Rickrolled in Minneapolis

It’s too bad that Liverpool singer Rick Astley doesn’t get a royalty everytime Never Gonna Give You Up gets played on the Internet.

The latest incarnation of the Rickroll, the Barack Roll, has been magically transported to the screen at the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis. I love it when John McCain raises his eyebrows and shrugs.

This comes to Astrology Mundo courtesy of Gastriques, as do most of my political links. After getting pelted with 4 inches of rain yesterday (I know, I shouldn’t be complaining because at least I’ve got power, unlike many in Louisiana) and waking up to find the financial system back in meltdown mode, I was temporarily distracted from my funk by this latest version of the Rickroll.

Is Sarah Palin the next politician to get Rickrolled? Definitely, like Rick Astley, she’s an Aquarius and is getting Neptune on her Sun/Mars/Saturn triple conjunction right now.

Obama Does the Rickroll

I’m spiritually refreshed after a long weekend in Lily Dale, N.Y. that included a wedding at 8 p.m. on Aug. 8, 2008. More on that later.

Regina at Gastriques, my ever-faithful tipster, has sent me a link to a “rickroll” featuring Democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Obama groovin’ to Liverpool crooner Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up. It’s here on YouTube.

Unlike most rickrolls, this one isn’t a prank.

I predict that the rickrolling phenomenon will get even stronger over the next month as the North Node in Aquarius moves backward to exactly conjunct Astley’s natal Sun conjunct Mercury at 16 degrees of Aquarius.

In fact, since I first posted on this a few hours ago, the YouTube “Barack Roll” video, which also features Ellen DeGeneres, has gotten 100,000 more views, to 558,000. (Unfortunately, all those viewers didn’t link from Astrology Mundo!)

And while Obama rickrolls, Regina rocks! In addition to being a shrewd political observer and an indefatigable supporter of her friends’ blogs, whether they be about food or astrology, she’s got a new food blog at Epicurious.

Now, let’s see if John McCain can bust a move!