It’s a Tiger’s Life

This is going to be one of those posts that I put up now and embellish later. I just wanted to reiterate my belief that Tiger Woods has got the world by the tail. Yeah, I know you read that 10 years ago. But it’s worth saying again. With Jupiter and Pluto both in Capricorn, this is Tiger’s year.  Why? Because he’s a Cap. He was born Dec. 30, 1975 in Long Beach, Calif. at 10:50 p.m. Here’s the chart, courtesy of AstroDataBank:

The Masters golf tournament, which got under way today in Augusta, Ga., is just the start for Tiger. This year, he will set new records for titles and money and will profit from his real estate ventures. I also wouldn’t be surprised if he and his wife move to a new home and have another child. Jupiter brings about expansion of all kinds.

Jupiter is on my Capricorn Sun so I’m all about sports these days. Last night, I sat next to the men’s tennis coach at Rice University, Ron Smarr, on a plane from Houston to Ontario, Calif.  After a day of airport hell, it was a pleasure to pick Coach Smarr’s brain about the psychology of winning. 

In the process, I learned that his tennis team includes players from Germany, India, Brazil, and Serbia and that American high schools aren’t producing enough tennis players to fill the ranks of U.S. collegiate men’s and women’s teams. Here’s a picture of the Rice tennis team:

I’ll talk more about Tiger later, but few people on the planet know more about winning than that Goat.