Breaking the Color Barrier

On Election Day, when Pamela Cucinell and I gabbed on our weekly BlogTalkRadio show, AstroChatter Radio, an interesting factoid came up: As Neptune turned direct over the weekend, a black man won a Formula One race for the first time. Lewis Hamilton of England made history in Brazil with his racing win.

Perhaps this breakthrough was also the result of the approaching Saturn/Uranus opposition, which was exact on Nov. 4.

In the U.S., we had Jackie Robinson break the color barrier in 1947 with Major League Baseball. We had Sidney Poitier do the same thing in Hollywood in 1963 with his best actor Oscar for The Lilies of the Field. Since then, we’ve seen Arthur Ashe win groundbreaking championships in tennis and Tiger Woods become king of the greens in golf, a sport known for its discrimination against Jews, blacks, and women.

Now, Barack Obama has been elected the first black President of the U.S. Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream has become a reality.

According to the AP, Obama won 52% of the popular vote, vs. 46% for Republican John McCain. The official Astrology Mundo Presidential Poll mirrored the electorate, with 45% saying McCain would win, vs. 54% for Obama.

We are not black. We are not white. We are American. Rest in peace, Dr. King. Your sacrifice was not in vain.


Don’t Count Out the Dodgers

Just as Astrology Mundo predicted, the Los Angeles Dodgers won their game at home today against the Philadelphia Phillies. For Cancer Joe Torre, who manages the Dodgers, there’s no place like home.

According to the Associated Press, the attendance at the game, 56,800, was the largest in Dodger Stadium history and is 800 higher than listed capacity. A special guest was Tiger Woods, who sat in owner Frank McCourt’s box, wearing a Dodgers cap.

The Dodgers face another home game against the Phils on Monday. Boy, I bet the Steinbrenners are really kicking themselves.

It’s Two for Tiger

Even I’m starting to get sick of the Sarah Palin sideshow so I’m going to catch up with yesterday’s news that golfer Tiger Woods’ wife is expecting their second child.

Earlier this year, I made some grand predictions about how this was going to be the best year ever for Tiger, a Capricorn, because Jupiter was transiting his sign.

I predicted a Grand Slam — four major tournament wins in the same year — as well as an expansion of Woods’ home and family. Well, at least I was right on one count — the family is indeed expanding.

As golf fans know, Tiger has had a less-than-stellar year so far because of leg surgery. One astrologer who got it right was Marjorie Orr. Unfortunately, I can’t link to her post on Tiger because of the way her Web site is set up. But hats off to Marjorie for seeing that Jupiter in your sign doesn’t always mean more wins and more money. It can mean more children and more homes.

Tiger Settles for Second Best

My prediction that Tiger Woods would achieve a Grand Slam by winning four key golf tournaments in the same year has missed the mark. Tiger came in second place at the Masters, which wrapped up Apr. 14 in Augusta, Ga. The green jacket went to the first-place winner, South African Trevor Immelman.

I haven’t done Immelman’s chart, but he must have a well-aspected Moon, as his wife Carminita is getting lots of publicity on the Net, according to Google Trends (

Feeling confident after my winning forecast that Kansas would take home the NCAA championship title, I predicted that Tiger would have a record-breaking year, thanks to the transit of Jupiter in Capricorn. Obviously, there’s a transit making aspects with his natal chart that has more mojo than Jupiter (Saturn in Virgo, perhaps). I’ll study the chart more and revisit the issue. Meanwhile, I hope nobody lost money on this prediction!

It’s a Tiger’s Life

This is going to be one of those posts that I put up now and embellish later. I just wanted to reiterate my belief that Tiger Woods has got the world by the tail. Yeah, I know you read that 10 years ago. But it’s worth saying again. With Jupiter and Pluto both in Capricorn, this is Tiger’s year.  Why? Because he’s a Cap. He was born Dec. 30, 1975 in Long Beach, Calif. at 10:50 p.m. Here’s the chart, courtesy of AstroDataBank:

The Masters golf tournament, which got under way today in Augusta, Ga., is just the start for Tiger. This year, he will set new records for titles and money and will profit from his real estate ventures. I also wouldn’t be surprised if he and his wife move to a new home and have another child. Jupiter brings about expansion of all kinds.

Jupiter is on my Capricorn Sun so I’m all about sports these days. Last night, I sat next to the men’s tennis coach at Rice University, Ron Smarr, on a plane from Houston to Ontario, Calif.  After a day of airport hell, it was a pleasure to pick Coach Smarr’s brain about the psychology of winning. 

In the process, I learned that his tennis team includes players from Germany, India, Brazil, and Serbia and that American high schools aren’t producing enough tennis players to fill the ranks of U.S. collegiate men’s and women’s teams. Here’s a picture of the Rice tennis team:

I’ll talk more about Tiger later, but few people on the planet know more about winning than that Goat.

Jayhawk Nation

Congrats to Bill Self and the Kansas Jayhawks, who got a nice assist from Jupiter in Capricorn to win the NCAA championship. I don’t see my Apr. 3 prediction (“Why Kansas Will Win the NCAA”) winning a lot of converts for astrology among either sports fans or residents of the Sunflower State, but it’s still nice to be vindicated. Next up: Tiger Woods, who is a Capricorn like Bill Self, and is going for a Grand Slam in golf when the Masters starts in Augusta, Ga. later this week. Based on the transits, I think 2008 is the year when Tiger finally gets the four majors (a Grand Slam) in a single year. He has previously won all four titles, but not in the same year.