Seven Things to Love About Southern California

1. The weather forecast is delivered by a psychic. (I kid you not. I heard it this morning on the radio. Her verdict: More cold winters for SoCal, but summers will remain hot and dry. Sounds like Pluto in Capricorn to me.)

2. The lead story on the radio news is that Russell Crowe has been cast as either Robin Hood or the Sheriff of Nottingham in a remake of Robin Hood. (There was some debate about this and the early-morning deejays were actually consulting the film database IMDb.)

3. The low-carb burger at Carl’s Jr. (Wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun.)

4. Asparagus for $1.99 $1.49 a pound!

5. Taking a break from your work to go soak in the hot tub for 15 minutes.

6. Driving 85 miles per hour on “the 10” with the Eagles’ Boys Of Summer blaring on the radio and having cop cars speed by as you look up at snow-covered mountains. (Yes, I know it’s the last days of peak oil, but you can’t blame me for enjoying them!)

7. Desert wildflowers in Joshua Tree National Park. (Priceless, to quote the MasterCard commercial.)