American Idol: David vs. David

What do you do when you’re stuck in the Houston airport besides watching CNN all day? You run the charts of David Archuleta and David Cook, the two remaining contestants on American Idol. I wish had birth times for both of the singers, but I don’t. Both of these charts look so auspicious for May 21, 2008, the night the winner is announced, that it’s tough to make a call.

What’s interesting is that both rivals for the American Idol crown have their progressed Suns near 24 degrees of Capricorn, even though Cook is a Sagittarius and Archuleta is a Capricorn and they were born eight years apart.

Cook, the older and grittier performer of the two, was born Dec. 20, 1982 in Houston. Unlike many Idol competitors, he plays an instrument, the guitar. Here’s his natal chart, with progressions and transits for May 21, courtesy of Astrodienst:

Archuleta was born Dec. 28, 1990 in Miami. He kind of reminds me of the boys from Menudo. He’s one of those Latin heartthrobs that is the stuff of teenybopper dreams. Even though he’s going to be 18 this December, he seems younger to me. Sexy, but safe enough for parents to encourage the infatuation.

Here’s his chart, with transits and progressions:

After pondering both charts, I’ll predict that Archuleta wins, but by an eyelash. Even though I expect Archuleta to be the victor, based on both astrology and the rationale that tweens have nothing better to do than cast their electronic votes for the next American Idol, I think that Cook has a very promising career ahead of him. He may end up as runner-up, but he definitely won’t be a has-been after Idol is over.

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  3. Hey Monica,
    I notice that both David’s have planetary connections to the Gallactic center. Cook’s Sun and Archuletta’s Mercury conjunct. Cook has got to be and Aries rising with the big forehead and prominent arched eyebrows. I bet Archuletta is an Aquarius rising. His eyes have that Aquarian clarity and he’s been criticized repeatedly throughout the competition for closing them too often when he sings.
    Jupiter is conjunct Cook’s Juno next week while the final pass of his Saturn return occurs.
    I wonder if Archuletta’s voice will hold up. Jupiter is conjunct his Saturn/Chiron midpoint.
    For balance, I’ll go with Cook as the winner.

  4. Congrats to Chris for calling David Cook as the winner of American Idol. Jupiter conjunct Cook’s Juno told the tale. I wasn’t even looking at Juno, but if I want to be in the business of picking winners, I guess I better. Any thoughts on the Indy 500?

  5. Sorry about that Nadia. Usually I sign in every day so people can look at the charts, but I was offline for a while. I’m working up to PDFs. Thanks for your patience and thanks for calling the problem to my attention. Best, Monica

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