Out the Comet’s Ass: A Cosmic Guide to Paul Krugman

Out the Comet’s Ass picks up the thread of New York Times columnist Paul Krugman and his Nobel prize in economics. Comet’s excellent analysis can be read here.

Being trigger-happy but oh-so-superficial, I got the ball rolling earlier in the week with my Krugman post, but didn’t bother to look at secondary progressions and transits of the future, as Comet does. Bravo!

Jupiter and Economist Paul Krugman’s Nobel Prize

Let’s hear it for Paul Krugman! The New York Times columnist who is the soul of the liberal conscience, has won the Nobel prize in economics. He’s a Pisces born Feb. 28, 1953 in Albany, N.Y. The chart is set for noon, because the time of birth is unknown. You can see Paul Krugman’s natal chart here, courtesy of Astrodienst.

The trigger for the prize appears to be Jupiter in Capricorn opposing Krugman’s natal Uranus, within minutes. Jupiter/Uranus is the rags-to-riches aspect and often bestows sudden fame, though Krugman was clearly successful and well-known before winning the Nobel prize.