My Lunch With Nancy

One of the highlights of my trip to the United Astrology Conference in Denver was having lunch with Nancy, whose eponymous blog has been functioning as the watchdog of the Bush Administration. The conversation, not surprisingly, centered on politics and the 2008 Presidential campaign.

Nancy’s grasp of what ails our once-great nation is awe-inspiring, as is her mathematical ability. I attribute both of these traits to her stellium in tech-savvy Aquarius. During our lunch at a restaurant along Denver’s hospitable 16th Street pedestrian mall, Nancy confessed to me how she keeps track of all the transits to the natal charts of politicians, generals, and the various hot-spot nations in the world like Pakistan and Afghanistan. She uses graph paper to plot various aspects along a timeline: the old x/y graph, with x equals aspects and y equals time.

Yes, you read that correctly. Nancy says she has graph paper tracing transits to key charts going all the way back to the beginning of the first Bush Administration. That’s a lot of graph paper. She only recently acquired SolarFire software for her laptop because someone advised her that she wouldn’t have any street cred with the UAC crowd without computerized charts to back up her assertions.

Nancy told me that in her day job she’s a therapist who deals with a wide variety of clients, some of them bipolar. No wonder she’s so good at psychoanalyzing the American psyche! As a nation, we’re a bit bipolar, if you ask me. To read what’s on Nancy’s mind these days, click on my blogroll. She’s got a great post right now synthesizing the mundane and financial news out of UAC.