Dancing With the Stars and Saturn/Uranus

Is there anybody else out there who sees a correspondence between the injuries, breaks, and deaths in the family suffered by members of the Dancing With the Stars cast and the opposition of Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces?

Just wondering.

On another topic, every afternoon, my downstairs neighbor in Palm Springs comes back from the pool and blasts C-Span, the TV station that covers Congress. I counter by streaming WWOZ, the New Orleans radio station, on my laptop. Saturn in Virgo oppose Uranus in Pisces, anybody?

Have Yourself a Funky Little Christmas

Need a soulful soundtrack for tonight’s festivities? Put away your iPod. You can’t do much better than WWOZ, out of New Orleans. Christmas music never sounded so good or so sexy!

To quote the song they’re playing now, “When’s Aretha gonna show?”