Another Milestone for Astrology Mundo

Sometime while I was sleeping this morning, Astrology Mundo crossed the 20,000 hits mark. Very exciting! Maybe it’s because Nancy’s Blog is on vacation for the month of July that my traffic has been picking up. But in any event, I want to thank everyone for their astrological commentary and words of encouragement.

It’s been a wild ride since I started blogging on Mar. 17 — a mention in Time magazine and lots of new cyber-friends, some of whom aren’t even astrologers, just “fellow travelers.”

Old friends have been surprisingly supportive. Regina at Gastriques has been a great astro-sleuth for this site. Who knew a foodie would be so attuned to cosmic events? Check out her site for a spicy mix of food and politics. It’s on my blogroll.

Another click worth making is Civic Center, also on my blogroll. SFMike offers wonderful photography and great coverage of the arts scene around San Francisco’s Civic Center neighborhood and other places that he travels, including Palm Springs, where my husband and I spent the winter.

When the news seems so unrelentingly bad, art is a wonderful escape. Thanks, SFMike!