The Capricorn Conspiracy

I was just about to knock off a post about how financial astrologer Ray Merriman called the crash in oil prices ( now below $67 a barrel, down from $154 this summer) back at the United Astrology Conference, held in Denver in May, when it dawned on me that Merriman is a Capricorn.

At this year’s UAC, which Merriman helped organize, astrologer Michael Lutin made a joke that some of his favorite leaders are Capricorns: Stalin, Mao, and Merriman.

As you may know, I was born under the sign of the Goat and have devoted lots of cyber-ink to fellow Caps, including golf superstar Tiger Woods, political spouse Michelle Obama, French First Lady Carla Bruni, Hiroshima martyr Sadako Sasaki, civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King, and University of Kansas basketball coach Bill Self.

My husband and I were married by an Elvis impersonator who crooned Love Me Tender at a Las Vegas wedding chapel, and I’ve never found it strange that the King set up a meeting with fellow Capricorn Richard Nixon back in the day.

I was rooting for Dodgers manager Joe Torre, who has Moon in Capricorn, but he was bested by Phillies manager Charlie Manuel, another Sun in Capricorn. The Phillies are playing the Tampa Bay Rays in the World Series, which begins tonight at 8 p.m. (More on this match in a later post.)

The Astrology Mundo poll on “What Sign Are You?” seems to be delivering a fairly even distribution of the signs, with chatty Gemini and spiritual Pisces tied for first place the last time I looked. Given my experience at attracting fellow Capricorns, the poll should show that 90% of respondents are Caps.

Here’s the good news: This Capricorn emphasis isn’t permanent. It’s the result of expansive Jupiter going through Capricorn, which is putting natives of the Goat, including the ever-expanding Federal Reserve Bank, in the news.

Next year, Aquarians will get their 15 minutes of fame as Jupiter moves through the sign of the Water Bearer. So bear with me, I promise this site won’t be all Capricorns all the time for much longer. Plus, we’re all going to get our butts kicked when Pluto moves into Capricorn on Nov. 27 and stays there until, gulp, 2024.

Want to know more. Here’s a Michael Lutin video on Pluto in Cap.

Crude Oil at $144 a Barrel?

Given that oil hit a new high of $130 a barrel this morning, I’ve put a new top on one of my posts of last week.

One of the more interesting predictions emanating from the United Astrology Conference in Denver came from financial astrologer Ray Merriman. Considered by many to be the “dean” of financial astrology, Merriman thinks oil is headed for $144 a barrel, give or take $8, most likely by the end of this month. He thinks the Jupiter sextile Uranus aspect of May 21 could produce the new eye-popping high.

However, he expects prices to decline $30 to $40 by the fall. The reason isn’t likely to be consumer restraint during the summer driving season. Merriman says oil prices are heavily influenced by conflict in the Middle East, and “when it’s 120 degrees outside, guys don’t like to fight.” The war will continue during the summer but not at the same level of intensity, he says. And that should help bring oil prices back down some (emphasis on the word “some”).

Overheard at the United Astrology Conference

I’ve long been an avid eavesdropper, and the wireless revolution has created more opportunities for me to engage in this fascinating pastime as people have personal conversations in public places on their cell phones. Early this morning, I was sitting in the lobby of the Denver Sheraton, where 1,500 astrologers from 48 countries have gathered for the United Astrology Conference.

The subject of my interest was a meeting between an astrological software developer and a venture capitalist for an astro matchmaking service that comes with social networking features. I did a quick Google search and it does appear that some dating sites have tried to incorporate astrology, but nothing big-time jumped out at me.

Of course, in India, where no one marries without consulting an astrologer, I’m sure something like this already exists. But what these guys were talking about was e-Harmony meets MySpace and AstrologyZone. The only problem I anticipate with something like this is the tendency of people, particularly those past the age of 30, to lie about their age.

Case in point: One of my former sweethearts gave me a birthdate of July 30, 1931. Based on this information, I calculated a composite that I thought was a beautiful thing. I even threw a birthday party for him for a special year. Fast-forward through four years of entanglement in a complicated triangle and his license falls out of his wallet one day.

As I picked it up and say, “What a nice photo this is for a license,” his face turned white. I didn’t look at the birthdate because I had no reason to believe he was lying. As I handed the license back to him, he confessed that he had shaved two years off of his life and that his real birthday was July 30, 1929. You gotta love those vain Leos!

If memory serves me correctly, the new composite had Sun square Neptune, the planet of disillusionment and deceit in it.

So good luck to any astrological dating service that accepts a date of birth without supporting documentation!

No Sex Please, We’re Astrologers

We may be having a Seventies flashback when it comes to stagflation and rising gas prices, but it’s not a complete rerun of That Seventies Show. To wit: Eric Francis at PlanetWaves notes in his blog that not one of the hundreds of seminars at the United Astrology Conference deals with sexuality.

That certainly wouldn’t have been the case at an astrology conference 35 years ago. I remember that the home where I babysat in the Seventies had The Sensuous Woman by J on the bookshelf right next to Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs. I had many hours of happy reading after I put the kids to bed.

Here’s the link to Eric’s Web, which as I point elsewhere, is too erotic for office viewing:

My opinion is the trine between Pluto in Capricorn (transformation of business) and Saturn in Virgo (time to clean up the environment) is keeping the 1,500 stargazers gathered at the Sheraton focused on Earth.

I got brought down to earth myself this afternoon after I walked into a dimly lit Starbucks for lunch and missed a step up. The young woman behind the counter exclaimed, “You’re the third person that’s happened to in a week.” Then her manager came out and bought me lunch while I nursed my skinned knee.

More than a few people at the conference are having trouble breathing because of the high altitude in the Mile High City, but I’m short of breath contemplating the disasters that have been occurring around the globe.

You don’t have to be an astrologer to be worried when 163,000 people leave the planet in less than a week — the death toll from the May 12 earthquake in China is at 30,000 while the one for the May 5 cyclone in Myanmar is 133,000. It’s mind-boggling!

I know I sound like a survivalist, but based on what I’m hearing at UAC, I would advise everyone I know to pay off his debts, stock the pantry with water and food, pack a “go bag” with emergency essentials, and stash some cash under the mattress.

The gold bugs have been saying stuff like this for years, but one of these days Chicken Little is going to be right.

Live from UAC in Denver: It’s Astrology Mundo

I just want to let everyone know that I will be blogging from the United Astrology Conference, billed as the “world’s largest gathering of astrologers.” It will be held in Denver from May 15-20. Here’s the link:

The last UAC I attended was back in 1995, in Monterey, Calif., when I was writing my daily astrology column for Knight-Ridder Financial. I couldn’t really work what I was hearing in Monterey into my column, but this time I will be able to have an outlet for all the predictions and analysis served up in Denver.

Did I mention that I’m really excited? I’m viewing this as opportunity to have a de facto astrological news service. Evangeline Adams (I know, I’m flattering myself with this comparison) meets the Associated Press!