Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s Bully Pulpit

Well, you’ve got to give Reverend Jeremiah Wright credit: I haven’t heard this much discussion about race in America since the O.J. Simpson trial. Before the firestorm dies down, I want to put up a chart for Reverend Wright, who was recently denounced by his former congregant, Democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

While I’m surprised that Reverend Wright has chosen this moment in time for his closeup, I’m not stunned by some of his “outrageous,” to use Obama’s word, theories. I’ve had black friends who wouldn’t put their money in the bank because they were sure they were going to wake up one morning and it would be gone.

Guess what? That’s basically what happened to Jews who lived in Nazi Germany. And, as South Africa proved for years with its apartheid system, it’s possible to have state-sanctioned racism. Some would argue that Israel falls into that category with its treatment of the Palestinians, but I don’t want to stray too far from my topic into even more incendiary areas.

While such allegations by Reverend Wright that the U.S. government may have been involved in creating and spreading AIDS may not constitute racism per se, his paranoia highlights the fears, justified or not, of the “black church” about the white Establishment.

Lest we forget, racism is a two-way street. There’s suspicion of whites among African-Americans just the way there is discrimination against blacks, Latinos, and other people of color by whites. What’s always amazed me is the preferential treatment that light-skinned blacks get within the African-American community, perpetuating the discrimination based on skin tone begun by the oppressors.

When I traveled in India, I couldn’t help but noticing that the folks born into lower castes, the so-called untouchables, usually had darker skin than those further up the Hindu food chain, i.e., the Brahmins.

In parts of Asia such as India and the Philippines, the cosmetics companies do a brisk business in creams that promise a “fairer” (lighter) complexion. It goes without saying that discrimination based on skin color is a worldwide problem, not just a U.S. one, despite what the America-bashers would have you believe.

Here’s Jeremiah Wright’s chart, courtesy of Astrodienst. He was born Sept. 22, 1941 in Philadelphia. We don’t know what time he was born, but even if he were born close to midnight, he’s still a 29 degree Virgo. Maybe after all those years of service (Virgo), he decided it was time for his moment in the sun. He certainly doesn’t seem to care about the effect of his inflammatory remarks on Obama’s Presidential prospects.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the last degree of a sign is a wild card. It can’t be controlled. I know, I’ve got Mars at 29 degrees of Sag and have been frequently branded a “loose cannon” despite my staid Capricorn self-image.

As you can see, the transiting Jupiter/Mars opposition in Capricorn/Cancer has been forming a grand cross with Wright’s fiery Mercury/Mars opposition at 22 degrees of Libra/21 degrees of Aries. You know what happens when there’s a cross around? Someone gets crucified.

Here’s the link to Jeremiah Wright’s natal chart, set for noon on Sept. 22, 1941 in Philadelphia because we don’t have the time of birth. Transits of May 1 are on the outside.

I’d feel like a real blogger if someone commented on the chart or looked at the composite chart for Obama and Wright to see what the astrological trigger was for the rupture between the two.

7 comments on “Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s Bully Pulpit

  1. Though Wright has aspects in his chart that promote a strong sense of social justice, (Moon conjunct Mercury in Libra) these factors are overridden by that combo’s opposition to Mars. Venus square Pluto is someone who wants power for power’s sake. Wright uses what and he can to promote his agenda. Obama was never more than a talking point for Wright. Unfortunately, Obama never understood that.

  2. Beth — I think you’re absolutely right about the power-hungry nature of the Venus/Pluto square. On the Moon conjunct Mercury, I just want to note that since we don’t have a time of birth, we don’t know how close this conjunction really is. If anyone has a time of birth for Wright, I’d love to hear it. Thanks for writing in. Now I feel like a real blogger. 🙂 — Monica

  3. Hi Monica and Beth,

    I would add that I see the biggest problem being the Chiron/ Pluto conjunction in Leo, one view of which could be someone who seeks power/ effect on others (8th House) out of deep past hurt. There is also the Sun/ Neptune conjunction–how can he know himself? Almost impossible, with an ever-shifting Self-image. And with nothing 1st-4th, so much of his attention is wrapped up in what’s going on externally–sometimes this suggests, again, an inability to know oneself. But I have to disagree about the Venus/ Pluto square (it’s my duty–I have one!) I see the square as meaning that the two energies are basically in conflict–so what he desires is at odds with his need for power (a need we all have), and this also sets up a potential, lifelong struggle between the desire to love and the desire to destroy, which seems like exactly the two energies he’s rained down on Obama.

    Thanks, Monica, for an interesting topic–and just to let you know, I read you often, you ARE a real blogger!

  4. Julie — Well, if truth be told, I also have a Venus/Pluto square and my experience is that when I want something, I really want it. It’s been a struggle to control my desires. I have been willing to endanger or destroy myself to get something or someone I really wanted. Maybe Reverend Wright really wanted to be a household name or to help define the national agenda and he was willing to hurt Obama to do it, as Beth points out. Thanks for writing! — Monica

  5. I definitely think that Israel’s treatment of Palestinians qualifies as apartheid. Look at all the restrictions on the mobility of the Palestinians. Look at the random incarceration and torture of supposed terrorist suspects.

    As for the astrology, I can’t comment.

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