Houston, We Have a Problem

 I got a call from a friend yesterday who said she’s already feeling the Mercury retrograde. So am I! I spent all day in the Houston airport yesterday trying to catch a flight to the United Astrology Conference in Denver. My brother is a pilot with Continental Airlines and I get to fly for “free” – if there are extra seats on the plane.

Yesterday, I had no trouble hopping a flight from Albuquerque to Houston but then my luck changed. I tried to get on five flights from Houston to Denver but I didn’t make it. The flights were oversold so none of the standby passengers could get on. Some of the more geographic-minded among you might be asking: Why not fly directly from Albuquerque to Houston?

The answer is that if you’re traveling Continental, you basically have to go to their hub in Houston for your connecting flights.

To add insult to injury, the mini van that was bringing me to the Clarion Hotel last night overheated on the way so the driver and I had to wait about a half-hour for another van to come rescue us.

The story gets better. In my natal chart, Neptune is on my Sun/Moon midpoint and there is often deception in my relationships. I also have a Venus/Pluto square so there is sometimes triangulation as well.

I planned to tell my husband that I was at UAC once I arrived in Denver. Of course, readers of my blog knew I was heading to the astro confab, so I wasn’t exactly keeping it a secret. Well, one of my readers is a friend of my husband’s and called him yesterday to see how I was getting along in Denver.

When I checked my voicemail while sitting in the broken-down van, I was greeted with the message: “Why didn’t you tell me that you were going to an astrology convention? You made me look like a fool. I don’t care that you’re there, but why did I have to find out from someone else?”

My defense for not being up front about my plans to go up to UAC in Denver after visiting my Mom in Albuquerque was that he wouldn’t understand that I wanted to commune with people who follow the stars and would instead suspect that I was up to some hanky-panky. (His Mars is conjunct my Pluto and squares my Venus.)

Also, with transiting Saturn moving toward my natal Pluto, ruler of my second house of resources, money is an issue right now. My husband confirmed my fears that he would think I was being extravagant by making the sarcastic comment: “I suppose one of your well-heeled gurus is picking up the tab for the convention.”

I thought with transiting Jupiter on my natal Capricorn Sun being sextiled by Uranus in Pisces that I’d be having a great time right now. Yes, I’m making friends with the other standby passengers in the Houston airport. And if I ever make it to UAC, I’ll have fun swapping data and theories with all the astrologers there.

But when it comes to the seventh house (Mars rules mine), things are looking pretty dismal. And Merc in Gemini slowing down in my third isn’t helping matters much. On the bright side, my brother will be back in the Houston airport today so we can have lunch. If I don’t get on a flight to Denver today, I’ll be able to stay at his apartment tonight.

Maybe the silver lining of Mercury preparing to go retrograde in my third house of siblings and communications is an unexpected opportunity to catch up with my little brother. See you in Denver!


2 comments on “Houston, We Have a Problem

  1. Jeez, I thought you were a wise witch. Of course you’re supposed to be spending time with your little brother instead of being with all the other self-important astrology people. You don’t need the stars to tell you that. Fate intervenes rather forcefully sometimes with obvious messages. As for the marriage, yikes!

  2. SFMike — Thanks for listening. I calmed down a little once I got to Denver. And it was great to spend time with my brother the pilot. — Monica

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