The DNC and the VOC Moon: Sasha Says

I just received such a well-written and thoughtful comment from Sasha, who claims to be a dabbler, that I’m putting it up as a post, not just as a comment. You may recall that Sasha commented on my post “What Time Does the Democratic National Convention Really Start?” Over to you, Sasha:

Well, it’s Wednesday, Aug. 27, and we will see if the Democrats are able to nominate their candidate without the moon being void-of course (VOC). A check of the schedule for today’s convention events indicates that the nominations and roll call vote are supposed to take place between 3 and 5 p.m. MDT (5-7 p.m. EDT).

The Moon is expected to go VOC at 6:13 p.m. MDT (8:13 EDT). If Barack Obama is nominated by acclamation or possibly even on a first ballot with a full roll call vote, then the Democrats will have dodged the bullet. If there is a floor fight, then I suspect all bets are off. While Hillary Clinton may have conceded, many of her supporters haven’t.

A new chart set for 3:01 p.m. 8/27/08 offers only slightly differences from the Democratic National Convention opening day chart with one exception. On Monday, Aug. 25, Pluto and the Moon opposed each other. Today, they are inconjunct (150 degrees), with Pluto retrograde at 28 degrees of Sagittarius and the Moon at 26 degrees of Cancer.

On the Astrology Weekly Web site, this aspect starts off with the following explanation: “The inconjunct between the Moon and Pluto indicates a personality that is precariously balanced. ” The same could be said about the situation between Obama and Hillary supporters.

At this aspect is described as: “You confuse intensity with desire, and need with love. As a consequence of this, your relationships with others (especially romantic partners) can be powerful and ‘spicy’ without engendering much closeness. It takes time for you to recognize the habits that get in the way of intimacy; it takes time to alter them once recognized. Letting go of negative history lays the groundwork for change. Give others permission to be different than everyone else has been before. Through this, you give yourself permission to be different.”

I believe that it could be said of the convention that powerful emotions are at work and the calls for unity are not bringing about the desired “closeness” at this point. Either the Hillary supporters need to let go (acclamation vote) or the Obama supporters need to let the Hillary supporters be different (a full roll call vote).

The Mercury-Pluto square also mirrors the competing voices clamoring for attention at the convention: “You are very incisive and aggressive with your opinions. You have a tendency towards fanaticism and often want to impose your ideas on others, sometimes in a subtle manner and sometimes more imperatively” (also from the Web site). This aspect also seems to be contradictory to the implications of the Pluto-Moon inconjunct — Hillary supporters won’t let go; Obama supporters try to close down the opposition.

This link at AstrologyWeekly goes into further detail and deserves a read IMO as it sums up the convention situation.

This is a crude analysis on my part as I am not an astrologer myself, just a dabbler. I have borrowed heavily from others’ work and hope I have credited their efforts sufficiently.


10 comments on “The DNC and the VOC Moon: Sasha Says

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  4. Obama got the nomination by acclamation but I wonder if the rest of the evening’s events will help him.

    For what it is worth, the political pundits on both sides have voiced concerns as to whether the DNC/Obama campaign mishandled the convention scheduling of both Clintons. Monday was basically a feel good session to present Obama as a man of the people. Tuesday, Ted Kennedy’s passing of the Democratic mantle to Obama notwithstanding, was basically Hillary’s day – a day without a VOC moon. Even those not considered to be her fans believe that she made a great speech. Hillary wore orange – a mixture of yellow (golden Sun – the symbol of Leo) and red (fiery Mars of her sun sign Scorpio which in her case has placement in Leo). Not necessarily a color that blends into the background.

    Many of the the speeches of any note Wednesday evening were generally made during the Moon VOC, including Bill Clinton’s and Joe Biden’s. Bill Clinton’s speech was certainly more supportive of Obama than I expected, but will the VOC implications render them moot after the convention. Biden was nominated/selected for Vice President during this time as well. Even though Biden was announced by text message at 3 am EDT as Vice President, his first public presentation was during a VOC Moon. His second major public presentation also occurred with the same circumstances. This cannot bode well for an Obama/Biden ticket, a ticket that Biden was supposed to strengthen, not neutralize. By strange (ironic) coincidence, Biden finished his speech just as the Moon moved from Cancer into Leo, same sign as Obama’s Sun placement. Appropriately enough, however, only a couple of minutes later Obama appeared on the stage with Biden.

    The solar and lunar eclipses affected Obama’s natal chart by transit and progression. It could be that Hillary, without winning the nomination, may have managed to eclipse Obama at a convention that was supposed to be his.

  5. Well, now we know: Barack Obama went over the top at 7:48 pm ET, 25 minutes BEFORE the VOC moon (thank God!), by acclamation, and with a very reassuring last aspect: Cancer Moon sextile Mercury in Virgo. And he will accept the nomination Thursday evening sometime when the transiting Moon will be somewhat conjuncting his Leo sun. I’m so relieved!

    BUT … Joe B. was nominated for VP during the VOC moon later in the evening. I had so wished that Joe would be his loquacious self and talk for a good hour or more before he accepted the nomination. But he accepted during the VOC as well. What might this mean?

    So I’m half-relieved and half-worried – it’s making me 100% cranky.

    Any thoughts from you wise ones?

  6. I commented earlier about Hillary eclipsing Obama at the DNC convention. It looks like McCan via Palin also managed to eclipse Obama the day after his acceptance speech.

    The other thing that I find interesting. Previous comments by others and myself have noted that Biden’s major public appearances on Obama’s behalf have occurred during Moon VOC: his first public presentation and his acceptance speech at the convention. Add number 3 – Obama and Biden are making their first major appearance since the convention of Saturday, August 30 in Dublin, OH.

    Granted McCain and Palin will be making public appearances together today as well. But McCain did not present his running mate during a VOC Moon nor will her acceptance speech be during a VOC Moon. We will have to wait until after the convention to see what appearances are scheduled immediately afterwards.

  7. Thank you Dinah for the time on 8/27 when Obama cinched the DNC nomination! (Googling for that is how I found this blog site.)

    My beamed-in cell phone time for Obama accepting the nomination on 8/28 was 10:14 PM ET (8:14 in Denver).

    Re your question on Biden nomination and acceptance coming on the void Moon: Looking on the bright side, it could mean that if Obama is elected, Biden won’t need to step in and take over the Presidency. You don’t really want the VP position to amount to much beyond routine. Of course, that’s just one possibility. Does anyone know the time for Biden’s nomination and/or acceptance?

  8. Hi again. After more googling, it appears that there is some consensus for a different time (time zone difference apparently) that Obama went over the top by acclamation.

    –at 5:48pm CHICAGO time (CT) (reported in Chicago Sun Times),
    –at 4:48pm DENVER time (MT) reported by article “Live-Blogging 2008 Democratic Convention: Obama Wins Historic Presidential Nomination.”
    –If correct, that would be 6:48 ET. At 6:51 “master_jim” blogged it’s official by acclamation. He blogs from North Carolina, so that supports 6:48 ET.

    Gives Jupiter right on the AC trined by Saturn; Sun exactly sextile MC. These are the dominant planets in Obama’s progressed chart (Jup & Sat SD), and prominent in his natal.

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