Nancy: The Astrologer Who Predicted Obama Would Win

We astrologers have taken some ribbing from commenter Carmelo and others for changing our predictions of who would win the U.S. Presidential election according to which way the political winds were blowing.

Let’s set the record straight: At least one astrologer has been saying Barack Obama all along, and that’s Nancy at Starlight News.

Congrats to you, Nancy, for getting it right, and thanks for leading us through the wilderness during the past eight years. Those reams of graph paper paid off!

2 comments on “Nancy: The Astrologer Who Predicted Obama Would Win

  1. I think this game of astrologically predicting election results is like predicting the winner of the Kentucky Derby using just two horses.
    The stars were all arranged for a McCain win. But the stars did not see “ACRON”, more than half a billion dollars on “donations” to the Obama campaign from “US citizens” supporters.
    The stars did not see the hypnotic trance Obama had on the masses.
    Now just a couple of astrologers now come with the post elections “I had it right!” thing.
    Are the stars not telling the truth or they just talk to “certain” astrologers only?
    Let’s do this: let’s predict from now wether or not Sarah Palin will make history becoming the first woman nominee for president of the USA in 2012. What are the stars saying about this prospect?
    Or let it put it more simple: let’s predict whether or not she runs for office. Now there are not “opinion polls” or campaigns. We only have a couple of inquiring minds drooling about the possibility of a woman president in 2012.
    Will the 45th US president be wearing skirts and high heels? Hey, it is not too soon for this. The astrologers in the Bible predicted the birth of the Messiah decades before it happened.

    Other simple questions would be: Will Obama be able to “fix” the economy? Will he bring our troops back from Iraq in 16 months(one combat brigade per month) as he promised 9 months ago during his campaign?
    These are the two main promises people voted for him and the Congress.
    Let the planets talk!

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