John McCain, Father of Indian Casino Gambling?

Whether you like a 9 a.m. or 11 a.m. birth time for John McCain, he’s got Jupiter in high-rolling Sagittarius in the second house of resources.

As stern Saturn at 15 degrees of Virgo squares that Jupiter exactly, The New York Times has exposed McCain’s close ties to the Indian gaming industry. Here’s the Times story.

I got my lead from Salon.

Like McCain, I have Jupiter in Sagittarius, but mine is in the third house of communications. So instead of ending up with a lot of money, I’ve ended up with a lot of words, both here and elsewhere. No complaints.

Under Pluto in Sagittarius, gambling has become serious problem for many people in this country, some of whom have run the nation’s financial institutions into the ground. So I don’t want to make light of the issue or of any politician’s close ties to lobbyists.

Still, as someone who likes to buy a lottery ticket or spin a roulette wheel every once in a while, I can relate to being chastised for indulging in games of chance.

I’m reserving further comment on this one other than to say the Lord may work in mysterious ways, but Saturn doesn’t. He kicks your butt, man! Just ask John McCain.


2 comments on “John McCain, Father of Indian Casino Gambling?

  1. The amount of confusing signals and probable disinformation that is out there to be consumed is pretty high right now, with too many echo chambers and not enough clear views. This especially applies to polls. There’s probably one that is correct, but its not the one people believe.

    What’s your thoughts with the day of the election being void-of-course for the moon?

  2. SAMM — You are right about all the confusing signals. You know, the Moon is also void of course at noon on Inauguration Day. Maybe what the VOC moons on Election Day and Inauguration Day mean is that the next President is going to have his hands tied because of our financial crisis. — Monica

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