A Fond Farewell to Eartha Kitt

Eartha Kitt (born Jan. 17, 1927) died today at age 81, as Jupiter was transiting her Sun. Astrologers know that a Jupiter passage often coincides with death, or a long journey to a better place.

I think it’s more than coincidence that the Capricorn was best known for her Christmas ditty, Santa Baby. The day we’ve designated as the birth of Christ falls in the sign of Capricorn, in case you don’t know.

With the prominent hair and sex-kitten persona, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kitt had a Leo rising. (Even Kitt could be read as short for “kitten,” a fellow creature of Leo the Lion. ) I don’t have a birth time right now, but I’ll do a little research after dinner.

Well, Astrotheme shows Kitt with a Sagittarius rising. So much for my theory. You can look at Kitt’s natal chart here.

I’m disappointed. I was sure she was a Leo rising. After all, she played Catwoman on Batman in the 1960s!

3 comments on “A Fond Farewell to Eartha Kitt

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  2. I wouldn’t put that much credibility in any of Ms. Kitt’s charts. All of the obits that I’ve read wrote about how her early life was very mysterious. She didn’t even know who her real mother or father were, much less a verified time of birth. Does Lois Rodden’s site have a verified birth date and time? Now that would be the most accurate if it exists.

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