Neptune in Aquarius and Pluto in Leo Drug Addicts

CNN has a story this morning about how more Baby Boomers are becoming drug addicts. I haven’t checked the methodology on this, which may not be sound. But here’s what’s interesting: Transiting Neptune, the North Node, and the wounded healer Chiron are together in Aquarius opposing the natal Pluto of Baby Boomers born in the third decan of Leo.

With the public-oriented North Node in the picture, the media is “discovering” the story.

Some boomers are falling prey to Neptunian escapes such as Internet porn and chat rooms where they can pretend to be someone they’re not. Persuading themselves that they are still sexually attractive in their fifties and sixties is a preoccupation of some folks born with Pluto in Leo. Just look at the section on sexuality recently added to Huffington Post.

Don’t get me wrong. As a Capricorn, I’ve always had a thing for old guys and an appreciation of older feminine beauty. I think Georgia O’Keeffe was beautiful in her Eighties! Age accentuates good bone structure, which as a Saturnian type, I adore. So don’t accuse me of age discrimination, please!

I’ve seen more than a few boomers become obsessed with vitamins and supplements as they look for the fountain of youth. I’m not talking about a One-a-Day vitamin or natural remedies for menopause. I’m talking about people who are running up their credit cards (Neptune) and spending thousands of dollars that they don’t have on so-called elixirs that may or may not work.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to feel sexy and healthy at 60. But there’s a certain desperation about some Baby Boomers that doesn’t make it seem like a lot of fun.

I wonder if the desire to turn back the clock isn’t behind the drug addiction as well. The “uppers” that CNN is reporting boomers are becoming addicted to, like crystal meth and crack, give one a transitory feeling of being powerful.

These drugs are often done in tandem, by gays and straights alike, with remedies for impotence, giving the user the feeling that he’s back in college and can go all night. I say “he” here because I haven’t heard of an erectile-dysfunction medicine for women. This kind of euphoria gets harder to come by in our youth-driven society where boomers are being marginalized.

The media seems amazed that people in their 50s with well-established careers, homes, and families could fall prey to this temptation. As astrologers, we know better.

Transiting Neptune opposing natal Pluto is a powerful combination indeed. And, thanks to Neptune in Aquarius, we have more potential addictions that are legal than ever before — casino gambling, Internet porn, mood-altering prescription drugs, even astrology blogs!

Those most vulnerable in my opinion are those whose natal Pluto makes connections to their Sun, Moon, or Ascendant. A former hairdresser of mine whose Leo Sun was conjunct Pluto lost everything when transiting Neptune opposed his Leo conjunction.

Of course, this doesn’t have to be a self-destructive transit. A friend of a friend discovered the tango in her mid-fifties as Neptune opposed her natal Pluto. It became an obsession.

I’m sure when Neptune in Pisces comes to oppose my natal Pluto in Virgo, I’ll become a shoe addict since Pisces rules the feet!


Those Hovering Helicopter Parents

Evidently, generational astrology is in the air. Just a few days before I wrote a post on “Pluto in Virgo for President,” Beth Turnage at Astrology Explored wrote a fascinating article looking at the astrological explanation for “helicopter parents.”

There was nothing wrong with Baby Boomers arranging play dates for their Gen Y toddlers; it gets a little weird when they tag along on their kids’ job interviews. Beth explains why Pluto in Leo parents have a hard time letting go here.