The Stock Market and Venus Retrograde

Before you get too excited about these gains in the stock market, let’s see what happens when Venus turns direct on Apr. 17. I believe the station occurs at 29 degrees of Pisces, which is mighty close to the world axis at 0 degrees of cardinal.

I salute those who identified 6,500 as the bottom, or at least a floor, for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. However, you might want to think about taking some gains before Venus goes direct.

Once again, a reminder: I’m not a registered investment adviser and this blog is for entertainment purposes only.

5 comments on “The Stock Market and Venus Retrograde

  1. It’s gonna dip back here, and possibly pretty hard. That run-up was way too fast.

    I couldn’t help myself from joining the fray on the inside, riding it up, and now down. Its a good distraction from the day job of managing projects and people to jump into the abstract world of charts and numbers.

    btw, I really enjoy your blogging here. I found a terrific stock blogger that uses trends, Fibonacci’s, and other chart analysis ( He doesn’t do astro, but that’s what I check in here for 🙂

  2. Hello Monica,

    I am impressed with your prediction. Not only this, but also with your other article which said that there shall be blood in the market this week.
    Can you please let us know, whats in store for next week ?

  3. Dear Admirer,
    Thanks for the compliment. The great thing about being a blogger, as opposed to a financial analyst, is that I can write only when I feel strongly about something. I don’t know enough to call the market on a weekly basis. However, I suggest you read Ray Merriman at Star IQ, if you don’t already. He’s a real pro.

    I don’t think the market will be rising much this year after April 17, when Venus turns direct. The fact that it rebounded during the retrograde leads me to believe this. You would typically expect the market to fall during a retrograde. Good luck! — Monica

  4. Don’t wish to be impertinent, but following very closely the currency markets and the rest (its all interrelated, anyway), right now the markets are all RIGGED!

    Do you imagine that Geithner/Summers/Bernanke have NO INTEREST in the market “showing some optimism”? Even Obama personally is “peddling mortgage re-financing”, (to whom wants to listen).

    If it’s not coming naturally (Wells Fargo this week, Bank of America, even Citi next), give them “an extra vitamin shot”. (In real language: don’t interfere in their bonuses or otherwise…).

    The “most courageous Minister of Finanace of Japan” said it openly the other day: now we must “help the markets”. How nice of him. Why do you think Sorrows can come out saying “I am having a happy recession”?

    We are not living normal times. Nobody really knows. Who is in power bluffes better then the others. Uranus/Mars receiving the opposition of Saturn are the key to a solution, but which astrologer has already lived throu that and how to interpret? It’s all in the “Hands of God”, even the stock market, and it always was.

  5. Addendum: In the previous comment I said “who is in power bluffs best”, not so apparently. Read what Paul Krugman is saying now about bank tests (and what Bernanke/Geithner promised “to brush under the carpet, if needed”).

    In Elsa’s Astrodispatch of today there is a very enlightning comment from Cristina Laird about the imminent conjunction of Jupiter/Neptune and Chiron. If there are lies being served up – Neptune, they may come from “high places” (Government etc.) – Jupiter. That’s looking at the negative side of Jupiter/Neptune. But these days, especially talking money, one better doubles – up in being cautious, isn’t it?

    PS. What I mentioned the other day, knowing from Chilean sources, is confirmed: The Chinese are buying up copper at a rate that was only known during economic boom times. What will that mean to inflation, once all the money pumping now going on will have it’s “monetary effect” ? Will that be when Neptune enters Pisces – April 2011? That would by then correspond to a “forced abortion” of the promised economic recovery. If Paul Volcker is still on Obama’s payroll by then, he may be able to help out, once again.

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