing more about Senator Palin. — Monica

  4. Gian Paul — There’s no question that I approach astrology quite seriously. That’s to be expected with a Saturn/Mercury conjunction in Capricorn, which sextiles Neptune in Scorpio and trines Pluto in Virgo.

    And I agree that President-elect Obama faces a difficult task. There are still 77 more days for the Republicans to screw up the economy even more and for companies to lay off workers.

    Not that you’re beating yourself up for calling John McCain the winner, but I do think predicting the election, with the Saturn/Uranus opposition exact in the sky on Election Day, was quite difficult.

    In the end, Ray Merriman did it without partisanship, but I think most astrologers were being guided by their hearts instead of their charts, whichever side of the aisle they were on. And, of course, there were those who were guided by something else altogether in the face of Sarah Palin’s considerable feminine charms. 🙂

    Poor Sarah. She looked ready to cry last night. Maybe she’ll get to be a senator and she won’t have to donate all those pretty clothes to charity.– Monica

  5. Monica – Permit me to come to the defense of the “hockey-mom.” If she “looked like she was going to cry last night,” it’s because she is profoundly Aquarian: the “creative-actor – type.”

    I think that the Election results will actually benefit Palin in the long run. Why? Suppose McPalin had won? Her chances to become POTUS in 2012 would have become instantly null. Eight years of Bush, extended by another four of surrogate Mc Cain, in total, would be 12 years of Republican rule. Even with more experience in 2012, Palin could most probably not be able to extend Republican rule for yet another four years.

    So, for the Moose Hunter/Hockey-mom, it’s much more advantageous that Obama deals with the problems of how to address the economy, get the troops out of the Middle East, etc.

    British politics are worth watching as a true example of how bipartisan political systems can positively function. Maggie Thacher grew tall while in the opposition. And then, at the right moment, she came “out of the closet.” Another stand-up woman.

    Interesting that the Russian “potentate” Putin has announced that he will install missiles to counteract the U.S. radars and anti-missile stuff your country is putting up in Poland, Ukraine, etc.

    Is VP Biden a visionary? — GP

  6. Monica – Being the “Brazil Bureau chief,” I cannot pass in silence the great meeting to take place this weekend here in Sâo Paulo:

    President-cum-Sheik Lula already announced that this all important G-20 meeting here will have to decide how to revise the Bretton Woods Agreement. The world financial crisis, according to the understanding of Brazilian government ministers, started because of President Bush’s failure to save Lehman Brothers in time.

    The Brazilians are asking the right question: Why should one of the most rapidly growing emerging countries (Brazil) suffer because of the mistakes of the U.S. government.

    If Barack Obama promised change, unexpected additional demands for change may come from traditionally solid allies of the U.S. The poor man (astrologically speaking, considering his transits on Inauguration) appears truly to be “in for a rough ride,” and the world with him!

    Needless to say that I am very concerned about the financial situation the world economy is facing. The more our (?) political leaders spend time in “meetings” and what-have-you other “gatherings,” the more we will probably end up with a second inefficient world organization (kind of a “financial UN”). I will not fail to note the exact birth hour of that next “thing.”

    General De Gaulle called the UN “le machin” (that thing) and his economic adviser, Jacques Rueff, called the Bretton Woods Agreement “la tricherie des Américains” (freely interpreted: the way the Americans manage to screw the rest of the world…” )

    Who knows, the Chinese may now have their say. Sitting on trillions of dollars/yen/euros of currency reserves, they may become the masters of who decides exchange rates today. They used to have 85 % of their reserves in the dollar. Today, if my information is correct, it’s only 68%. A shift of only 1% of that type of money can change the world.

    When I heard that Paul Volcker ( Carter’s “tall crocodile” ) is now being considered a “savior of the financial world” at practically the same moment “guru Greenspan” admits that he lost the ability to forecast (besides the tsunami type of stuff…), I , as a simple citizen who has to decide where to put my hard -earned-dollars, simply do not know what to do anymore!

  7. What are the stars saying now? Palin a senator? I guess the big loser of these elections is not John McCain, it is Hillary Clinton whose dream of becoming the first woman president dissapeared Tuesday night. The big winners are not Obama or his angry wife, the big winners are Joe Biden whose plagiarist loser butt was picked by Obama to be his running mate. Biden just can’t hide his happiness. From failure senator and candidate to vice president in less than 2 months.
    The other big winner is Sarah Palin whose chances of becoming the first woman elected president in the US is now more in sight. She always wanted to debate Obama not Biden. If things don’t go good for Barack within 2 years and he can’t fulfill his many promises, and if Sarah is intelligent enough to have as running mate a Hispanic, Obama will have to get used to be a One Term President just like Carter.
    Sarah Palin with a Hispanic running mate would beat Obama-Biden by a Reagan landslide.
    Expect a “contract with America” style of come back for the Republicans in 2010.

  8. Bernadette Brady is using her excellent Fixed Star paran work to predict no Republican in the W-H until 2020! By then the ‘parties’ may have each split and/or be calling themselves something different.

    Most of the ‘party’ stuff is meant to keep the electorate divided and conquered.

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